FIRL Press Release–The Development of Rugby League in Italy: The Strategy of FIRL

Capo Ufficio Stampa, Davide Bolzoni

Following the work done in autumn of 2010, the FIRL following the directive of the RLEF, is pleased to announce their strategy for the next 3 years 2011-2013, which will have its conclusion after the Rugby League World Cup in 2013.

The development of Rugby league in these 3 years will follow a precise philosophy, which can be summed up in four words: recruitment, education, strengthening, and culture.
Recruitment: spread rugby league throughout Italy.

Education: increase the knowledge of Rugby 13 in all of its forms (Coaching courses, Refereeing courses, visibility etc.)

Strengthening: consolidate the affiliation of rugby league in Italy through the support of the FIRL

Culture: spread the culture of rugby league throughout Italy, and give a public domain to this beautiful sport.

The action of the FIRL will be carried out, on 3 defined fronts, the development of an Italian national championship, an increase in the competitiveness of Italian rugby league, the formation of a strong national side which will compete in all recognized international manifestations.

The FIRL wants to give all its members, the possibility to gain national honours, with the creation of the national side which can take the Italian flag to all parts of the world

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