FIRL Press Release: The Start of the 2011

Capo Ufficio Stampa, Davide Bolzoni

The FIRL is pleased to present the 2011 season, which will have as always the objective of developing Rugby League in Italy and to take the Italian national side to the most prestigious international competition, the world cup.

The FIRL season will have the following schedule:

  • 25-27 February 2011 National Camp with Paul Beans Broadbent, Piacenza
  • 10-13 March 2011 National Camp with Paul Beans Broadbent, Padova
  • End of May/Start of June National Camp and Friendly game in France (Lyon)
  • Italian Championship: Rugby League Serie A
  • Second week June 2011 First Round
  • Third week June 2011 Second Round
  • 25-26June 2011 National Camp and Friendly game in France (Lyon)
  • First week July 2011 Third Round
  • Saturday 9 July 2011 Grand Finals Rugby League Serie A
  • End of August 2011-01-07 National Camp World cup qualification preparation
  • Nord West vs. Nord East State of Origin
  • World Cup qualifications
  • October 15-16 Italy vs. Russia venue to be confirmed
  • October 22-23 Serbia vs. Italy in Belgrade
  • October 29-30 Lebanon vs. Italy in Belgrade
Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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18 Responses to “FIRL Press Release: The Start of the 2011”

  1. tax_dodger says:

    so is the domestic league only 3 rounds then + grand final? that seems far too short to be a season. does the rlef/rlif have a certain requirement of rounds played? similar to how domestic leagues need four teams?

  2. dragons4eva says:

    Wow..busy year for the Italians

  3. deluded pom? says:

    Why are Lebanon playing Italy in Belgrade?

  4. Cheyne Maher says:

    I’m not sure, but i think i read somewhere that Serbia may have been hosting all or at least most of the European WC Qualifiers, similarly to how the USA is set to host all of the Atlantic qualifiers, to save on travel costs etc. Europe is a different kettle of fish to the Atlantic group though in that the distances between nations is nowhere near as far.

    If i was to have my two cents worth i reckon in a four team round robin they should each host one game each over the first two rounds and then play a “double header” in one venue for the final round. Why? Two reasons.

    Firstly all countries supporters get to watch their team play at least once as part of the qualification process (important to bump up interest – especially for the country which eventually wins through to compete in the WC).

    Secondly if all teams are competing in the final round at the same venue there can be a”presentation” made to the winners no matter who they are (especially if the qualifiers double as a “cup” competition). If the final round is played in two seperate locations you have the dilema of where to have the trophies etc on standby if it is undecided who is actually going to win. With last years Euro Cup it didn’t matter, becaus e the results over the first two rounds meant it was either France or Wales so the presentation was always going to happen at that game. However if Scotland or Ireland had one a game in the first two rounds this could of provided a dilema for the organisers.

    This could even be what the organisers are thinking, especially as there is a “venue to be confirmed”for the first round game.

    It could be
    Round One: Italy v Russia in Italy and Lebanon v Serbia in Lebanon
    Round Two: Russia v Lebanon in Russia and Serbia v Italy in Serbia

    Round Three: Russia v Serbia and Italy v Lebanon as a double header in Serbia.

    All teams host one game giving their supporters the opportunity to share in the qualification process (while their country is still a mathematical chance too in the earlier rounds) and then all at one venue so there can be a genuine presentation at the conclusion of the second match to the winner, which would create a better atmosphere for celebration!

    Maybe this is what will happen ….and in my opinion what should happen!

  5. Joel says:

    dont worry all, IRFL is here. Coppa Italia plus Italia RFL Championship will be the easy to see proof in 2011… Confident of that.

  6. deluded pom? says:

    I thought the European WC Qualifiers were a home and away series over the next two years?

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    And why aren’t they playing these World Cup Qualifiers on a Home and Away basis?To cut costs?
    We saw what happened when they played a World Cup Qualifier in the traditional heartlands before didn’t we yet people bitched and moaned that the 2000 RL World Cup was a failure because there weren’t enough games scheduled in the traditional heartlands.
    The RL World Cup of 2000 made a 2 million pound profit money that was squandered back on SL because Summer Rugby has been a total and utter disaster since day one.
    The USA v Samoa game barely drew a crowd of 500 at Widnes despite the fact that we get Widnes,Widnes and Widnes morning,noon and night on
    Makes our game look stupid and the IRLF are a circus run by clowns.

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