Italia Rugby Football League Officially Launches New Website!

From Joel Morgan at IRFL

The Italia Rugby Football League website has been under renewal the past several months until it recently became online to provide a more professional and streamlined approach for our Federation that falls under the targets we outlined previously – to FIX and ENERGISE Italia Rugby a XIII development! One thing that you may come across with our promotion will be ‘a first’ as this new era begins … This new website has a new format, new sections, full translation of the RLIF rules from English to Italian (a first) – all 17 Chapters, updates on history, original pioneers, news, blogs, events and much more as our promotion content plus initiatives progress!

The Italia RFL was founded in June 2010 as another Federation for Italia Rugby a XIII, while providing a protection, professional approach and right foundation for growth for the sport in Italy. Specifically coming from our original statement, “The new association has its ultimate goal for the growth of the movement of rugby a 13 in Italy, the protection of the teams that are part of rugby league and share the values that represent the sport.” Hence, the Italia RFL is planning and implementing steps in place, such as domestic events (Coppa Italia announced days ago), positive working relationships with our contacts and partners, press, media promotion and TV coverage to provide the committed sources of Growth, Development and Action required for an efficient Rugby League movement in Italy.

We are more than happy to accept any comment, improvement suggestions and ideas on our development and promotional aspects, please contact us at for any constructive feedback or message. If your business wants to advertise or become a partner on our website, please contact us also.

Our supporters and also general International Rugby League fans you could help our cause by promoting any news and development from the Italia RFL – particularly links from our website or any other Italia RFL press you find, it is very appreciated! It is important to note we are in identifying new development volunteers/members (some already providing help), businesses or organisation partners, or sponsors that have the passion and commitment for Rugby League to help our Italia RFL team – both in Italy and Internationally. (Anyone interested contact – ).

Our active Facebook ( and Twitter ( profiles can also be added. You can help by ‘sharing’ or ‘liking’ our press on Facebook (plus inviting your friends to join) and for Twitter, retweeting our ‘tweets’ using, RT @ItaliaRL

This website will be a hub for all Italians (fans of all Oval codes), people of Italian origin, Rugby League fans and new followers of the XIII. We have acknowledged this through the use of most articles that allow the user to choose ‘Italian’ or ‘English’ under the article.

It can be viewed through the following link: – bookmark it today! Check out our new content and we ensure as we progress, so will the content on our website.

We would also like kindly thank our Italia RFL members, supporters and rugby league fans – in support of growing the game here!

Yours in Rugby League, the Italia RFL

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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