Capo Ufficio Stampa, Davide Bolzoni, E mail:

The Italian Rugby League Federation is pleased to announce the birth of a new Rugby league club in the prestigious town of Milan, with the arrival of the XIII del Duomo (XIII of the Cathedral).

This new club has been created thanks to the efforts of Alessandro Cuomo, representative of the Italian Rugby league side, who wanted to bring rugby league to his city of Milan.

Cuomo, following the directive of the FIRL, has created a rugby league environment in the capital of Lombardy, involving a number of the rugby union clubs in the region.

The operations base will be Cernusco sul Naviglio, a small town within Milan, thanks to the help of Scalvini Fabio who has bonded to the FIRL project and granted the use of its structure to the XIII del Duomo.

Formally announcing the entrance of the XIII del Duomo into the world of rugby league: Cuomo stated:”we have worked in a serious and professional way in conjunction with the FIRL, to establish a rugby league reality in Milan. The FIRL has presented a medium to long term project to develop necessary skills and shape Rugby league in the area, which the Milan reality has embraced with a lot of enthusiasm”.

“The objective is that of providing a real and large entity in Milan, involving all realities of Rugby in the area. This is only the first step, the intention is to put down roots with the FIRL and Rugby XIII in Lombardy and create within a short time more rugby League sides, to concretely expand Rugby league in the region”.

The XIII del DUOMO has set the goal of giving as many players as possible the chance to gain honours with the Italian Rugby league national side”. FIRL has already selected a number of players from the XIII del DUOMO, for the national training camp which will shortly be held under the direction of Paul Broadbent.

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