FIRL Press Release – Italy Kicks 0ff 2013 Rugby League World Cup Campaign

FIRL Media office, Davide Bolzoni

Join Anthony Minichello for the launch of Italy’s European Zone qualifying bid for the 2013 World Cup. Italy will be introducing the NRL players secured for the Word Cup Qualifiers 2011.

Anthony played for Italy against France in 1999 as a 19 year old winger. Since then Anthony has been the mainstay of the Sydney City Roosters and was voted as the best player in the world winning the prestigious Golden boot in 2005. Anthony is proud to support FIRL in the pursuit of gaining a maiden World Cup place.

FIRL President Tiziano Franchini and Head Coach Carlo Napolitano will be present and available to answer questions on rugby league development in Italy and the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

Press conference details

When: 1pm, Monday 4 April 2011

Where: Club Marconi, Marconi Plaza, Bossley Park NSW 2176

Players present:

Vic Mauro (Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, NRL)

Aiden Guerra (Sydney Roosters, NRL)

Rocky Trimarchi (Western Suburbs, NSW Cup)

Cameron Ciraldo (Newcastle Knights, NRL)

Joel Romelo (Cantubury Bulldogs, NRL)

President: Tiziano Franchini

Head coach: Carlo Napolitano


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