FIRL Press Release: Paul Broadbent Begins His Italian Job

From the RLEF and FIRL Press Office

The Italian national rugby league squad have started their preparations for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup qualifiers in October under the supervision of Paul Broadbent, who has had his first get together with them.

Held in Piacenza, at the Piacenza 1946 rugby club, the selected players worked on polishing their skills under the watchful eye of the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats assistant coach and newly appointed Italian Assistant Technical Director.

In addition, Broadbent worked on running lines of attack, tackling and wrestling techniques and the organisation of the defensive line.

Players from all over Italy were invited including seasoned rugby league internationals Matthew Sands, Fabio Nannini, Alessandro Cuomo and Andrea Sola along with a number of well known rugby union players, such as 23-cap Gert Peens, Daniel Stead, and Michael Cagnoni.

Following the camp, which was covered by television network Tele Ducato, Broadbent stated, ”I am very happy and surprised by the standard, the attitude and approach that the players have shown.”

“Many of these players haven’t had a lot of experience in the sport but they quickly absorbed everything I presented. The future of Italian rugby league looks to be very positive.”

“The next step will be to work with the same group in Padova on the 12th and 13th of March, where we will also add ones who weren’t available this weekend.”

Participant Luca Cenerini summed the feeling of the group. ”The camp was very interesting, above all for the growth of each player and detailed work on the technical skills needed,” he said.

“Paul Broadbent clearly delivered the basic aspects required for this sport, focusing on technical details in every movement.  He was very professional and prepared and we enjoyed starting to work with the national side in this manner.”

He added, “Looking to the future, it’s a very exciting time, with the technical help of someone of the calibre of Paul Broadbent and the objectives that FIRL has proposed. I believe that the work started will reap the rewards in the future.


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