Nordic Cup Expands while Holland Hosts GB


Today some more great news to come out from Europe. The Nordic Cup which features Norway and Sweden has been expanded to also include Denmark now. Also the Dutch are back on the scene with an U17 GB squad touring there.


Phil Caplan, RLEF Media Office

The second Nordic Cup commences next month and will be an expanded three match series that will include Denmark, who join their Scandinavian counterparts Norway and Sweden.

The Swedes host Denmark on 2nd July at Spartacus Rugby Club in Gothenburg , travelling to Norway on 17th September. The Norwegians will close the tournament with a first trip to Denmark on 2nd October.

Sweden, who pulled off a shock 20-all draw with Norway in October, should be a stronger outfit this year thanks to the launch of a three team domestic competition.

Borås Ravens’ Leon Cort has been named as captain for the opening game. “We’re looking forward to playing the match against Denmark,” he said. “It will be interesting to take on a team that we know little about, nevertheless we’ll be expecting a tough challenge. It’s very exciting having another of our neighbouring countries joining us in the rugby league world giving us all a wonderful opportunity to develop the sport in Scandinavia and, in turn, Northern Europe”.

The Swedish 20 man squad includes players from all the sides – Boras Ravens, Spartacus Reds, and Gothenburg Lions as well as Joakin Svensson who plays in Norway for Flisbyen Broncos and Alex Rappestad from Fife Lions in Scotland.

Although their debut, Denmark have the experience of former London Skolar Nigel Kitchen as coach.

Norway – whose CEO, Warren Heilig, is another ex-Skolar – will start as favourites as they have featured in the European Shield campaign against Germany and Malta.

Nootdorp and Delft to host International Youth Rugby

From Ian Thompson

International youth Rugby League will be played in the Netherlands for the first time when a historic six day tour will be undertaken by a Great Britain under 17 team.

The British Amateur Rugby League Association (BARLA) are sending a twenty six man squad to the Netherlands and arrive in Amsterdam on Thursday 30th June.

The British team will be staying in Den Haag and will play a Nederland Tasman under 17 team in a two game series.

As a sport, the game of rugby league is just starting to make an impact in the Netherlands. The Dutch played Georgia , Russia and Serbia in the 2008 RL World Cup qualifying games and since then the game has seen a steady, if small growth.

The two game international series against some of the best youth players in Great Britain will be a stern test for the Dutch youngsters, but the group which has been together now for over ten weeks and are keen to show what Dutch rugby has to offer at this level.

Its is hoped that these games will show the best of what rugby league is about and be a springboard for more youth rugby development.

The games will be played on Saturday 2nd July at DHC football club,Brasserkade Delft with the second game being hosted on Tuesday July 5th. July at RKDEO, Sportpark Centrum Nootdorp

Entry to both games is free and it is hoped a good crowd will turn out for the 19:00 kick off to witness these historic occasions.

In attendance at the first game will be the British Ambassador to the Netherlands who will be presented to the teams prior to kick of.

Nederland Tasman team for the game v BARLA under 17 on 2nd July.

1.Reinier Pieters -Den Bosch

2.Tom Harris -BSN

3.Sebastian Brom -Amstelveen

4.gavin Straatman -Den Haag

5.Mike Vink -Den Haag

6.Phillip Mossman -BSN

7 Rik van Balkom -Oysterwijk

8.Tom Isaak -Hilversum

9.Bart Rivet -Gouda

10.Brent de Boode -Hilversum

11.Jesse Jacobs -Beda

12.Jordy Hoveling -Hilversum

13.Krijn Twigt -Amersfoort

14.David Anderson -Hoek van Holland

15. Joshua de Vries -Shagen

16.Donny van der Veen -Wateringen

17 Tom Hiddeslton -Castricum


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