USARL Media Release 2 – USARL Constitution Ratified, Clubs Set Out

RLUS Media Office, February 18, 2011

For Immediate Release:

January 11, 2011 (NEW YORK, NEW YORK) – Nine prominent Rugby League clubs announced the formation of a new national competition today, the USA Rugby League (, which will hold its inaugural season in the summer of 2011.

The USARL Board of Directors (BOD) is pleased to announce the ratification of the initial draft of the USA Rugby League Constitution that was adopted as the cornerstone for the unified future of Rugby League. The constitution draft addressed all current league issues, yet has been developed to allow modification and additions to be added by a BOD as the USARL and Rugby League expands and grows in the United States. The foundation of the constitution (that will soon be released publically) is to hold Rugby League as its focus, yet also be progressive and thus allow for the long terms future growth of the sport in an even changing and developing market.

The BOD has also implemented a “minimum standard of operations” that clubs must be able to meet in order to participate at the “Top Tier” level of competition. This standard includes commitment to travel as the Rugby League expands in geography, venue selection and facilities as well as basic club commitments such as websites and social media. The BOD agreed that the time has come to place “levels” of participation in order to accomplish the two most important goals of the USARL, to increase the standard of play and club operations, as well as ensuring an avenue is created to assist and develop new clubs and expansion regions. All members of the USARL embrace the basic concept of allowing all clubs to grow and prosper to their maximum potential, whilst ensuring a “no club excluded or left behind” attitude is embraced for developing teams and regions.

Due to the implementation of the new standards for Top Tier teams for the 2011 USARL Season, the decision was made to move the Pittsburgh and Fairfax teams to “developmental” clubs. Both teams had expressed the challenges they faced during 2010 that had led them to either forfeit of games or limited financial support to field their most competitive teams. Pittsburgh noted the travel and local venues as their biggest 2011 concerns, while the Fairfax Eagles also had the additional burden of competing on the same geographical market as the DC Slayers. Both Clubs with the support of the USARL have decided that their best option is to join the USARL as “Clubs under development” during 2011, giving themselves a year to find more suitable venues, financial revenue streams and sponsors along with developing their player rosters by attending a limited number of games and Rugby League events throughout the year. The USARL will continue to offer all their resources in sponsor proposals, player development, coaching assistance and progress in officials to ensure the clubs are ready for entry in the 2012 competition. In essence the both the Pittsburgh Sledgehammers and the newly named Alexandria Storm will focus on all development aspects as a full member club but reduce their costs with limited travel and limited needs on venue rentals. (Note: The Fairfax Eagles will move to Alexandria in the Northern Virginia area to ensure less conflict and competition with the DC Slayers. The more developed Fairfax players have agreed to join the DC Slayers team and thus strengthen that team. The DC Slayers should become a formidable force in the 2011 USARL season).

There are also three (3) additional clubs that have been formed and are able to commit to the minimum operating needs.

– The “Turnpike Titans” will operate from the Northern New Jersey area just outside of Manhattan (NY)

– Oneida FC club from Boston will operate under the watchful eye of the Boston 13s management team, yet as a separate club.

– The Rhode Island Rebellion (formerly NY Kodiaks) will operate from Providence Rhode Island.

This move allows for a better venue due to the limited access available in the Manhattan (NY) area. It also puts a forth club in the region along with the NH Warrior and both Boston clubs.

Having four clubs in the region has allowed for lowered travel costs and the ability for the two Boston teams to share some resources such as venues. These are two key factors in lowering overall operating costs, thus providing additional teams and playing numbers.

The official teams who will compete in the Inaugural USARL Championship as

USARL Full member teams: (commit to travel to any location and guarantee no forfeits)

  • Philadelphia Fight
  • Jacksonville Axemen
  • New Haven Warriors
  • Boston 13s
  • Oneida FC (Boston)
  • Rhode Island Rebellion (Providence RI)
  • DC Slayers
  • New Jersey Turnpike Titans (Rutgers)

The USARL has also been approached by, and will offer any available support for the following regions.

– Denver Wolverines (Colorado)

– Utah Avalanche (Utah)

– Seattle Force (Washington State)

– Orange County Outlaws (California)

– Dallas Rugby League (and other Texas areas)

These teams and regions are considered developmental areas that will be supported with as many resources as the USARL can provide. They will include support in sponsor proposal development, coaching and official development, league wide sponsorship deals, web-based and social media support as well as options to play a limited amount of games via tournament inclusion and potential regional representative side games. The USARL will support them with their efforts to develop both a regional competition that will be comprised of local area teams or the formation of a team from their area to compete in the USARL in future years.

The 2011 official USARL Schedule is due to be released by the end of February and it will start with the Inaugural Philadelphia 9’s on the May 28/29 weekend.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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37 Responses to “USARL Media Release 2 – USARL Constitution Ratified, Clubs Set Out”

  1. Shaun says:

    that clears up a lot. cheers druzik and the usarl

  2. Shaun says:

    How is moving to alexandria going to help the eagles? they are still the same distance away from the slayers. although, there should be plenty of support in the area whether they are in fairfax or alexandria.

  3. Robbo says:

    The USARL comes across as a hell of a lot more professional than the AMNRL. The silence from the AMNRL is deafening and really looks amateurish by not disclosing any press releases and also the website issues.

    Interesting to see that 5 other areas around the US have formed ties with the USARL.Could the RLIF change it’s stance of affilliation in the future should the USARL become the leading and more professional organisation in the US.

    • druzik says:

      Well I think the verdict is still out…. I don’t think we will really be able to make a full comparison till the season of both really kicks off. the AMNRL have their first “test” in March and see how they run that, if its better than the Atlantic cup which in my opinion was very professional.

      As I mentioned in a previous article the USARL website is not anything to write home about at the moment either, but at least one does exist. The AMNRL site is totally down, but the facebook site says that it is coming soon… like that has been said for the last 5 years :s

      • major says:

        why do you seem to hate the amnrl

      • druzik says:

        I don’t hate the AMNRL … I will question them and the USARL equally and promote and support them equally, as I am doing with the Italians. The Problem is the AMNRL is not giving me or anyone else anything to work with.

        Just because people question an organisation does not mean they “hate it” questions have to be asked all the time in order to move forward and improve.

        I will be in Philly in a few weeks for the Donnybrook Cup to support the AMNRL and the Tomahawks and the sport… if you want to see that in some way as hate then that is up to you… but I carry no grudges. At the same time, it means that David Niu and the AMNRL have to really step up their game. I will also go to AMNRL games when I can to support them. But David made several claims through twitter that the November tournament was amateur and badly planned … which I never saw and I was in camp with all the teams the whole week, so not sure where he got that impression. But that was his impression so now they have to step up and show they can do a heaps better job.

        Also if you get critisism you can’t have a hissy fit and just shun people for it. I have been critical of the USARL on some things already. i have contacted some of them as well and told them as much. I got replies straight away with either, yes you are right and we will fix it or an explanation why they did something they way they did.

        When this whole thing broke for 3 weeks I was trying to call David Niu, I emailed hims, tweetd him, texted him, to get some sort of comments or an explanation ro his side of the story. My offer from that first article stands, I will HAPPILY publish anything that David or the AMNRL will give me as a rebute. I have held off any public comment and will continue to do so till that happens.

        I have nothing against the AMNRL or David Niu and will continue to promte and support them how ever I can. But they have to help themselves too.

      • major says:

        ok bro , it just seemed like you mentioned them negatively a lot and write about when ever you can even in other articles . but I understand . I’m sure the AMNRL will come out with something soon. The teams are about to all meet again so I’m sure you will have the info and the site will be back up. What you forget or don’t mention which I see is that the USRLFL owners had all summer and maybe a year to plan their league in the back and take the contacts that the AMNRL put out and go and recruit teams and set up the league . While the AMNRL is just making their new schedule and making sure their teams are very very strong.
        I don’t think that anyone is going to push them to move too fast just to get a website up. They will do it right and all will be great. I had heard from inside sources that things are looking awesome and the schedule and site will be out again with in a week or so. Everyone has their lives to deal with and here in the America we just finished the Holiday season . The AMNRL season is still a whole union season away and then some… So dont worry bro I’m sure it will all come out soon. thanks for the reply appreciated since I do like to read about rugby and get point a views. I also had a feeling you liked the AMNRL it just that you haven’t given them the time so maybe you are seem like your repeating the lack of AMNRL info . Just give the guys sometime etc…thx

      • druzik says:

        Mmm which articles? I do round up ones and if there is onfo from a country to report I will report. Weather its negative or positive I can only go by what I read and send.

        I think I can see where you are coming from…. but realise this if the AMNRL does not want to give out news or talk to anyone outside of WAR then the Fans … not me… relaise there are many out there that are complaining about the way the AMNRL has got info out … will complain and be negative.

        There is no denying that Niu has done a great job with the AMNRL and establishing the sport in the USA. I have the utmost respect for him and how hard that is and I do hope that the AMNRL continue to grow and prosper … at the same time I also hope that the USARL also do well… and possibly these two groups can come back one day and really grow the game.

      • major says:

        PS as an outsider i dont know the situation but if DN was blindsided; which I’m sure he was being a trusting guy then he probably had no comment and cant talk to you . So as a news guy you can’t take that personal probably. I bet you just weren’t aware that you were coming of negatively and so i just wanted you to see that . Maybe mention that the AMNRL was blindsided at Christmas and that they probably want to be straight with all facts when they come out etc… thx Major

      • druzik says:

        I’m not taking it personally, not but DN has to realise at the same time is rants on twitter threatening legal action etc on people that try to report things and then basically ignoring avenues of getting info out will not help his or the AMNRL’s cause.

        If I come out negaitvely or what ever, is down to each individual person. My aim is to report on information that come s to me. The thing is if no info come to me then there is not much I can report on… and so its a feedback loop.

        I have said plenty of times in the past that David or someone from the AMNRL can send their side of the story in press release explaining their side… I will put it up no problems.

      • major says:

        For example , I keep seeing you say things are unprofessional. Today is my wifes BDay I wanted to throw you some facts but I dont have time to proof read etc… so sorry about my typing etc… but what do I care really I’m not the AMNRL spokesmen just a player but trying to help you see other side.
        My wife is flipping gotta run …

      • druzik says:

        Happy B’day to your wife and hope you have a great day. All the best.

  4. Corey says:

    Awesome news to be honest. It seems its moving ahead, and a second Boston team will help Rugby League in that area, especially under the watchful eye of Mikhael Shammas.

  5. tax_dodger says:

    awesome. good to see more states playing the game and further expansion into boston, that can only help raise awareness of the game there 🙂

    • druzik says:

      Well a tweet from the Jacksonville Axemen lastnight said

      CA, WA, UT, PA, FL, CT, MA, DC, VA, TX, CO, NJ and now NY and GA look like the list of states the USARL will help make Rugby League work in!

      • tax_dodger says:

        that’s awesome. have never heard georgia mentioned before, but that’s great as they would be close to jacksonville. hope the ny team is brooklyn or queens, seeing as the knights are in manhattan.

      • druzik says:

        Again, we’ll see what happens. Its easy to talk the talk … the USARL now has to walk the walk.

        We all have to hold out and see how things pan out with The USARL.

  6. juro says:

    The whole AMNRL silence issue is very frustrating for fans who want information. All we get are David Niu’s tweets every now and then which are just tearing down USARL rather than building up the AMNRL. He keeps talking about the truth vs lies, but what can we believe if he won’t give us any information!?!

  7. Interested Observer says:

    Robbo, from what I’ve heard not all of those 5 teams linked to the USARL have affiliated with them and that may be wishful thinking. The Outlaws FB page mentions they are going to be a stand alone development club in 2011 and hope to play against teams from both comps.
    I mentioned some time ago that much more needs to he known about the Star Group and how much if a strangle hold they have on the AMNRL but we haunt heard anything new.

  8. Interested Observer says:

    This forum needs an edit button so we can fix up our own posts, the phone buttons are way too small!

  9. Interested Observer says:

    How ironic, the Star Group website isn’t working and needs to be updated! Very apt.

  10. Interested Observer says:

    There has been much speculation in the US around Rugby League’s newest West Coast team, the OC Outlaws. The Outlaws Board has made a strategic decision to make 2011 an official developmental year, while remaining completely independent from both the American National Rugby League and the USA Rugby League.  The Outlaws will be monitoring the developments of Rugby League in the United States throughout the year, while maintaining constructive relationships with all parties as we develop a strong Rugby League franchise and community program. During 2011, The Outlaws will look to attend two tournaments, and will also host the 1st annual, “Clash on the Coast” 9′s tournament in September, which will be held at the Outlaw’s home field in Orange County, CA. Official tournament invites will be sent to all USARL and AMNRL teams, as well as several well known international teams. The “Clash on the Coast” will lead the OC Outlaws into 2012, which will serve as their official inaugural season! We hope all interested in the success of the Outlaws support this path and lend any positive support they can.  ~ OC Outlaws Management

    • druzik says:

      That is an interesting comment indeed. It will be interesting to see how they manage to pull it off by keeping contact with both groups. The Denver guys had the AMNRL pull any support for not being able to play this year. But I hope that either way they do get the support and see them next year.

      Thanks for finding that.

  11. Interested Observer says:

    Saw the above info on the OC twitter site, sorry if you have posted that elsewhere but couldn’t see it.

  12. deluded pom? says:

    Re major. How can druzik put out that the AMNRL were blindsided at Christmas when he has no facts to work with? It’s like conspiracy theories. The relevant agency keeps quiet about something important so people invariably make their own minds up and believe what they want to believe whether it’s true or not. I personally believe you are an AMNRL insider who’s trying to stir things up but then what do I know?

    • druzik says:

      Hold on, there was no blindsiding… I remember the twitter and forums, this was brewing from people for a while after the Atlantic Cup… I was actually out of contact when it all broke and so wasn’t till later that I was able to catch up with everything. I have contacted David many times since January, Calling, texting, email, twitter… I have not had anything from him except one small email saying, that its all interesting… Like I say, I am happy to put the AMNRL side of things no problem.

  13. Interested Observer says:

    Major, I doubt that the guys involved with the USARL were cunning or scheming in the way they did things. I think the guys involved with the new comp would have been very open and transparent about what they wanted to do. They made very clear requests of the AMNRL and gave very definate deadlines but did not receive the info they were after.There doesn’t seem to be anything underhanded about that.

    The longer the AMNRL remain silent about where they are at and what the Star Groups role is, the more people will suggest that something is rotten in Denmark. Sometimes silence is golden but on this occasion it is hurting the AMNRL and causing more tension then is needed.

    If there is to be 2 comps in the USA in 2011 I have no issue with that, just tell players and fans what is happening and set the record straight. The only reason we ever hear anything about the AMNRL via We Are Rugby is because of the links between Dave Niu, Vassy and Brian Lowe. They need to let everyone know what is going on before the USARL passes them by.

    Trust me, the rest of the RL world will be watching what happens with the USARL this year and they have a lot of contacts. They may very well be able to convince the higher powers that they are in fact the new governing body for rugby league in the USA and that the national team should be selected of players from their comp.

  14. Chris Sanders says:

    There’s still a game in America and what’s the problem especially with new teams coming into it all the time.
    Whether it’s the USARL or the AMNRL is immaterial.
    Worry only when there are no teams going around.

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