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Hurricanes Rugby League Jamaica are pleased to announce our Academy Partnership Opportunities ahead of the new Hurricanes Academy program which is due to commence in late August 2011.

Hurricanes Academy is aimed at Jamaican rugby league players aged 14-19 that will be attending High School during the 2011/12 school year. The Academy program will promote advanced training in the areas of skills, strength, speed, evasion and fitness. Coupled with on field training, will be a focus on further educating players in off field issues that professional rugby league players face such as public speaking, being a role model, drug and alcohol awareness and etiquette amongst other issues that will further assist a players overall personal and professional development.

The partnership opportunities are open to both companies and individuals, with a major focus from the Hurricanes to try and maximise the possibility of people from around the world to be involved with the Hurricanes movement.

There are 4 Partnership Opportunities available, with the first 3 aimed at the full squad which are classified as Gold, Silver and Bronze. Packages are attractively priced between US$750-1,500, of which financial contributions will assist in facility hire and maintenance, apparel, equipment and resources such as school books and shoes. The forth package available is a Players Partner.

A Player Partner is an opportunity for individuals and companies to have a direct influence on an Academy player and all funds raised through this package will directly assist a selected player to participate in the Hurricanes Academy program. For US$150, partners contributions will assist with school fee’s, transport needs and basic resources such as water bottle and mouthguard. The player who directly benefits from this form of partnership will, amongst other things, correspond with the partner on a monthly basis to keep partner advised of their progress in the Academy program. This package will be termed “Framing JA Future” and the aim is to have at minimum 20 partners commit to this package, as that will fund 20 players through the program. The more partners we can attract will mean the more players will have the opportunity to participate in the Hurricanes Academy program. Partners are not limited to how many players they wish to partner with, so can assist multiple players if wishing too.

The above packages have multiple benefits to partners and these benefits can be explained in detail to prospective partners by emailing of which a Partnership Brochure can be requested and issued.

Partnership Opportunities are for a limited time only, as the program is due to start in late August 2011 and we wish to confirm all partners by the end of July, 2011. By confirming partners at this time it will allow time to finalize the preparation of the program with certainty of numbers and commitment. All financial contributions by partners will cover a 10 month period from August 2011 until May 2012.

The prices again for the packages are:

Gold Partner (1 only): $1,250

Silver Partner (1 only): $1,000

Bronze Partner (2): $750

Player Partner (unlimited): $150/player

Any questions relating to the Hurricanes Academy Partnership Opportunities or to confirm your interest in one of these packages, please email for more details.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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  1. dragons4eva says:

    Wow…sounds like a few hundred dollars can go a long way for a Hurricanes player. Congratulations all involved!

  2. International League says:

    What a fantastic program and with partnership prices very reasonable I think this concept will go a long way and in 5 or so years when this seasons 14yr olds are 19yr olds, Jamaican RL will be flourishing.

    I’m exited to follow the progress of this program.

  3. Peter T says:

    Pity that we’ll never hear about this on the sunday footy show or the roast. Last week there was a 1 minute rap of the super league from England. That’s why I only watch the show once in a while. People complain that there aren’t enough players going around. Well from what I can see in Jamaica there is a nursery waiting to be nurtured.

    • druzik says:

      People in Australia dont care about anything outside of the NRL… just look at how neglected the CRL, NSWRL, QRL and all the other state RL’s are in Australia as well.

      Its all about the NRL and SoO and that is it. Everything else is just a novelty.

      As I say, in 10 years time Rugby league wont be around in Australia as the NRL will evolve into something else. It will be like the NFL. The rest of the world will continue with Rugby League.

      • Stu says:

        I agree Daniel. Things like the revival of the game in France, the development of a semi professional side side in the US (the Axemen)just go unoticed, while the NRL and SoO dilutes the international game by making a cockroach out of a Fijian winger. That’s why I point every league fan I meet to RLIS. BTW – congrats on your recognition by the USARL for covering the Philly 9s.

      • druzik says:

        Yeah, it does go un-notice. What I would love to see it s Futbol Mundial style footy show where they cover all the countries and it goes on cable all through the world.

        Thanks, It is nice to get some recognition.

  4. Many thanks Daniel on the coverage you are giving to the Hurricanes Rugby League. Your recognition of our efforts are very much appreciated and are making a considerable impact on us achieving results in which we are searching.

    In regards to the above article, we have already received some wonderful feedback and have already had people commit to various packages (news of this set to be released over the coming days). That being said, I would encourage all supporters of international rugby league and in particular those that wish to see the continual development within Jamaica to contact me at to become a partner. Remember, the more people we have commit to player partner packages, means the more players we can put through our Academy program. The more numbers we have the stronger the Hurricanes will become longer term and the flow on affect then into the Jamaican national team.

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