IRLF Media Release – We Have an Italian Cup!

From Joel Morgan IRFL Media

In an historic day in the rebuilding of Rugby League in Italy, the Italia RFL are proud to announce the Coppa Italia (Rugby a XIII). This is only the beginning in delivering our message of growth and development to the game of the game in Italy.

8 teams for Italia RFL will suffice in the first edition… All the staff of the Italia RFL have spent the winter to build the return of Rugby League in the months that were not strictly summer. We managed to keep the promise not to obstruct any Union activity – from which, remember, we (Rugby League players and staff) all come from.

But in the end, 8 courageous teams have accepted our proposal through playing Rugby League in a National competition, our inaugural Italia Cup (Coppa Italia), opening just as the old FIAR XIII had at the dawn of the ‘1960s- with commitments to more full-bodied summer. Commencing at a time when the best Rugby League Championships in the world start- NRL in Australia / New Zealand and Super League in England and France – also in Italy we resume with the 13.

As always enjoyment is felt with our ambition to create interest, intrigue and become more professional.

The competition will be divided into 3 groups: Umbria, Lazio and Sicily. For each of the eliminations that will be played that will go out as the finalists for the date of 20 March, in Rome.

The teams involved will be:

  • UMBRIA Group – Etruschi Perugia and Grifoni Perugia, led by Andrew Tagliavento, player/trainer of Gladiators Roma that in July of last year had won the Italia RFL Championship against Magnifici Firenze.
  • LAZIO Group – Roma Rugby 2000 and Corsari Roma. Andrea Gabrielli and the Vice-President of Italia RFL coordinate expansion of 13 in Lazio.
  • SICILIA Group – Cus Catania, Briganti Librino, Fenice Belpasso and Catania Rugby 2009. In Sicily blowing on the sails of Rugby League, Massimo Nicotra and Marco Suaria coaches of Spartans Catania, third in the 2010 finals and promoters of a sort of thirteen verve in Sicily Rugby.
Source: – Italia Rugby Football League
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14 Responses to “IRLF Media Release – We Have an Italian Cup!”

  1. Joel says:

    As always, thanks for your ongoing promotion and support for International RL!

  2. porcorosso says:

    Thanks a lot Dan!!!
    From all the Italia RFL staff!!!
    Cheers PR

  3. dragons4eva says:

    Good on Italia RFL for it’s promotion of RL. Hopefully in a few years they’ll mix it with the best of the best.

    Just one question. Is this the work of one of the split groups of the Italian Rugby league or a joint venture? And have they made progress of getting both parties to come back together?

  4. jannerboyuk says:

    Although i understand why i do find it ironic that you made a promise not to obstruct union activity when they destroyed the last substantial attempt to develop league in italy.

    • druzik says:

      Who you referring to there?

    • porcorosso says:

      Hi Janner
      I understand what you say. Let me just consider these two points.

      1. Years have gone since those times. And in those times RL was a danger for RU. Now even we wouldn’t RL is compared to RU for most in the world.

      2. We can not ask RU players to jump from code to code in Italy. We need to grow RL players from junior to senior. First.

      3. There will be a time to 🙂

      Cheer PR

      • jannerboyuk says:

        Please understand me i was genuinely just noting the irony not suggesting any course of action except what our italian frends decide upon. I support them fully.
        One note i would add though is that in wales where i live there has been a great deal of co-operation with union and all thanks to them BUT an essential point of growth is for league that does not restrict itself to an union off season. We will next year have 6 sides (crusaders in superleague, scorpions in champ 1, valley cougars in the rlcn and three youth sides in the gillete national youth league) playing a full season. How will a league outfit’s in italy comprimising of all union people react to moving towards a full conflicting seasons?

      • druzik says:

        Ahhhh… I see your point.

        So basically you are worried that Union players will have to choose one or the other and so will choose Union??

        Juniors and building up from the grass roots is the solution to that I suppose.

        Wales finally has done really well in league and should be applauded for what they have achieved.

  5. Joel says:

    Rugby League didn’t just disappear due to RU being stronger in the 60’s. Came down to many reasons, in which some of the Italian members would know the exact details – i.e. factors affecting: poor economy (therefore poor sponsorship), RU had government backing, RU was in the media (RL was somewhat ‘hidden’, somewhat similar to French XIII after the Vichy raid)

    Also IRFL so far has Central and Southern entities, in the 50’s and 60’s RL was only played in the North. Therefore nothing was destroyed within the cities that these Cup teams occupy.

    A positive relation between both sports in warranted as the landscape there is much different to RL vs RU in Australasia. It benefits Rugby League in spreading the game

    • druzik says:

      League disappearing in Italy had nothing to do with union at all. It was the incompetence of the RLIF and unwillingness of the Aussies, Kiwis and Brits to travel there and help boost the sport that killed it. union was willing to travel and the teams basically switched where they could get a game.

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    Still the same mentality here because both the Auckland and New Zealand Rugby Leagues refuse to travel anywhere new to promote the game and if they do they use it as a politicial gimmick especially at Auckland RL with this NZ Police Rugby League Team[not even a afiliated member of the District League] which they heavily fund[using pockie machine money] for their International travel to here,there and everywhere.
    Talk about a mates game cas the ARL must have plenty of mates[Ex-cops]within D.I.A.

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