RLIS TV – USA vs. Ireland 2011 – Donnybrook Cup Highlights

By Daniel Andruczyk

The USA and Ireland renewed their traditional rivalry this year in Philadelphia. On a sunny but chilly day the Irish had come over for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations and what a better way to end the weeks celebrations then with a Rugby league match. It took a good 30 minutes before the opening points were scored and it was a very even match. However in the second half the Irish with two quick tries after the break were able to grab the momentum and eventually ran out 26-8 winners. So enjoy the highlights!

USA v Ireland in the 2011 Donnybrook Cup


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6 Responses to “RLIS TV – USA vs. Ireland 2011 – Donnybrook Cup Highlights”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    So what was the Final crowd figure for this game Daniel because it’s immaterial whether it was big or small.It makes no difference. It still goes down as a International game of Rugby League that’s now in the record books.
    Again Rugby League is the winner and about time the Auckland Rugby League sent an Auckland Broadbase side to Ireland after all it was good enough for the Irish to send their domestic team to our shores 2 or 3 years ago where they played 3 games.
    A bit one sided in my book and high time Cammy Cams,Sideshow Sel and the Rooster return the compliment and it’s not all about the Vulcans,the Junior Vulcans and the NZ Cops teams that travel here,there and everywhere on plenty of free handouts from their mates at Auckland Rugby League.

    • Ariki Gell says:

      Haha you’d want a better team from New Zealand, than one from Auckland. I watched Wainuiomata put 50 points on the best two teams from the Fox in 2008. Mind you Auckland Rugby League have their hands in the cookie jar with Poker Machine money so could afford it.

  2. Interested Observer says:

    Druzik, you post a good piece on Ireland v USA and … Sanders still wants to slip in a comment about Auckland RL…..change the record Chris!

    • druzik says:

      Yes, its unfortunate… hence I have had to put a stop to that once more.

      Also lets not resort to calling people names, particularly if they are not here anymore. I want this to be a civilized site.

  3. Stephen McNeill says:

    Found it weird watching this game on a American football pitch, after every tackle it looked like the defending team went back way to far! 🙂

    • druzik says:

      Hi Steve,

      well its the best they have I guess. High school pitches like that tend to have lots of markings which is confusing. The Canadians the first few times didn’t realise the goal posts are at the back of the in-zone, almost cost them a try in the first half. I have been told the CFL posts are at the front.

      But the Canadians play on a full Rugby pitch as it is.

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