New Zealand Fencibles Cap off their Tour With an Emphatic Win

By Daniel Andruczyk (will also be in Rugby League Review)

The inaugural USA Rugby League tournaments kicked off on the 28th of May.

The USARL 9s was held at the Garthwaite Stadium in Conshohocken in North Philadelphia, home of the Philadelphia Fight team, who were also the hosts. On what was a scorching day 12 teams from around the country came out to play this included 2 from the Fight itself. The Orange County Outlaws and Utah Avalanche, who are two of the newest teams in the USA and fall under the development league of the USARL now also sent out teams, however due to flight delays not everyone made it and their teams had to be supplemented by extra players from some of the other teams.

The exciting inclusions was the touring New Zealand Police “Fencibles” team, who were travelling around the USA for the last couple of weeks and this was their last tournament before heading home. Having started their tour with a hard fought win in Jacksonville they were looking to end it with a win in Philly.

Other teams included the Washington DC Slayers, West Chester University who had some players trying Rugby League for the first time, New Haven Warriors last years AMNRL runners up and along with the NZ Police one of the favourites to take it out. The New Jersey Turnpike Titans who are a new edition to the USA Rugby league and the two Boston teams, The Boston 13s and Oneida FC. Interestingly Oneida were the first football club in the USA all the way back in 1862 but by 1865 had folded.

Overall it was a great day out. The more established clubs provided some wonderful entertaining Rugby league for the small crowd of just over 100 that turned out. The newer teams showed a lot of heart coming up against their stronger and more experience foes. Through the day the Philadelphia Fight Cheer Girls, the Vixens entertained the crowd between games. The surprise packets of the tournaments had to be new comers Oneida and Rhode Island. Both were extremely strong in the way they played and ended up being top of their pools.


After the pool matches the semis and finals for the Bowl, trophy and Cup were played. In probably what was the most physically demanding game and the most exciting the first semi final for the cup between the New Haven and Rebellion team was played. In some huge hitting where at one point I could see the Police Officers that were there on security detail cringing at the hits (I overheard one of them say he was dismayed that they can just get up and keep playing), the match at half time was locked up at 4 apiece. At the end of the match it was 8-8. 5 min extra and golden try was added on and it was in the last 30 seconds that the Warriors were able to get over the line and seal the win 12-8.

The NZ Police in the final gave a Rugby League Clinic. It showed that their tour for two weeks where they had learnt each others game shone through. Not to say it was easy, the warriors who are one of the top teams in the country certainly game it to them, but too many dropped balls allowed the Fencibles to capitalise and run away with a good win 22-0 in the end.

All in all it was a fun day out and the crowd and players were in good spirits after the tournament at the dinner and drinks where the presentations were done. The NZ boys now have a well earned break for a day in new York and then head back home victorious.



  • NZ Police 52 (24) – (4) 4 Utah
  • Philadelphia1 24 (14) – (6) 6 West Chester Uni
  • New Haven 24 (16) – (0) 0 Philadelphia2
  • Boston 0 (0) – (10) 20 Rhode Island
  • NZ Police 26 (10) – (0) 4 DC Slayers
  • Philadelphia1 14 (8) – (12) 18 Oneida
  • New Haven 36 (12) – (0) 0 New Jersey
  • Boston 22 (4) – (4) 12 Orange County
  • Utah 14 (4) – (24) 30 DC Slayers
  • West Chester Uni 12 (4) – (6) 16 Oneida
  • Phildelphia2 12 (12) – (0) 0 New Jersey
  • Rhode Island 22 (16) – (0) 6 Orange County

Trophy Semi final: Philadelphia1 24 (20) – (0) 0 Boston

Bowl Final: New Jersey 20 (10) – (12) 16 West Chester Uni

Cup semi final: New Haven 8 (4) – (4) 8 Rebellion – New haven won in golden try extra time. 12 – 8

Cup semi final: NZ Police 40 (16) – (0) 0 Oneida

Trophy final: Philadlphia1 18 (10) – (0) 0 DC Slayers

Cup Final: NZ Police 22 (8) – (0) 0 New Haven


Pool A Team P W D L PD Pt
1 NZ Police 2 2 0 0 70 4
2 Utah 2 1 0 1 4 2
3 Washington D.C 2 0 0 2 -64 0
Pool B Team P W D L PD Pt
1 Oneida 2 2 0 0 8 4
2 Philadelphia 1 2 1 0 1 -10 2
3 West Chester Uni. 2 0 0 2 -22 0
Pool C Team P W D L PD Pt
1 New Haven 2 2 0 0 60 4
2 Philadelphia 2 2 1 0 1 -22 2
3 New Jersey 2 0 0 2 -38 0
Pool D Team P W D L PD Pt
1 Rhode Island 2 2 0 0 36 4
2 Boston 2 1 0 1 -10 2
3 Orange County 2 0 0 2 -26 0



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6 Responses to “New Zealand Fencibles Cap off their Tour With an Emphatic Win”

  1. fatwing15 says:

    Orange County got the win against Boston

  2. dragons4eva says:

    Sounds like it was a good day of Rugby League. Well done the USARL for the event!

    • druzik says:

      It was a nice day. Look they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary where things could stuff up, it was a safe day in terms of running it, but so was the Donnybrook cup. I think both sides don’t want to show any weaknesses so playing it safe for now.

  3. Glad to see coverage of USARL and rugby in general!

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