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By Daniel Andruczyk and Others

Some more International news this week. This time from Malta and Singapore and the USA. Also a bit of a change of pace from the usual things, I lost my USA-pro-sport-inity this week.


From Anthony Micallef

Malta rugby league internationals Clifford Debattista and Roderick Attard and MRL official Anthony Micallef have returned from London following an intense coaching course under the auspices of the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) at Brunel University.

Attard completed the course as part of his rehabilitation following a two year anti-doping ban handed down to the 26-year-old in March 2010.

malta coaches with code13

The Maltese coaches were among a delegation of more than 19 countries including the USA, Jamaica, Italy and Russia; and worked with leading coaching development staff from England’s Rugby Football League (RFL) as well as spending time with England head coach Steve McNamara, former Ireland coach Andy Kelly and a host of ex professional players.

The coaches, two based in Malta and one in Gozo, completed their time abroad as guests at Twickenham Stoop for Harlequins’ Super League clash against Hull FC before completing a post match analysis with Harlequins head coach Rob Powell.

Former NRL Star Backs Rugby League for Singapore

By Steve Bartlett

Amid the splendour of the Marina Bay Sands, Development Officer and City Roosters member Stephen Bartlett had the opportunity to meet with Colin Fraser, former St George Dragons player, to discuss the plans for the code here.


SRL Development Officer Steve Bartlett (left) with Colin Fraser

Having played more than two hundred first grade games during his career he became involved in the establishment of the Perth based Super League side in the mid-90’s so certainly knows a thing or two about establishing rugby league in new places.

During the meeting Colin expressed his excitement at the developments being made and how good it was to see so many local lads wanting to give it a go with the expatriate Europeans and Antipodeans.

Colin has followed his career as a high quality forward with a career in Sports marketing and has a number of ideas for the growth of the game in Singapore which are being discussed prior to the competition roll out in March 2012.

With the State of Origin series fast approaching it would be a good time for those interested in playing to meet up, down a few schooners and watch what is always a highlight of the rugby league calendar.

There will be a meet and greet session held soon, with plans for the inaugural SRL competition, and training sessions for each four teams, to be explained.

Details to follow!

New Zealand Rugby coming to Jacksonville

From Jacksonville Axemen

After a great visit to Jacksonville in 2008, that saw the Axemen go down to the New Zealand side 52 to 16, the Fencibles will return to the North Florida city due to the wonderful experience and warm welcome they received on their last trip. And this time the Axemen have been joined by a host of local teams and organizations in an effort to show the international law enforcement athletes how great Jacksonville really is.

The team arrives into the Jacksonville International Airport on may 19th and will be hosted as VIP’s that evening by Whisky River for the Alive After 5 concert that goes from 5pm till 9pm (the concert is free and open to the Public). The HAKA will be performed live for the crowd by the New Zealand team at about 7.30pm between the live band sets.

Saturday (May 21) the team will take part in a social game of Cricket in the morning that has been arranged by Rahgu Misra of the American Cricket Academy before being hosted by the Jacksonville Suns for their Southern League Baseball game against the Birmingham Barons. The Suns fans will also have an opportunity to see the HAKA live, in what will be a very unique experience at a baseball ground. The Suns game starts at 7pm with the Haka headlining the pre-game ceremonies.

Sunday (May 22nd) the Jacksonville Axemen will be joined by some local JSO Officers as the team takes on the New Zealanders at Hodges Stadium at UNF. Kick off is planned by 2pm with the Axemen having to face the HAKA before the game gets underway.
The post game social function will be at Time Out Sports Grill following the game and all fans and supporters are encouraged to join both teams and show the visitors a warm welcome.

Monday (May 23) Carrabbas Italian Grill will host the Fencibles for a lunch that will also include some representatives of those teams and groups who helped make the visit such a success. This will be an opportunity to exchange some gifts and strengthen the relationships between the nations via the great sport of Rugby League.

Tuesday (May 24) the Jacksonville Jaguars will take the visitors on a behind the scenes tour of the NFL facilities and give them an insight into the day to day life of an American Football Player in the National Football League.

The team will then depart on Wednesday for Philadelphia where they will compete in the USA Rugby League 9’s Tournament that is being hosted by the Philadelphia Fight club.

“Is there any wonder why international teams continue to come to Jacksonville”, said Spinner Howland. “The people of Jacksonville, the businesses and even the other sporting organizations have done so much and shown such incredible hospitality to all the overseas teams that have visited. When a Rugby League team, a Baseball Team, an NFL Team and even a cricket organization can come together under the name “Jacksonville” to show international sports teams a warm welcome, that does amazing things for the city. These guys tell everyone around the world how great their experience was and that encourages more and more teams to consider Jacksonville as a travel destination. We are very proud to be apart of that.”

More details about the New Zealand Fencibles visit will be released over the coming week.

A Change of Pace

So a bit of a change from Rugby League, occasionally I like to talk about my experience at other sporting events. Last year I experienced College Football, and this time first Pro Sport game. Yesterday I went to Wrigley Field in Chicago to see my first game of Major League Baseball.

Now I have to say that on TV I really struggle to follow Baseball. Many people, have said that its quite a slow boring sport. However being at the game I have to say its anything but. I was amazed at how quickly the turn over of pitches is. It certainly is a faster paced game than Cricket and I include 20-20 in that.

The game I saw was the Chicago Cubs against the St Louis Cardinals, two very bitter rivals from the years. Even though the Cubs aren’t doing well this season they still get the faithful in. However this game they managed to bring the hurt and really give the Cardinals (who are on top) a good thrashing. The only disappointing thing was that there were no home runs in the game, though a couple cam close.


Wrigley Field is a beautiful old stadium. Built in 1914 is reminds me in many ways of the SCG Members stand and the Adelaide Oval and some of the older Rugby League grounds. Leichardt Oval is one that comes to mind.

Now I am not sure there is anything here that I can relate to back to Rugby League, however the way MLB works is that the two teams play 3 days in a row and each day will see the stadiums filled out. How is it that you can manage that yet we struggle in Rugby league to even sell 10,000 in some instances?

Either way, it was an awesome night out. Live Baseball is thoroughly enjoyable, a great time. If you love cricket then Baseball should be no problem for you to get into. For the record The Chicago Cubs beat the Cardinals 11-4

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H
St Louis Cardinals 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 9
Chicago Cubs 0 0 6 0 4 0 1 0 0 0 17


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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36 Responses to “News from Around the World”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    Who’s paying for the Fencibles to go to America?A political gimmick in my book from their mates at Auckland Rugby League.
    If the yanks keep on playing mug sides from NZ like this and this side is full of ring ins the sport in that part of the world will continue to go nowhere.

    • E Ikinofo says:

      Mate, you need to check your facts.

      The Fencibles have done more to promote the sport of Rugby League to the American players than you or your comments. They’re out there on the field, playing.

      Maybe you should try it.

  2. Ashley says:

    Enjoy baseball myself. Though with regard to crowds when teams in certain places are doing badly the fans really do seem to abandon them.

    One long season too and rugby legaue players complain! Imagine how your arm would feel at the end of the year if you were a pitcher; even with roatiton.

    It’s hard to compare league crowds with US sports crowds. In Australia, in rugby league it seems we all wait until we are told to go to the game before a big crowd appears. So a bit of marketing goes a long way, something the Bulldogs do half decently a couple of times a year.

  3. dragons4eva says:

    Awesome wrap up Druzik. Glad to see results from around the world. Great news from Singapore and Malta with the coaches and professional help. Small steps forward are better then none. Also the NZ Police touring the USA is great as well. Can’t wait to hear your opinion from the USARL world 9’s.

    Also interesting you visiting different sporting venues. You’ve done NFL and now Baseball. Next you should do Ice Hockey and Basketball next!!! lol

    Anywayz take care bro

    • druzik says:

      College Football… not NFL. NFL is a bit out of my price range at the moment with tickets extremely expensive… then again the Super Bowl next year is just up the road from me in Indianapolis… might fork out the $500 for a ticket :s …… then again with the strike I we may not have an NFL this year!

      It is great news about whats been happening… I’ll be at the Philly 9s on the 28th and also on the 4th for the triple header… or at the Boston double header.

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Have heard that a few of the teams planning on playing in the USARL 9s won’t be playing due to the costs involved with competing and getting a team to Philly. Perhaps the USARL need to look at assisting their teams with funding.

    • druzik says:

      The USARL… just like the AMNRL dont have a lot of money… I bet they are just making ends meet organising it and cant help out teams as much.

      I’ll ask about the teams and see what I can find out.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    Ask the Auckland Rugby League

  6. Interested Observer says:

    Not sure the Auckland RL will pay for USA based teams travel costs:)

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    You may be right but there’s a few Rugby Union players in this cop side to make up the numbers Interested Observer and the Auckland Rugby League owes Ellerslie Eagles RL Club money here in Auckland but they have no trouble spending in the general direction of their mates.
    The Auckland Rugby League have more money than brains and have squandered millions and millions and millions on the Warriors for no return since its’ inception in 1994 and they won’t get a return on promoting the cops in America as well.Hardly any cops play the game at all.
    Amateurs running a professional game and the union crowd are again laughing their tits off as some of them have got a free ride out of all this and the Clubs of Auckland in Rugby League are just too dumb to see the woods for the trees.
    To is why the game continues to go no where.

  8. Interested Observer says:

    I sense you may have some concerns about the Auckland RL Chris…

    I know that a lot of the cops in NZ play RU and they have a strong national police RU team. When you say hardly any cops play RL I assume you meant in NZ? As in Australia and the UK, there are many cops who play at a high level and strong police teams.

    I have heard a few of the West Coast teams who were hoping to play in the 9s have struggled from a financial point so it’s a shame they don’t look like playing in Philly this month. That would have been good for the developing teams.

    Also if the AMNRL and the USARL are looking at patching things up which was inferred after the last T’hawks game, entering a few AMNRL teams in the Philly 9’s would have been a good icebreaker.

    • druzik says:

      The teams that are at the Philadelphia 9s. Ryan McGough has confirmed this. All these teams have 100% confirmed they will be there.

      Philadelphia Fight, Boston 13s, DC Slayers, Orange County Outlaws, New Haven Warriors, New Jersey Turnpike Titans, New Zealand Police, Oneida FC, Rhode Island Rebellion, Utah Avalanche, West Chester University. So 2 Western teams from Cali and Utah, and they replace the Texas and Jacksonville. The West Coast all stars have dropped out which is probably what you may be referring to.

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    As long as the Cops paid their own way to America this time around International Observer by doing their own fundraising with chook and meat raffles in the pubs and clubs,selling tote tickets around the town, door to door selling of raffle tickets and for once putting their own hands deep in their own pockets instead of relying on others for donations I would have no problems with that but I have my doubts.
    And are you serious?The NZ Cops are hopeless at both Rugby Union and RL.Who have they ever played in the past and what have they ever achieved in both codes?
    Sweet FA and the Vulcans,NZ Cops,and the Junior Vulcans are the only teams that have got funding from the Auckland Rugby League Board of Control in the past and no one else gets it despite the fact that the NZ Cops aren’t affiliated to either the ARL or NZRL.
    If the Clubs want any money from the ARL it’s always in a shape of a loan and if not paid back in due course all hell breaks out and in the past some Clubs have even gone into Administration because of unpaid loans or someone running off with the money.

    • druzik says:

      Chris at least they are getting out and playing and doing something. I for one am glad the Police are coming out to play, good on them.

      You have a chip on your shoulder, and are always looking for the negative.

      Did something positive up for once.

  10. Interested Observer says:

    Has anyone been voting for the AMNRL All time team? There are clearly a few guys staying up late pumping out the votes for themselves. No way over 1000 people have voted for one guy in this USA based poll…..what a joke.

  11. Chris Sanders says:

    There’s some people within the game who all think that they are bigger than the game itself IQ and this happens a lot here in Auckland, with our officials, mamy of whom have never,ever put sixpence half penny back into the game yet have taken plenty out.
    And who’s this prominent Auckland businessman who has plenty to say about the game and used to rubbish Ces Mountford a lot years ago and whose father use to work as a scab in the mines during the mining strikes of the 30’s and 40′ on the West Coast?
    As I have said before,Rugby League and it doesn’t matter where,is a game for Administrators towing all their mates on the free ride and talk about too many snouts in the trough.
    She’s a mates game.

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    The Auckland Rugby League are all behind this Cop side going to America and there’s a rhyme and reason behind it all.
    It’s all politicial and there’s a motive of self-interest and you never,ever see an Auckland Fox Memorial or an Auckland Phelen Shield or even an Auckland Stormont Shield side ever touring any where in the world and I wonder why?
    Are there 25,000 Cops playing the game here?
    And Daniel I wouldn’t want to be associated with a lot of the Administrators in the game because I have always paid my own way and I am also prepared to put my own hands in my own pockets for the good of the game unlike them who are always looking for the clip of the meal ticket.
    I am there for the right reasons and they aren’t and when the late Maxim Kelachev from Russian Rugby League offered to pay me many thousands of dollars for the mountain loads of RL gear and items that I sent there,I refused to take the money because many of the children[boys and girls] playing the game there at the grassroots had nothing at all in the way of gear or footwear.
    Some of them didn’t have enough to afford even a breakfast and when I saw the wankers from the corrupt NZRL Board of Control in 2003-4 going there by the plane loads all towed on the free ride by Kamaldinov and his cronies and all big noting themselves in the process, I got pissed off because they were milking the system for all its’worth.
    The children at the grassroots in Russia were the ones that missed out and not me because of the share greed of the officials of the NZRL none of whom had anything to offer the game there.
    I have never ever taken a cent off Rugby League in my life and never ever will.To me it’s a religion and a matter of life and death.

    • druzik says:

      And I agree that I would rather have a Resident NZ side at some point play tournaments somewhere.

      However till that happens, and if the Police are willing to travel then good on them. Weather the NZRL or Auckland RL are supporting them and backing them, I really don’t see the issue there. As I understand it, they mostly self funded through raffles and prizes and stuff, as many of thos kinds of teams do anyway.

      As I said before Chris, get yourself a website and you can make all the claims you want.

      As for what you were saying about helping the Russians, its great that you were willing to help people out and I know what its like to pay things out fo your own pocket, I have done that myself and given up my time freely to help nations out where and however I can.

      Sometimes its appreciated, sometimes its not.

  13. Interested Observer says:

    Chris, you need a hobby old mate, take your mind off things…..maybe lawn bowls.

    • Chris Sanders says:

      I got a hobby IO.To clean out the corruption in the game and get good salt of the earth RL people to run it for a change who know what they’re doing.I don’t suck arse to the administration and what have you ever achieved in the game IO and unlike you I don’t hide under a none de plume.
      I stand up to be counted.

      • druzik says:

        Get over people using nick names. Its the last thing you need to worry about.

        If its such an issue then why do you come on here or any site where evereyone, including me, use nick names.

        They are not an issue, and weather IO does anything in the sport is not an issue on here, do not go on personal attacks here. Weather you like it or not You are big upping yourself trying to beat your chest around everyone when you don’t need to.

        At them moment you have not shown me or anyone anything that amounts to being a good administrator, being able to sell your ideas and oneself is a very important part of that and you do a very lousy job of it.

        You need to learn people skills Chris.

  14. deluded pom? says:

    Anyone else getting a feeling of deja vu?

  15. Chris Sanders says:

    The whole game is one big deja vu and Rugby League reminds me of a dog chasing its’ tail because a dog chasing its’ tail goes no where.That’s why other sports have gone ahead in leaps and bounds while we continue to stagnate because people here in our part of the world at Auckland RL keep on voting the same wankers in all the time yet don’t keep on asking the questions to keep them all accountable and this is where transparency goes out the window.
    People in glasshouses should not throw stones either and they should look in their own backyard for a change.
    The game in England is at an all time low but the game there still must have some money going by the rubbish that Hull F.C. have brought over the years and that’s why the poms are still playing dog tucker.They’re a bloody disgrace.
    And before people start having a go at me for making serious allegations that are open for liable on this site,I always get my facts right and do my own homework.
    About time people did their own research on Auckland Rugby League and get the facts.Go to and then to incorporated socities click on to that and then type in league and development[2 lines] and Auckland Rugby League[Inc] comes up and go and see the audited annual accounts for the ARL and the see where the donations are all going to before passing any kind of judgement.
    If I tell the truth and sometimes the truth hurts then I can’t be sued can I?
    My name is Chris Sanders and not Chris Slanders.

    • deluded pom? says:

      I think you’re confusing Hull FC with Hull KR.

    • druzik says:

      Well there was no incorporated societies to start with… a search on league shows several things but just have info on the company and not any audits.

      As I said Chris set up your own website and put it all out with all your ideas on whats wrong.

  16. Interested Observer says:

    Chris, please take a breath before you have a fit.

    Did you ever think that I and perhaps others have a ‘user name’ for a variety of reasons. Perhaps Chris I am a current or former profesional rugby league player who has also been a coach and administrator and I may have been more heavily involved in RL then you could imagine. If that were the case, then your comment of “what have you ever achieved in the game IO”, may be way off the mark.

    You never know Chris, I may have even played for my counry in test matches and use my IO name as my professional club don’t like it’s players getting on to chats and forums….food for thought.

  17. Chris Sanders says:

    If that’s the case then put your name to your articles and back up what you are saying.
    No one knows you io from a bar of soap and unlike you and deluded pom I aint scared of the administrators either because none of them are much good and none of them have anything to offer.Even as a player I always clashed with the officials[on the pitch], administrators,their wives and their girlfriends and their hanger on mates all being towed on the free ride because they were all idiots[no different from today] and people want to know why the game never,ever progresses at all?RL is a joke, because it’s a circus run by clowns.Today,we got too many in the game that have got plenty to say about it, yet have no backbone, but at least I have a go, get in the faces of the administrators and their cronies, all of whom,are on the bludge and pissing in each other’s pockets.I try to keep them all accountable and I write many letters to the RL Authorities, but they never ever answer them and this leaves me with no alternative but to write to Sparc,Minister of Sport and Recreation,Minister of D.I.A.Prime Ministers Office and other Government Depts to name a few to seek the answers that I want because our Administrators don’t want to be held accountable and couldn’t care a toss about the game.
    Have a look at the people in the corridors of power for a change and about time you and deluded pom had a go at them for once instead of having a bob each way.
    Unlike you, there’s no way in the whole wide world that I would ever tolerate any professional club operator or any administrator of what I can do and what I can’t do in my own free time outside the game.
    Shows how weak you are.
    At least people know me unlike you or deluded pom and I tell the Truth unlike a lot of the administrators in the game, the people that you lot all fear.
    I rock the boat to get under their skins and I stand up to be counted and it shows that in reguards to this site that a lot of the Administrators and their employees are now coming onto it and reading my blogs.4 days ago one of them by the name of Sideshow Sel,Cammy Cams pin-up boy, tried to run me over with his motor as I tried to cross the street here in Auckland but it will keep and I will extract revenge and get square.An eye for an eye an ear for an ear because his Ancestors and mine came from the former Yugoslavia[same village which shows that our game is indeed tribal] at the turn of the last Century to this Country.
    People still must have plenty to hide in the game here in the Shakey Isles because I know the game inside out and was in it before you were born io.
    I know too much for them and I also know what has gone down in reguards to all the corruption in the game which is still rampant now.
    The common denominator to all of this is Sideshow Sel.

  18. Interested Observer says:

    No, Chris the common denominator may be the voices in your head. I think you need to get down off your high horse old fella and stop ranting like a lunatic on this forum. If you don’t like what people are saying and only care to criticise them, then perhaps you need to look elsewhere to vent.

    I did like your comments of “I write many letters to the RL Authorities, but they never ever answer them”…..I’d say there is a very valid reason why though don’t write back mate considering the way you carry on.

    I also liked “I always clashed with the officials[on the pitch], administrators,their wives and their girlfriends”. Well, again, this is hardly a surprise.

    Druzik is doing a great job with this site as are those that contribute in a constructive manner. We can all have a say and we can all agree to disagree but I am sorry to say Chris, you seem to have taken one too many knocks to the head during your illustrious career in the under 13’s….

    You seem to constantly find a way to have a go at anything to do with NZ RL, which frankly I don’t care about as I don’t live there and you go off on all sorts of mindless rants. Maybe you should change your user name to ‘Tangent’?

    Keep up the good work Druzik.

  19. Interested Observer says:

    I forgot to mention Chris, the phrase is actually spelt nom de plume, first used in 1823.

  20. deluded pom? says:

    Let me know when the coast is clear Daniel.

  21. Chris Sanders says:

    IO I came from rugby union to play 10 years of Senior League here in Auckland nearly 40 years ago and it’s not my fault that the game around the world is in a mess and we won’t get out of this mess if the league crowd are apathetic and won’t do anything about it by allowing the administrators to get away with blue murder.
    I hold them accountable because soon there mightn’t be a game at all.
    They are all running the game to suit themselves because they keep on changing the goal posts and it’s no different where the game is played.
    Rugby League is a professional game run by mugs and about time you io saw through them and not fear them.

  22. Interested Observer says:

    DP, it is clear to come out, the men in white coats have intervened….

  23. deluded pom? says:

    Cheers IO.

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