Last of the World Cup Qualifiers Announced

By Daniel Andruczyk

OK everyone, I am back from my small break, well I had a tone of physics work in Pittsburgh and literally there was no time to catch up on any Rugby League. HOWEVER I am back and see that there is tones of results and news from around the world. Form the USA and Canada, Europe and Australia. So lets get into it.

2013 World Cup Atlantic Qualifiers Announced

The ‘city of brotherly love’ will host the Atlantic Qualifiers for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup as USA, Jamaica and South Africa  battle it out this October in an effort to join Wales and the Cook Islands in Group D of the main competition.

USA Tomahawks coach David Niu is eagerly anticipating the battle. “”The AMNRL is excited to host the Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers,” he said. “We look forward to presenting an exciting tournament in Philadelphia that will showcase the great sport of rugby league in one of the major sporting markets in America.”

Jamaica Director of Rugby Romeo Monteith is confident rugby’s reggae boys will make an impact. “”We are very enthused about the qualifiers and are looking forward to a great tournament, we want to repay the faith of our fans and major sponsors by putting in an incredible performance that will highlight the growth of rugby league in Jamaica.”

From Phil Caplan RLEF media officer

Canada Championships

The first round of the inaugural full Canadian Championships was played last weekend. With 4 teams taking part, Toronto City, Niagara, Scarborough and York Region. In round 1 Niagara were able to beat the local rivals Toronto City 22-14 and in the second game York and Scarborough played out a 26-26 draw! The second round sees Scarborough take on Toronto City while Niagara will play York.

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Niagara 1 1 0 0 0 8 2
2 York Region 1 0 1 0 0 0 1
3 Scarborough 1 0 1 0 0 0 1
4 Toronto City 1 0 0 1 0 -8 0

Also Canada Rugby League announced that Setanta will be showing the Super League into Canada this season. So Canada will be getting all the Super League games live.

National Rugby League

In the NRL there have been two rounds played since I wrote last. Round 5 saw Wests beating South’s 30-6 who announced later that week that they will be signing Michael Maguire, coach of Wigan. North Queensland beat Gold Coast 22-12, New Zealand beat Sydney City 24-12. Penrith 36-10 and Melbourne flogged Parramatta 38-0. Saints beat the Doggies 25-6 and Brisbane had a big win over Newcastle 17-6.

In round 6 Parramatta lost to Canterbury 14-34 while the Gold Coast beat Wests 20-14. Manly beat New Zealand 20-10 and Brisbane beat Sydney City 24-6. North Queensland continued Canberra’s woes 26-18 while Cronulla once again came oh so close against the Knights losing 24-20. Penrith lost to Melbourne 10-25 and the Dragons and South’s game is yet to be played at time of writing. The table stands as:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Melbourne 6 5 0 1 0 79 10
2 Brisbane 6 5 0 1 0 57 10
3 St George/Illawarra 5 4 0 1 0 37 8
4 North Queensland 6 4 0 2 0 34 8
5 Manly 6 4 0 2 0 27 8
6 Canterbury 6 4 0 2 0 10 8
7 Newcastle 6 3 0 3 0 23 6
8 Wests 6 3 0 3 0 8 6
9 Cronulla 6 2 0 4 0 -8 4
10 Sydney City 6 2 0 4 0 -16 4
11 New Zealand 6 2 0 4 0 -17 4
12 South Sydney 5 2 0 3 0 -28 4
13 Gold Coast 6 2 0 4 0 -46 4
14 Penrith 6 2 0 4 0 -49 4
15 Parramatta 6 2 0 4 0 -76 4
16 Canberra 6 1 0 5 0 -33 2

Super League

In Super League there were also two rounds played out. With a slow start to the season the Catalan Dragons have roared into the top 6 with 3 huge wins over big teams. After their win at Warrington they stayed the week in Manchester to prepare for Wigan and it payed dividends with them putting 47 points past the champions. Then at home this weekend they continued that form beating Hull FC at home.

So the results from round 9: Hull FC 34-24 Bradford, Wigan 28-47 Catalans, Crusaders 18-34 St Helens, Huddersfield 29-10 Warrington, Hull KR 38-28 Leeds, Castleford 52-20 Salford, Wakefield 52-32 Harlequins. In round 10: Harlequins 26-28 Castleford, Hull KR 16-28 Wigan, Warrington 64-6 Crusaders, Leeds 6-38 Huddersfield, St Helens 52-6 Wakefield, Catalans 28-10 Hull FC and Salford 56-16 Bradford

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Huddersfield 10 8 0 2 0 139 16
2 St Helens 10 7 1 2 0 128 15
3 Castleford 9 7 1 1 0 119 15
4 Warrington 10 7 0 3 0 162 14
5 Wigan 9 5 2 2 0 41 12
6 Catalans 10 5 0 5 0 3 10
7 Leeds 10 4 1 5 0 -8 9
8 Harlequins 10 4 1 5 0 -86 9
9 Salford 10 4 0 6 0 -58 8
10 Bradford 10 4 0 6 0 -102 8
11 Hull FC 10 3 0 7 0 -28 6
12 Hull KR 10 3 0 7 0 -56 6
13 Wakefield* 10 3 0 7 0 -118 2
14 Crusaders* 10 2 0 8 0 -136 0

* Teams have –4 points doe to going into administration.

Lezignan 2/3 of the Way to the Triple Crown… Again

The last round of the LER1 which was their version of a Magic weekend was played out in Avignion. At the end of it Lezignan had taken their first step to the triple crown for the second year in a row by being the league leaders. The Magic weekend results were, St Gaudens/Toulouse 30-14 Montpellier, Villeneuve 24-50 Carcassonne, Limoux 34-20 Avignion, Carpentras 16-48 UTC and Lezignan 26-24 Pia. the table is:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Lezignan 20 17 0 3 0 341 54
2 Limoux 20 17 0 3 0 330 54
3 Pia 20 15 0 5 0 354 50
4 Carcassonne 20 10 1 9 0 108 41
5 Villeneuve 20 10 0 10 0 75 40
6 Avignion 20 9 1 10 0 -6 39
7 UTC 20 8 1 11 0 53 37
8 Carpentras 20 5 2 13 0 -363 31
9 St Gaudens/Toulouse 20 4 0 16 0 -385 28
10 Montpellier 20 2 1 17 0 -486 25

The Lord Derby final was played out last weekend and Lezignan took the next step into the triple crown. They won the Lord Derby, which is Frances version of the Challenge Cup, for the second year running. The results was Lezignan 28-17 Pia. So if they win the Grand Final then they will have the triple crown the second year in a row.

Bank of Beirut Championships

In Lebanon results have come in only for one match. Balamand beat the Wolves 34-26 and Jounieh had the bye. No word on when any of the other matches will be played, and there are a lot of them to be played. The table is:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 LAU 10 7 0 1 2 228 14
2 Balamand 12 6 2 3 2 46 14
3 AUB 8 4 2 2 2 -16 10
4 Wolves 11 2 1 5 2 -28 5
5 Jounieh 8 0 2 4 2 -62 2
6 AUST 9 0 1 7 2 -196 1
7 USJ* 5 3 0 1 2 -46 0

* USJ quite through the season due to a dispute.

Jamaica Rugby league

The Jamaican Rugby league last week also received a huge sponsorship boost this week. This is a massive vote of confidence for the Jamaicans with Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) sponsoring the national team to the tune of One Hundred Thousand dollars – yes your read correct – $100,000.00.

The sponsorship will assist the national team in preparation for the World Cup Qualifiers in Philadelphia against the United States of America and South Africa. The winner of which will advance to the 2013 Rugby League World Cup in the United Kingdom.

Other news from around the place

So The England youth will be taking on the French youth in a 2 match test series in Bradford on Saturday and next Tuesday. Looks like the battle for Origin is starting to hot up with channel 7 looking to get the right for it from channel 9. The Commission is also looking on shaky ground with the QRL and News looking to collude to get their candidates in. In Papua New Guinea the Rugby League Federation the election of PNG Rugby Football League chairman Bryan Kramer is null and void, the Waigani National Court ruled last Friday. Justice Catherine Davani also declared that the last Nov 28 meeting in which he was elected was not legal. But outside the court house, Kramer said he would go to the Supreme Court to seek a review. In the interim, Davani has ordered an interim three-member board consisting of John Numapo, Gary Juffa and David Tamtu to run PNGRFL affairs. Lastly Craig Gower, who has been in Union in Italy, is looking to be back playing international Rugby League, however this time also for Italy. He will become a dual international in League and Union for Italy.


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15 Responses to “Last of the World Cup Qualifiers Announced”

  1. Cheyne Maher says:

    Wow, a lot to catch up on, good to see you’re back. Interesting news re: Craig Gower, i read something else on this the other day – what a bonus he would prove to be. I just hope that if he does play in the qualifiers he plays in the Cup itself too (assuming they get there), to ensure that a strong qualifier doesnt end up weaker than those they beat for the European spot.

    No doubt you probably have been too flat out to look at comments, but i was wondering if you had a chance to look at my last one, which i think is the last comment on your most recent article (aside from this one)! I was asking if, in your opinion, it is definitely too late for the WC to expand to 16 teams. I had a justification with that comment and i guess it probably is too late- i just reckon there is such momentum that expanding it (only result in three more games and still have the same format) would be a winner all round. If you get time check it out and let me know what you think.

    Any way good to see you’re back Dan, hope the workload isnt too hectic for you mate. Cheers Cheyne

    • druzik says:

      So yes I have just read through last weeks comments.

      Yep I hope that

      So on the 16 teams… mmm its an interesting point, the qualifiers haven’t happened yet so there may be a window of opportunity there.

  2. deluded pom? says:

    The Jamaican sponsorship is in Jamaican dollars dru not US dollars. There’s a slight difference.

  3. dragons4eva says:

    hey dru welcome back! Kinda missed your blogs n stuff man lol.

    But thanks for the wrap up around the world. Always good to hear news from places apart from Australia and England.

    Hopefully the stuff in Australia and PNG with the administration can be resolved asap. Kind of stupid how it’s dragged on this long…but we can only hope for the best i guess.

    Anywayz good to hear from you again.

    • druzik says:

      Thanks, good to be back… though did come back a bit sick.

      Was a crazy week with work and next week will be the same, I have a conference in Princeton to attend.

      You are right, there has been lots of good news. Certainly enough to negate the negative headlines out there.

  4. Jai says:

    Great read Dru! Hey just wondering if you know what the old up in announcing the world rankings is….They said they were gonna update it like 4 months ago!! ??

    • druzik says:

      That is a good question…. I will see what I can find out. When speaking with Niel Wood in Phily he did say that he was waiting on the RLIF to agree on a new system that ranks nations.

  5. Jai says:

    *What the hold up is in*

  6. tax_dodger says:

    Torn between who I’d like to see qualify. The USA qualifying would be massive to the sport and its global reaches, but I don’t think they deserve it with all the infighting and lack of development. Jamaica on the otherhand, whilst signficantly smaller in population, have grown and grown and a world cup place can only enhance that. Plus they have Lamont Bryan playing for them which improves my bias towards them! 😀
    Probably the least likely to qualify, but I’d love to see Serbia make it. They seem to be the only qualifiers not relying on heritage players and are going about the development the right way with juniors and universities.

    Really hope the Euros and Atlantic get televised on sky sports or at least the highlights.

  7. Cheyne Maher says:

    I agree tax dodger it is a real toss up who i would like to see qualify. The more i think about it though i really reckon Jamaica qualifying will perhaps do more for the sport than the USA in the next five years or so. The USA qualifying would be huge but i wonder whether it would be a bit of a flash in the pan for the saturated USA sports market, especially since the NFL will be on or about to start around that time. Kind of a little like when the socceroos are in a WC everyone seems to take notice in Aus. but as soon as it is over we all jump back on our own NRL (or in Vic AFL) team. Whereas there doesnt seem to be a real dominant football code in Jamaica. If they were to qualify i imagine it would really capture there entire nations imagination and RL could really take off after that, not just in Jamaica, but through out the entire Carribean region.

  8. Interested Observer says:

    We seem to still be hearing a bit about the AMNRL’s plans for international matches which is good but nothing at all about their domestic plans other then the planned spread to Hawaii. Be great if we had an idea of what is going on with their domestic comp and what, if anything is happening with the expansion teams out west. It sounds like they have just about all signed on with the USARL as development teams with many planning on joining as a full team for 2012.

    Anyone involved in the AMNRL out there who can give us all some info?

    • druzik says:

      The Westerbn teams are pretty much with USARL… but if twitter is anything to go by, AMNRL are looking at Tennesee, South Carolina and looks like Detroit (never heard or saw that one coming) are in the comp this year.

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    A half-wit knows that the Jamaican dollar is not as valuable as the US dollar and big deal.A mountain out of a molehill.
    Still a lot of money in my book here in Auckland but maybe pittance in Hull.F.C.
    I wished my club here in Auckland could get that sort of sponsorship because we at Ellerslie Eagles RL are very impovished to say the least and need the money to survive,but in Hull,people seem to live off the fat of the land because money is[or seems]to be no problem going by the rubbish that Hull F.C have bought over the years.
    However,full marks to Jamaican Rugby League, for scoring such a wonderful and worthwhile sponsorship.
    A positive for the game.

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