Norway Gets a New Coach Plus U.N. & Rugby League


Former Villefranche Coach becomes Boss of Norway Rugby league

Rugby League Norge has announced the appointment of a new head coach for their national team, with Australian-born Craig West taking on the role having been to Oslo to seal the deal.

West’s pedigree includes playing stints with Sydney club Newtown Jets and Pia Donkeys in France before making the switch to coaching with Villefranche in the Midi-Pyrenees region.

Upon arrival, West said, “The staff and players of RLN have made me feel very welcome and part of the rugby league family there straight away.”

His primary objective is to guide ‘Vikingene’ to a European Shield title against more experienced nations Malta and Germany.

RLN Executive Officer Warren Heilig commented, “Rugby League is a rapidly growing sport in Norway and we decided that to move forward we needed a specialist coach with good knowledge of the game but also experience of coaching in new frontiers. Craig was a perfect fit for us.”

Norway’s prospective international players will begin training for national team places on May 6th. In the RLEF EUROPEAN SHIELD they face Malta away, departing on July 1st for that clash and then Germany in Lillestrøm on July 9th.

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United Nations Hails Rugby League Event

Reaction to the presence of rugby league at the recent United Nations’ Dignity for All festival, held in Beirut, has been hugely positive and deemed a great success by the organising United Nations Refugees and Works Agency, the host American University of Beirut and both the Palestinian and Middle East North Africa Rugby League organisations.

Although AUB won the exhibition match 28-10, the Palestinian XIII received tremendous support from fans and key officials alike. Busloads of relatives and friends, many of whom were wearing eye-catching red, black, white and green coloured t-shirts that had been produced especially for the day and waving the Palestinian flag, flooded the centre swelling the crowd to well over 2,000 an hour before kick-off.

Palestinian Rugby League founder Rabie El Masri, could hardly contain his pride after the emotional evening. “This match was very far away from the reality of two years ago; it was a dream for me,” he said. “Even more so for the Palestinian boys and girls. I went to the camps looking for players, I trained guys in all kinds of weather, we were laughing and happy playing rugby league even though some of them don’t have sports shoes. I did rugby league sessions in Nahr el Bared camp [largely destroyed in a 2008 conflict] and people were happy, the children were laughing.”

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7 Responses to “Norway Gets a New Coach Plus U.N. & Rugby League”

  1. Cheyne Maher says:

    Great story, that rugby league is having a positive influence on the lives of so many people in the middle east is fantastic! It is the kind of sport that brings people together and it is really good that an organization such as the UN is heaping praise on the sport. Great stuff Druzik!!

    • druzik says:

      It isn’t it, its great seeing such stories and its sad and frustrating that you will not see any of these in any of the major news wires in Australia, England or anywhere showing this… with all the controversy the NRL has been picking up this week… would it not be great to have such a feel good story like this?

      • Cheyne Maher says:

        Definitely!!!! If Lebanon can qualify for the World Cup later this year, perhaps it will open up for a few Rugby League Weeks style stories and possibly even a few in the tele???? maybe, it would be nice any way! Until then we will rely on the likes of yourself Dan – well done mate!

  2. Interested Observer says:

    Check out Sweden RL as they have 4 teams for 2011 and will play 2 internationals in July and October.

    Great work by Scott Edwards from the Spartacus RFC to get RL up and running in Sweden. They now have observer status with the RLEF.

  3. Peter T says:

    It’s a shame that radio programs such as weekend detention braodcast for so many hours but do not find the time for a segment on international league. I’m really enjoying what is happening on the international stage at the moment. I only wish we had a mouthpiece to broadcast this to the world. Druzik, I really enjoy your enthusiasum for this great game!

    • druzik says:

      Pete World League: The International Rugby league show will be starting up soon again. Prob the week after next as I am on the road all next week and can’t start it.

      The unfortunate problem here is that International Rugby league is in a catch 22. Radio and TV shows only give what they think the fans want and the fans only want what the shows give them.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    Look how good salt of the earth Australian Rugby League people are spreading the game.
    Australia are a credit to Rugby League football and put both the Auckland RL Board of Control and the NZRL to shame.
    Also the good work from Barla to spread the game in new horizons should not be forgotten as well.

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