Ireland Too Strong for a Gallant USA

By Daniel Andruczyk, in Philadelphia

USA Tomahawks 08-26 Ireland Woldhounds

This afternoon the USA and Ireland resumed their traditional clashes. The Donnybrook Cup is the latest instalment in a long tradition of matches between these two nations and as the two nations promised in yesterdays press conference there were some big tackles. There was a strong wind going from North to south and the USA kicked off to the Irish who were running with the wind.

Both teams started the match a bit nervous, the opening 5 minutes saw several mistakes which saw a stalemate however the the USA probably had the better opportunities over the next 10 minutes. They were able to press the Irish line several times and Curtis Cunz was able to get over the line only to be held up over the line.

The Irish defence was rewarded by an American mistake and then a penalty saw them move their way up field. Ireland had their chance with a great flick pass ala Benji Marshall but was called forward. However on the 20 minute mark Irelands Simon Deevy crossed to open proceedings. A few minutes later the Irish were over again with Adam Hughes. This put the Wolfhounds 10-0 up.

As the game got towards the last 5 minutes of the first half, the USA had a repeated set of six. With ball touches and penalties it seemed inevitable for the USA to cross. It was not to be and in on the back of a penalty the USA captain Apple Pope called for a penalty goal. The Irish seemed to lift with this. The conversion was successful and the half time score was 10-2 to the Irish.


In the second stanza, the Wolfhounds opened the scoring early on with Brian Flanagan scoring and then soon after Ben Morarity also going in. But the USA rallied and the next 20 minutes all belonged to the tomahawks. Four times they crossed the line only to be held up as in the first half and the frustration started to show.

Finally with 10 minutes left the USA’s Louis Tulio crossed and received a massive cheer from the fairly partisan crown of about 1000. Nate Smith’s conversion brought the score to 20-8 to the Ireland team.

Ireland then in the last 5 minutes of the match were pressing and the inexperience of some of the latest USA players showed when they tried to jump in and grab an intercept, however this did not pay off and left a gat that allowed Adam Hughes to run in for his second try under the post just before full time .


In the end, despite a gallant effort form the USA it was going to be the Irish winning in this weeks St Patrick’s day celebrations and the Irish did celebrate, making the trip well worth it. The score in the end was 26-8 to the Irish.

Position USA Tomahawks Ireland Wolfhounds
1 Louis Tulio Ashley Huck
2 Nate Smith Adam Hughes
3 Andrew Malafu Ross Bengin
4 Curtis Cunz Paddy Barcoe
5 Mike Brazill Mar Touhy
6 Gareth Baxendale Sean Carmody
7 Charles Cortolano Joe Smith
8 Mike Cartwright Brendan Guilfoye©
9 Apple Pope © Jimmy Giblin
10 Andrew Kneisly Mark Oneill
11 Salesi Tongamoa Peter Howard
12 Conway Maraki Simon Decvey
13 Sean Taylor Ben Moriarity
14 John Convery Alan McNamara
15 Xavier Lozinguez Brian Flanagan
16 Kelley McGill Alan Trenier
17 Mike Talva John Bagnall
Coach David Niu Alan Robinson

Try scorer’s – Ireland: Simon Deevy, Adam Hughes, Brian Flanagan, Ben Morarity, Adam Hughes,  USA: Louis Tulio

Conversions – Ireland: Sean Carmody, USA: Nate Smith

Crowd: ~ 1000


I do have some comments from the Irish Captain Brendan Guilfoyle, USA coach David Niu and RFL international Director Neil Wood and will get the transcripts up tomorrow.


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