USARL Inaugural Season Schedule & Hurricanes Official Launch

By Daniel Andruczyk

Some more exciting news to come out of North America. The press release for the official Launch of the Jamaican Rugby League’s Hurricanes Team has been released and finally the full schedule for the inaugural USARL.

Hurricanes Rugby League – Official Launch

The 26th February has now become a part of history for rugby league in Jamaica, with the formal announcement and launch of the Hurricanes Rugby League at GC Forster College in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Hurricanes General Manager Roy Calvert delivered a briefing to the gathered audience, which included local rugby league administrators, clubs, players, supporters and national media representatives. Calvert explained the Hurricanes concept in which the franchise will aim to become the first international based side to compete in the semi professional rugby league competitions in the United States of America. The goal for inclusion into the USA competitions will be 2013, with work having already begun to have sound business and development plans in place to achieve the set objectives.

Official Launch - 2011

Dane Campbell, a former National Rugby League player for the Newcastle Knights in Australia has become the sole owner of the franchise and although based in Australia, he will spend considerable time in Jamaica each year to oversee the operations of the franchise. Calvert has been appointed General Manager and will control the day to day running of the Hurricanes, with further specialised staff to be appointed over the coming months.

A highlight of the launch was the extended coverage given to the Hurricanes concept by national broadcaster TVJ. Calvert, along with current Jamaican national team prop Romaen “Gully” Campbell and Hurricanes Academy player Fabion Turner were all questioned over the franchise and how it will positively impact all levels of the game throughout Jamaica. Footage of the interviews will be streamed across national sports news over the coming days, which will further the audience of the Hurricanes Rugby League.

Also commenting on the Hurricanes Rugby League was current Jamaican national team player Tyronie Rowe who will become one of the founding contracted players over the coming weeks: “Hurricanes Rugby League is a stepping stone for me as a person , it will enable me to become a better player but also open my knowledge of the game. The Hurricanes franchise shows me that there is a future for me in the sport. I can achieve more than I could ever think of and the sky is the limit. The best part of being a Hurricanes player is experience, once I achieve that it will never leave me and I wish to pass it onto the younger player so that they could become successful as well. Hurricanes Rugby League is a great thing to happen for the game in Jamaica and that’s a motivation that will drive and encourage other people in the sport of rugby league so we can see better talent coming up, and that way the sport will flourish in Jamaica.

Official Launch2 - 2011

The announcement of the Hurricanes Rugby League was conducted on a big weekend for the game in Jamaica, with the Jamaica Rugby League Association staging a schoolboys 9s tournament on Friday and a club 9s tournament on Saturday. The interaction on the day was fantastic with plenty of new players being exposed to rugby league.

The Hurricanes Rugby League will continue to press ahead now with production of a high quality website at and will announce membership, merchandise and sponsorship opportunities over the coming weeks.

USA Rugby League – 2011

Round 1, 4 June: Axemen v Warriors, Rebellion v Fight, Boston v Titans, Onelda v Slayers

Round 2, 11 June: Axemen v Boston, Warriors v Rebellion, Titans v Slayers, Fight v Onelda

Round 3, 18 June: Fight v Titans, Slayers v Rebellion, Boston v Warriors, Onelda v Axemen

Round 4, 25 June: Boston v Onelda, Slayers v Warriors, Rebellion v Titans, Fight v Axemen

Round 5, 9 July: Titans v Axemen, Warriors v Onelda, Rebellion v Boston, Slayers v Fight

Round 6, 16 July: Axemen v Rebellion, Titans v Slayers, Warriors v Fight, Boston v Onelda

Round 7, 23 July: Slayers v Axemen, Titans v Onelda, Rebellion v Warriors, Fight v Boston

Round 8, 30 July: Boston v Slayers, Onelda v Rebellion, Warriors v Titans, Axemen v Fight

Semi Finals, 13 August: 1 v 4, 2 v 3

Grand Final, 27 August: Winner SF 1 v Winner SF2


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