Hurricanes Hit Jamiaca

Hurricanes Jamaica Media Office, February 17th 2011

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official unveiling of the Hurricanes Rugby League in Jamaica.

Hurricanes Rugby League has been established as a professional rugby league franchise to provide opportunities to talented Jamaican and Caribbean rugby league players to further their skills in the game. The aim of the Hurricanes Rugby League is to compete in one of the semi professional rugby league competitions in the USA in a similar vein to other international rugby league franchises such as New Zealand Warriors in the NRL (Australia) and Catalan Dragons in Super League (UK & France) by the year 2013.

Former Newcastle Knights player Dane Campbell has become the owner of the franchise and although based in Australia, will oversee the running of business operations, whilst current Jamaican national team player Roy Calvert has been appointed as General Manager in Jamaica.
Commenting on the new franchise Campbell had this to say:

“I am extremely excited to be able to finally announce to the world the formation of the Hurricanes Rugby League. Having been involved with the Jamaica Rugby League Association since their inception in late 2004, I have seen the growth of the sport through communities, universities and now schools. I believe the Hurricanes franchise will provide the bridge between community competition and national team opportunities, of which players can aspire to represent the Hurricanes in the ever strengthening competitions in the USA.

“A lot of planning has gone into the franchise concept and on-going consultation with JRLA Chairman Ventley Brown and Regional Development Officer Romeo Monteith, to ensure that this model works for both parties. Although privately owned, we want to work in tandem with the aims and objectives of the JRLA to ensure that rugby league continues to move forward throughout Jamaica and the greater Caribbean region. By providing a vehicle for players to be able to become professionals within the sport, will only further enhance all levels of the game, as players skills and conditioning will improve which will cause a flow on affect from the school aged players right through to national team aspirants. We would like to think that as a result of being involved with the Hurricanes franchise, more domestically raised players will have the opportunity to compete and push their national team claims as a result of training and playing in a higher standard environment.

“We have deliberately not incorporated a location name into our official name, as we want to be seen to represent the whole of Jamaica and greater Caribbean region and not just one geographical location. We want players, staff, sponsors, members and supporters to feel connected with our brand as we strive for excellence both on and off the field. By setting realistic time frames, we intend to build the foundations of the franchise so that we will see long term benefits. 2013 is the goal towards which we are aiming to compete in the USA and although it will take significant financial and physical resources to achieve, we believe that the business plan we have created will allow organic growth which will not only see us realise our goal of competing, but see us setting professional standards that are the envy of other competing franchises.”

The Hurricanes Rugby League will not enter a side into the JRLA community competitions, but will actively start signing players to contracts over the course of the next few months and beyond in a view towards those players training in a fulltime environment whilst continuing their commitments with their individual clubs prior to representing the Hurricanes in 2013. Additionally, an Academy has already been formed that consists of 12 players aged 14-19 that compete in the JRLA organised schools competition.
Commenting on the Hurricanes concept is General Manager Roy Calvert:

“The Hurricanes Rugby League stands to benefit rugby league at all levels throughout Jamaica and I am confident that the plans we have in place will ensure long term success. Ultimately we are about creating opportunities for young people to aspire to lead healthy, active and responsible lives with rugby league as our vehicle. To see a young player go from school player, to Hurricanes professional to eventually representing Jamaica will be amazing and by providing the resources and support required I am confident this scenario will become commonplace.
“Personally, I feel extremely privileged to be given the opportunity to become the first General Manager of the Hurricanes franchise and I am very much looking forward to working with Dane, the JRLA, players, members and supporters as we embark on this journey.”

Head of Regional Development for Jamaica and the Caribbean region Romeo Monteith added:

“The Hurricanes will provide a unique opportunity to grow rugby league in Jamaica, I am elated to have this historic franchise take root and hope many more positive initiatives such as this will be implemented over the coming years.”

So with the dawn of a new rugby league franchise now starting to shine, an official launch will be held in Kingston, Jamaica on Saturday 26th February, with venue and time to be confirmed. A new website has been created at which will be “live” by launch date. Once the website is fully operational, supporters will have the opportunity to find out more detailed information on the Hurricanes concept, business structure, players, academy and much more, whilst also being able to access ways in which to show support – whether it be financial, resource or vocal. Various marketing initiatives will also be launched over the coming months, coupled with membership and merchandise opportunities.

To show your support or pre-register for membership, merchandise or sponsorship please contact and be sure to join the Facebook page at Hurricanes Rugby League Jamaica.

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7 Responses to “Hurricanes Hit Jamiaca”

  1. Cheyne Maher says:

    Love it, the Jamaicans are definitely a country where RL could take off – from my understanding there isn’t a really dominant football code there already???, like there is with the NFL in USA and RU in places like South Africa and of course soccer in the South America and Europe. Obviously cricket is pretty big there, but if they can qualify for the RLWC i could really see the sport taking off there and becoming a national sport. Maybe this is a bit ignorant (maybe they do have a dominant football code)??? but i am unaware of any type of footy being big there myself.

    • druzik says:

      I think you are right, there is no other dominant football code… I think Union is there in some capacity though.

      • Cheyne Maher says:

        I just checked the IRB website and it says in Jamaica there is 9 RU clubs and approx 2000 registered players (including pre – teen, teen and adults, male and female). What does the JRL have? About 6 or so clubs, plus the Hurricanes venture?? If they qualify for the RLWC i think RL could definitely reach and surpass the RU numbers.

        I think with the exciting nature of our game, combined with the exposure of competing in a WC will see the interest in RL explode throughout the Caribbean.

      • druzik says:

        6 in the top flight, another couple in the lower leagues and there are 4 University teams.

        They have a schools set up now as well and as you mention the Hurricanes.

  2. deluded pom? says:

    Wouldn’t football be the dominant code? Especially after Jamaica have qualified for a FIFA WC recently and several of those players had a high profile in England.

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    Soccer and Rugby Union have had a head start in Jamaica and just like Serbia,Jamaica have come a long way in such a short time on the smell of an oily rag.They’re a credit to RL.
    This is not Hull.F.C.who have been playing the game since the year dot.

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