Capo Ufficio Stampa, Davide Bolzoni:

The F.I.R.L. is pleased to announce the start of the only official Italian Rugby League championship in Italy, The Division A RL

The second edition, after the dissolving of the Italian championship in the sixties, will start Wednesday 1 June 2011, between the XIII del Ducato (current Italian Champions) and the newly formed Milan side the XIII del Duomo.

In this second edition of the Tournament, there will be 6 teams participating. Teams will be divided into 2 pools of 3 teams, with each team playing the other teams in their pool on a home and away basis. The first placed team in each pool will contest the final of the Italian Division A championship, Saturday 9 June 2011, with the winners being crowned the Champions of Italy 2011.

The participating teams are: XIII del Duomo, XIII del Ducato, Parma RL, Ercole Monselice RL, Grifons Padova, Mastini XIII Treviso.

The vice president of the F.I.R.L Fabio di Pietro commented:”after the start of the season where the federation has worked to put in place and develop Rugby League in Italy, now the time has arrived to play”.

The participating teams will play under the technical direction of the F.I.R.L, who has sent to each club RLEF trained and qualified coaches, to correctly develop Rugby League in Italy.

Thanks to the support of the RLEF, the match Officials who will officiate the games in the championship have recently completed the course held by the RLEF from 19th until the 22nd May 2011 in London.

The teams are ready, the F.I.R.L is ready, the match officials are ready so……

Let’s get the show on the road!!!!

Padova, 01 giugno 2011


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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2 Responses to “FIRL Press Release – IT’S TIME FOR DIVISION A RUGBY LEAGUE”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    Although its good that they are playing games like these domestically they don’t go for very long!

    The 9th of June is only just over a week away? Surely they should play at least a month long?

    Well at least they have the more qualified referees and match officials which are good.

    • druzik says:

      Well, that is true they don’t. Again Italy has the split and I think you will see FIRL and IRLF play it safe with their competitions not to let either side get an “advantage”. The comp last year was about a month long as well and in the middle of it the split basically happened.

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