RLIS TV – Jamaica vs. Royal Air Force 2008–Tour Match Highlights

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week on RLIS TV comes via the Jamaican Rugby League. In 2008 the Royal Air Force travelled to the Jamaican Islands to help spread the great game. These are some highlights from one of their games against the Jamaican national side. So Enjoy the highlights.

Jamaica v Royal Air Force Highlights


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One Response to “RLIS TV – Jamaica vs. Royal Air Force 2008–Tour Match Highlights”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    At least the Royal Air Force in GB are a proper RL team and unlike the cops here in NZ, pay their own way spreading the gospel of league in new horizons, which is all good in reguards to the gradual growth and development of the sport.
    The start of something big.

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