PNG Results and State of Origin Shananigans

By Daniel Andruczyk

This weekend saw the NSW State of Origin team announced. There is quite some controversy that surrounds this team with Uate being named. I have some strong views on this and I will be writing a separate article on it. In the mean time I have results from a contact at the PNGRFL and a summary from him on the Digicel Cup.

State of Origin

The NSW State of Origin Team has been announced by Ricky Stewart. Its a team that has caused much controversy with many previous stars like Jaryd Hayne being left out. However the one selection that has caused the biggest stir is the inclusion of Akuila Uate on the wing. This is something I am not happy about as he is a Fijian international and is should not eligible in any way shape or form. This is the typical abuse of power that the ARL and NRL wield over the international game and its high time that it stops. I will be doing a separate article on this. However, here is the NSW Origin 1 team:

The NSW team for Origin I.

1. Josh Dugan
2. Brett Morris
3. Mark Gasnier
4. Michael Jennings
5. Akuila Uate
6. Jamie Soward
7. Mitchell Pearce
8. Jason King
9. Michael Ennis
10. Kade Snowden
11. Beau Scott
12. Greg Bird
13. Paul Gallen ©
14. Ben Creagh
15. Trent Merrin
16. Tim Mannah
17. Dean Young

Digicel Cup round 2 Results

By Ivan Ravu
  • Gulf Isapea  8  drew  Simbu Warriors  8
  • Lahanis  38  beat  Muruks  20
  • Hela Wigmen  28  beat  Hagen Eagles  4
  • Rabaul Gurias  30  beat Port Moresby Vipers  14
  • Enga Mioks  30  beat Lae Tigers

“Lahanis take the lead in the 2011 Digicel Cup after round 2. The 2010 Premiers gave the Muruks an early lesson 38-20 from the word go even though the score did not indicate throughout the match.

Hat-trick of tries from Thompson Teteh, 2 early in the cesond half, tries to winger Minaho Goso gave the Lahanis a commanding lead before Muruks scored through Jackson Undi to bring the score more respectable 22-16 with minutes remaining.

Lahanis showed class through Kumul and captain Glen Nami played a key role for the Lahanis sending Casey Frank for the tryline, followed centre Chris Hogi and burly forward Gonzella Urakusie. Second try to former Pukpuk Chris Hogi seal the match with very happy Lahani fans.

Joseph Omae, Jackson Undi and hooker Chalie Wabo tried the hearts out for Muruks resulted in a try to debutant Kemi Yolu”.

In the other matches, Toyota Enga Mioks crushed Snax Lae Tigers 30-14 in Lae, Rabaul Gurias beat Stop N Shop Port Moresby Vipers 30-14. In Port Moresby on Saturday, new comers Gulf Isapea much improved performace to lead most of the match but only to their disappointment  a try to late in the match by Warriors to drew the match 8-8.

Meanwhile another new team who recruited well in the off-season thrashed Hagen Eagles 28-4. current Kumuls Jessie Joe Parker and Larsan Marabe played a major role in disposing Hagen Eagles at Port Moresby, Lloyd Robson Oval.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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12 Responses to “PNG Results and State of Origin Shananigans”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    “However the one selection that has caused the biggest stir is the inclusion of Akuila Uate on the wing. This is something I am not happy about as he is a Fijian international and is should not eligible in any way shape or form. This is the typical abuse of power that the ARL and NRL wield over the international game and its high time that it stops”.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    On a different note it’s good to hear news from PNG. The Digicel Competition seems to be running quite smoothly. (however i am speaking from the outside in). Also this years NSW squad looks quite strong. Hopefully we’ll bring back the SOO shield this year.

    • druzik says:

      I have Ivan Ravu as a contact in the PNGRFL now and so he’ll be keeping us updated. I have asked him to write something on the issues surrounding the PNGRFL in the last year. Hopefully that will clear things up for us.

      Yeah… I was soooo worried that Uate would be selected… I mean Fiji is screwed… he now CANNOT play for them in the World Cup in 2013!

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    Then how come Adrian Lamb played State of Origin for Queensland yet still played for PNG at World Cups as well as in Test Matches?Please explain??
    What has happened to that special dispensation rule for World Cups and as I said to the point of boredom Daniel time for Love,Haffenden,Gallop and Lewis to go from the IRLF.
    We have had a gutsful of their antics and time for heads to roll and time for a revoltion in the game against the inept administration.
    That crowd have been there too long.

  3. International League says:

    Aku a big stir? I can honestly say I have not heard anything except for this. While I 100% agree with you that he should not have been selected for NSW or NSW country, there has been no stir, and to me that is the problem. No one seems to care when Aus steal a player yet if someone choses NZ over Aus it makes the papers.

    I look forward to the article. While International league is improving rapidly the eligibility rules have gone backwards.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    I thought you have given up on the roar Daniel because I have.

    • druzik says:

      I never started on the Roar… however if these is an article that gets written that I feel is good enough to be referenced to then I’ll reference it.

      There is nothing in that article that M1tch writes that isn’t true.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    Who’s M1tch?A Neville Nobody who doesn’t even know his own name and it’s indeed a wise man who knows his own father.
    The more they rubbish RL on the Roar[why do rl people get so paronoid about criticism] the more I love it because they keep our sport alive and didn’t that crowd on the Roar predict all doom and gloom for the game in Russia and that it was on its’last legs in March 2010??
    A bit wrong just like the man in America who predicted that it was going to be the End of the World at 6 PM NZ Time today Saturday 21 May 2011.I’m still waiting and I thought at long last I don’t have to put up with the useless RL Officials anymore and some of their useless employees who can’t do their jobs properly as well and I wouldn’t give that lot the dole because they aren’t worth that.
    When will people ever get things right?

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    Yes I do.Get rid of the Administrators in Australia,NZ and England the people that control the game’s destiny and bring in the genuine RL people who know the game well and who have also been successful in business.There are plenty around who can do the job in hand and aren’t scared of putting their own hands in their own pockets unlike that lot we have got now who seem to take out plenty but put very litle back into the game.
    But the people in Rugby League don’t seem to care because they are only interested in their own small patch.
    Start to vote people out and about time people woke up.
    I have been the lone ranger here in NZ along with a couple of others,Alex Murphy has been the lone ranger in England and Gus Gould the lone ranger in Australia.We are the only ones prepared to take the administrators head on and give them grief because they bring it upon themselves and aren’t there for the right reasons.
    But people won’t rock the boat at all because they are just too scared to upset the apple cart.
    Then people want to know why the game doesn’t go ahead.
    A dog chasing it’s own tail.

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