Here We Go Again

By Daniel Andruczyk

So its that time of year again when all the players start jumping from one ship to another. Danny Brough being the latest. Yes and remember that Akuila Uate has also switched his allegiances with a State of Origin carrot just so the NSW Blues don’t get embarrassed again. Actually there are many things that are ticking me off in Rugby League at the moment and so I will have a bit of a rant in todays articles, but first some results:

Super Duper League and the World Club Championship

First I think a big congrats has to go to St George/Illawarra and the Wigan Warriors on a superb World Club Challenge. Both teams fought hard and it was a close match despite everyone predicting a rout! Wigan went into the break with a slim 15-14 lead, but in the second half the Dragons were able to hold them out with a 21-15 win. Round 3 on the weekend was played in the Super League with results as follows; Leeds 26-36 Harlequins, St Helens 18-25 Warrington, Crusaders 26-30 Bradford, Huddersfield 20-10 Hull FC, Hull KR 18-31 Catalans, Wakefield 6-32 Salford. the table stands as:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Harlequins 3 3 0 0 0 19 6
2 Castleford 2 2 0 0 0 26 4
3 Huddersfield 3 2 0 1 0 14 4
4 Leeds 3 2 0 1 0 8 4
5 Warrington 3 2 0 1 0 -1 4
6 Wigan 2 1 1 2 0 34 3
7 St Helens 3 1 1 2 0 27 3
8 Hull KR 3 1 0 2 0 -3 2
9 Catalans 3 1 0 2 0 -18 2
10 Bradford 3 1 0 2 0 -34 2
11 Salford 3 1 0 2 0 -38 2
12 Hull FC 3 0 0 3 0 -36 0
13 Crusaders 3 1 0 2 0 24 -2
14 Wakefield 3 1 0 2 0 -22 -2

French Elite 1

In the LER 1, Lezignan continue to dominate the competition. With 4 weeks to go there are really on two other teams that may challenge this dominance with Limoux and Pia still in strong positions. However it will take almost a miracle I feel for Lezignan not to come out on top again. Results for round 16 were: Limoux 60-16 St Gaudens/Toulouse, Carpentras 16-50 UTC, Avignion 44-20 Pia, Montpellier 28-28 Carcassonne, Lezignan 48-28 Villeneuve. The table stands as:

Team P W D L B PD PT
1 Lezignan 16 15 0 1 0 367 46
2 Limoux 16 13 0 3 0 208 42
3 Pia 16 10 0 5 0 254 38
4 Avignion 16 9 1 6 0 55 35
5 Villeneuve 16 8 0 8 0 -66 32
6 Carcassonne 16 7 1 8 0 62 31
7 UTC 16 5 1 10 0 8 27
8 Carpentras 16 5 2 9 0 -157 27
9 St Gaudens/Toulouse 16 3 0 13 0 -361 22
10 Montpellier 16 1 1 14 0 -370 19

Bank of Beirut Championhips

Round 11 in the Bank of beirut championships was played and as has been a familiar pattern this year two games have been postponed. The only results for the week was AUST 28-28 draw with Wolves. The table stands as:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 LAU 8 6 0 1 1 208 12
2 Balamand 7 4 0 2 2 36 8
3 USJ 5 3 0 1 1 46 6
4 AUB 6 3 0 2 1 -44 6
5 Wolves 7 2 1 3 1 2 5
6 AUST 8 0 1 6 1 -178 1
7 Jounieh 6 0 0 4 2 -62 0

Copa Italia

So the IRLF keeps talking about the new scores from the Copa Italia… well they just seem to be the same re-hashed ones from several weeks ago. So either show new results or don’t keep saying that they are new results when not. No as I understand one of the reason why there is such a delay is that the Rugby league clubs are also playing Union and that is getting in the way of fixtures. now correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t that was one of the issues for the split, that many of the FIRL clubs were Union ones and there were Union players? So what’s the difference here. I can see the politics in trying to get the Copa Italia out early, but I think having these kinds of delays and interference only does damage. If it were me I would be waiting till the Union season was over and getting the copa Italia done and dusted in a few weeks without the return matches.


Some good news to come out of the AMNRL this week with the venue and tickets for the Donnybrook Cup finally available. The match will be played at the Charles Martin Memorial Stadium in Philadelphia with a 4 pm kick off. No there apparently is a website where you can buy tickets, however for the life of me it does not work. I did find the associated ticketbud site that is selling the tickets and so pre-bought tickets are $5 and on the day $7.

Other good news is the announcement that Penrith Panthers NRL coach Matthew Elliot will be taking over the reigns for the October Qualifiers in the USA’s bid to reach their first World Cup. There are several camps being held for team selection for next weeks international (not sure it can be called a test), however I have heard down the grapevine that the team has already been choosen and some people are perplexed about the selection trials. i am trying to track down if this is actually true.

Danny Brough’s U-turn

This week the RLIF once again is going to incur my wrath! So everyone by now has heard about Danny Brough defection to England, and really the fact that England selected him. Now he has been playing for Scotland all this time how is it that he has been alloed to swap. There is this unfair ruling in the RLIF charter that was put in just before the last world cup that allows a player to make one swap in between the time of world cups, so Brough will no not be allowed to play for Scotland if he he does not make the squad.

The RLIF are a bunch of gutless wonders as far as I am concerned. The fact that they have allowed the NRL/ESL/NZRL to dominate them and make these silly rules is beyond be. Actually no its not, the conflict of interest is on par with the betting scandal engulfing the NRL as far as I am concerned. No wonder the sport struggles everywhere else. If 30 years ago, we had the foresight to set up proper organisations and eligibility we would not only have a strong Australia, New Zealand and England, But PNG, Wales, France and other nations would be right up there and for all we know the World Cup would have already been through 4-5 different hands.

If international rugby League … ney … Rugby league in general is going to survive as a sport it needs these things to be done:

  1. A strong independent governing body for the sport needs to be established. one where the members are NOT also members of individual countries federations as it is now. these need to pe paid professionals where their only job is to go out, promote and get money for the international game.
  2. Regional governing bodies need to be established that can deal issues on a local level and also bring in independent revenue. This will also give smaller nations a greater say at the general big table by having a representative that can argue their points.
  3. I consistent, meaningful international schedule. One that DOESN’T involve tours, but tournaments where nations go through regional qualifiers, and finals into minor cross-regional tournaments culminating in the world cup. The spots for the world cup should come from the results of the other tournaments. This gives incentive for not only countries but players to stick with one country since by doing that, doing well means that they will still get to go through to a World Cup without having to be bribed or blackmailed by Australia, New Zealand or England.
  4. The International eligibility rules have to be tightened up and upheld. What we have now its a total and complete farce.
  5. get rid of State of Origin in its current form. This, I feel, is the one tournament that is holding back the game internationally.

If these are done then the game will not only survive but will thrive.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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24 Responses to “Here We Go Again”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    Thanks for the praises Druzik. We truly deserve to be called World Club Champions!!! 🙂

    As for the news around the world it would’ve been nice to hear a few good stories, however not to be i suppose.

    But as always thank you for the updates.

  2. savage.dragon says:

    “get rid of stste of origin in it’s current format”

    What format do you propose though Druzik?

    • Anthony says:

      Remove the rule that states that they must play for Australia for starters

      • savage.dragon says:

        I would have to agree with that! Origin shouldn’t weaken the international game by tempting quality players away from representing their home countries.

      • druzik says:

        SoO needs to become a Kangaroos selection trial again… shift it to the end of the season.

      • druzik says:

        Mmmm …. I am not sure that is the solution either. I think SoO needs to go back to being a Kangaroos selection trial basically, but there is no reason while SoO is on other nations can;t do something.

    • druzik says:

      Well, for starters I would shift it to the end of the season. Play a 24 round NRL season, then a 4 week rep season. You then can have the WCC at the end of that and then have a 6-8 week international season. this gives us 36-38 week rugby league season

      This is the same as the current season with 30 rounds in the NRL+SoO and the 6-8 weeks of internationals. The old days when tours were mid year SoO made sense in that time of year, but now that its end of season, not so much.

      Also instead of the 4 weeks of pre-season trials I would have a 4-5 week knockout competition.

  3. Anthony says:

    David Mead has also changed his allegiance from the Kumuls to Qld.

  4. deluded pom? says:

    Regarding the supposed selection trials for the Tomahawks and the word that the team has already been chosen, this kind of thing was alleged to have happened at the 2009 AC. It smacks of favouritism yet again. Another reason behind the split?

    • druzik says:

      Well I never heard about that last year… I cant get any solid evidence on this at the moment, so I am going to assume that its nothing and we shall wait and see this week who gets selected.

  5. deluded pom? says:

    I was intending to go and watch the Wales v England game at the 4N but I think I’ll save my money. The RFL don’t take the international game seriously so why should I? I’ll use the money saved to try and get to as many games NOT involving England, Australia or New Zealand as I can at the 2013 WC.

  6. roml357 says:

    Ya Druzik here what your saying but rugby league has to make money somehow and State of origin is making bucket loads for them. I have read your international program and love it but will it make money for a small international sport called rugby league?

    • druzik says:

      State of Origin makes sweet FA money for the international game… it doesent do it even for the NRL. It goes to the state leagues. The RLIF and no one else sees any of that money…. and rightly so since SoO is not an international competition.

      My program, along with the regional governing bodies with the right people in there and the best promotion will make money, much more than what is available than now.

      Every one thinks SoO is some great tool of Rugby league…. Its not, its not known at all anywhere else in the world aside from England and NZ.

  7. tax_dodger says:

    re: Brough. I think it’s just embarrasing, both Brough and England for picking him. Most people also seem to have forgotten England have also picked McIllorum and Prescott (Ireland internationals), neither of whom are anywhere near good enough for England.

    I don’t know how this will stop, I can’t see the RLIF doing anything to get rid of this nonsense rule, therefore more and more players will be switching. What happened to loyalty in RL?

    • druzik says:

      They are basically as bad as the Kiwis and Aussies now when it comes to this. Its so frustrating that it has come to this. The RLIF wont do anything because its head is also part of the ARL/NSWRL/NRL, deputy, RFL/RLEF, treasurer/secretary is on the NRL, executive NZRL and development officer ARL/NSWRL.

      Conflicts of interest all round, so they will do what ever to help out their own mob.

    • deluded pom? says:

      Don’t forget Bridge and Harrison are also former Irish internationals.

  8. png says:

    I realy hope david mead hasn’t swaped his kumuls jersey for a qld one have been searching the web all morning trying to find info on it where did you get the info on mead from Anthony ? something has to be done in the rlif a change is definetly needed maybe one representitive on the board each from aus,nz,eng,wales,france,and png one representing the rugby league european federation and one representing the pacific islands rugby league federation maybe then decisions will be made for the good of the game rather then the good of aus,nz and england

  9. png says:

    That is such a shame realy is sadening as a faithfull kumuls follower that mead has decided to do this i have also just read that to welsh internationals aswell as brough have switched there alegiance to england very bad for international rugby league especialy wales as they try to prepare for there debut in the four nations at the end of this year something has to be done once and for all about players jumping from nation to nation

  10. png says:

    Druzick there is curently a petition on rugby league planet regarding the eligibility rules and getting them changed to something easy to follow they are going to present the petition to the RLIF once they get enough names they are aiming for 1000 signatures on the site hope I haven’t over stepped the mark by mentioning another website but i did see that the website in question is already linked on your website maybe you could give it a plug on one of your next posts or radio programs

  11. Chris Sanders says:

    If most of the World Cup games are played in the North of England it won’t cost too much money to go to the games involving the minor nations if we are only based in Hull is it?

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