IRFL Press Release – Home Sweet Home

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Martedì 24 Maggio 2011 03:48

It’s extraordinarily positive news that the Italia RFL welcomes with the beginning of the season coming.

One of the most imposing hurdles to cross for the long-term projects is to find a venue that will allow a peaceful and continuous development. The Italia RFL only just in its second year of creation can add this important element to the structure.

The sports complex of Tor Bella Monaca is a vast structure of Roma Est, consisting of two multipurpose fields with natural grass – one of which is already equipped with a Covered Grandstandtwo minor fields and swimming pool. The sports center, a concession (agreement) for the next 16 years, is in the middle of an urban redevelopment project around the neighborhood. Last November, the architect Leon Kier presented at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Letters for the Tor Vergata University urban renewal program to the mayor Alemanno, the President of the region Polverini, councilors Corsini (Urban) and Ghera (Public Works).

In detail the Sports Centre will be expanded significantly with the other two synthetic grass fields of last generation – a total of 4 areas, which will, speaking in terms rugbystici, one of the largest sports complex after the franchises in the Celtic League (Aironi and Treviso RU) and the Petrarca Padova RU works.

At the end of the 2011 season, the Federation itself will move its legal headquarters to the center.


An great advocate of diplomatic work for the assignment of the concession was the vice President o the Italia RFL David Massitti: “Finally, after over 50 years, the Rugby League finds a proper physical placement. Thanks to the interest of the VIII District of Rome, school clubs involved and those who have spoken at the Coppa Italia finals, we have managed to obtain the grant. I must thank Dr. Lorenzetti’s, the town hall tower and Sports Centre of Rome VIII. Our intention is to turn this place into a Centre for the development of Rugby League and the oval ball.”

You will find the home on these same fields, also the society and players of Gladiators Roma, last season’s champions . “The goal is to find fixed locations in Italy, places where the 13 code can grow, bringing it to become, an independent game and be able to sustain itself. Today we made a crucial step that should not be wasted, Italia RFL and the Gladiators have a place to grow and from which we hope can leave a message: we’re taking the sport terribly seriously, we want to see it grow and expand.”

Another positive aspect by the Gladiators themselves is the creation of a Gladiators Roma Union team that will be occupied with most of their Campionato (Championship) Rugby League team during periods (still long) to wait between one season to the next, as Rugby League is predominantly played during June and August at this early stage . It will be a sort of Italian version of the “Harlequins”,  which will allow continuity for players who will have the option not to wait- as usual in developing countries in League – for Union to finish their season.


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  1. porcorosso says:

    Thanks as usual Dan!!!

  2. dragons4eva says:

    Awesome news for Italy and RL!!!

  3. richie says:

    indeed a nice feeling reading about the international growth of the greatest game of all! good work Dan, keep them coming. any news from the Asian region!

    • druzik says:

      Yes lots in Asia. So a quick round up In Thailand there is the Pattaya 9s happening in October. Singapore has 4 teams that will play a small domestic comp soon. Bali/Indonesia also in september/October will have some games and a 9s. In japan things are a bit in the air cause of the Earthquake/Tsunami/Fukushima.

      There is also some big news in the next few months coming out about the structure of the game in asia, but I have been asked not to say anything till its finalised and also I’d rather not take the thunder away from them… let it happen and then I’ll report and promote it. But is this comes off it will be great positive news for the sport I feel.

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