International 9s 2011 Draw – Cabramatta, Sydney, Australia

By Daniel Andruczyk

Its that time of year once more. The first of the years 9s tournaments is upon us. The International 9s. I know that many back in Australia have been “complaining” that there is no Rugby League on, that they can’t wait for the season etc… well lets see your true colours and head out to Cabramatta on Saturday the 5th of February and support the sport. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Got to meet several NRL stars as well who came out to watch the action. Its a great opportunity to mingle with some of the future stars of the sport as well. This year there are 18 teams involved, clubs as well as National teams. The Japanese are coming out again and also Tonga have sent a team over. Niue, The Cook Islands and Fiji are fielding teams as well as an Aboriginal side.

So here is the weekends groups and draw:


Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
Cabramatta 2 Cabramatta 1 Bankstown Windsor Aust. Indigenous Cook Is
Liverpool Macarthur Canley Vale Mounties Fiji Niue
Balmain Wentworthville The Entravnce Maitland Japan Tonga

Pool Matches

Time Game Field 1 Game Field 2
10:00 1 A1 v A2 2 B1 v B2
10:25 3 C1 v C2 4 D1 v D2
10:50 5 E1 v E2 6 F1 v F2
11:15 7 B3 v B1 8 A3 v A1
11:40 9 D3 v D1 10 C3 v C1
12:05 11 F3 v F1 12 E3 v E1
12:30 13 A2 v A3 14 B2 v B3
12:55 15 C2 v C3 16 D2 v D3
12:20 17 E2 v E3 18 F2 v F3

Quarter Finals (all teams ranked 1-18)

14:00 19 11 v 14 20 12 v 13
14:25 21 9 v 16 22 10 v 15
14:50 23 3 v 6 24 4 v 5
15:15 25 1 v 8 26 2 v 7

Semi Finals

15:45 PLATE 17 Rank v Rank 18

16:15 Troph 1 Winner 19 v Winner 22 Troph2 Winner 20 v Winner 21
16:40 Cup1 Winner 23 v Winner 26 Cup 2 Winner 24 v Winner 25

Exhibition Game

17:05 Exhibition match


17:45 TROPHY Winner Trophy l 1 v Winner Trophy 2
18:15 CUP Winner Cup 1 v Winner Cup 2

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21 Responses to “International 9s 2011 Draw – Cabramatta, Sydney, Australia”

  1. deluded pom? says:

    Cook Islands?

  2. Anthony says:

    Go the Entrance!!

  3. dragons4eva says:

    I hope the international teams go well. I’m gonna go for the Samurai!!!

    • druzik says:

      Well, Cook Is and Tonga and fiji did pretty well last year. Japan however are the real minnows in this tournie and tend to loose their games but win the hearts of everyone. They were very popular last year. The Aboriginal team is also quite strong and does well.

  4. Sharon says:


  5. Chris Sanders says:

    At least we know what you look like Ryan and if I knew what to do I would put my own picture on here as well and it good to put a picture to a face.
    I wish you luck in future endeavours.

  6. Can you please email me contact details of the person who organise the Cabratta 9s for 2012. I am from Auckland, NZ. Thank you.

    Flawless C. Lokeni

    Ph: 09 377 2187 | Mb: 021 138 9994 | Fx: 09 354 4619 | Em:

  7. Nou Asigau says:

    I dru, I want to register Gabagaba Geana Sharks from Papua New Guinea. Please advise if okay.

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