Chrudim Rugby League Club is the newest addition to the expanding CZRLA domestic competition.

Established by Michal Vorlíček, a player with neighbouring Pardubice Jets, it is an opportunity for him to put down roots in the sport in his home town.

The newcomers are currently being trained by Czech National Team Coach and RLEF Development Manager in the country, Andrew Mulhall and Chrudim will work in tandem with the Jets during the 2011 CZRLA season, with a view to making their debut in the Czech 9’s later in the year as part of a planned expansion of the sport in the country.

The first training session attracted a large number of participants and was conducted by Mulhall, assisted by Jets co-coaches Mirak Horacek and Paul Hooper, plus Vrchlabi Mad Red Squirrels founder David Lahr. Jets star player Vic Leeuw and club stalwart Marian Adam also provided some advice and direction at the highly promising launch.

Lahr was particularly impressed with the size of the turnout, commenting to the local media, “This is really a surprise for me to see so many keen young local players, and I am very happy that I could be here to help.“

Hooper was equally impressed, saying, “This is another great day for Czech rugby league development. It really seems that there is a thirst for the sport in this country, we need the resources and infrastructure to take advantage of that.”

Vorlíček added, “I love rugby league, and I know more Czech people will also the more they get the chance to participate.“


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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  1. Alex-P says:

    Hey Dan, are the Czechs participating in any internationals this season?

    • druzik says:

      Yes they will be. From what I understand they are in the Euro bowl which will also feature either Latvia, Ukraine or Catalonia.

      The RLEF has been slow to get the Bowl and Cup details out.

      • Alex-P says:

        Is the bowl now limited to two teams? Or is there the possibility that 3/4 of the said teams could participate

      • druzik says:

        No, it will be as large as it needs to be. It was two last year simple cause the RLEF stuffed up, the year before that it was three and the year before that three as well, howevere Ukraine had to pull out so it ended up being only two team. If there are 6 teams, then there is no reason why it cant be six teams.

  2. Robbo says:

    What is the size of the league in the Czech Republic? Always good to see stories about the game growing around the globe.

    • druzik says:

      With this new club, its 5 clubs spread through the country.

      The interesting thing is that the Czechs are probably the only nation in Europe that is not full of ex-pats and ex-union players (there are some). From the start they have had a big junior set up from U14, U16 and U18 and so they now after 5 years have actual Rugby league raised players coming through.

      Andy Mulhall the head og CZRL is an ex-pro player from the QLD cup comp, I think he played for Norths, and now lives in the Czech rep. There is also an annual state of origin between Moravia and Bohemia.

      So Czechs are doing well, they are in the attitude of slow and steady wins you the race.

      • tax_dodger says:

        Why aren’t the czechs eligible for the world cup qualifiers?
        It’s a shame they get overlooked for big tournaments, when they are developing the game the right way, while joke teams such as ‘Italy’ aren’t.

      • druzik says:

        They chose not to as they still felt they weren’t ready to step up to that level as of yet…. the one flaw of our current system is that there is no provisional level for teams to qualify through, even if they dont make it, they still can be involved in the whole process.

  3. deluded pom? says:

    It’s all down to the usual at the end of the day dru. In an ideal world we’d involve ALL teams that met the criteria but unfortunately RL doesn’t currently have the money to achieve that goal.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    Good to see Catalonia coming in as a separate identity for Euro Bowel tournies.Music to my ears and roll on Dagestan,Checheyna,Tatarstan and the Maoris and Aboriginals for the next RL World Cup.
    Rugby League will be like heaven in my eyes.

  5. Paia' says:

    Hey great to hear this Game is in Czech rep my partner is from there, Prague, are there any Teams in this part of the country we have been talking about coming over for a couple of years shes been away for about ten 10yrs Ive been playing both codes League is where i took off…have to say you just cant beat it good on Czech Rep as we say in NZ ” Smash Em Bro “…

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