FIRL Press Release: Broadbent Joins the Ranks

With the World Cup Qualifiers not that far away all team are starting their preparation. The Italians are no different and today have announced that Paul Broadbent has joined the Coaching Ranks. This comes under the RLIF and RFL’s World Cup Accelerator Program. The Following is their press release and a Q&A with Paul.

Capo Ufficio Stampa, Davide Bolzoni,

Great Briton Lion Joins FIRL to Develop the Technical Part of the Team

In agreement with the RLEF, the FIRL nominates PAUL BROADBENT Assistant technical Director to increase the technical development within FIRL and all affiliated clubs.

Paul “the bean” Broadbent, coach of the Wakefield Wildcats franchise first team will assist coach Carlo Napolitano in the technical management of the national side and the technical development of Rugby league in Italy.

Paul has joined with enthusiasm, the project presented by the FIRL for the development of Rugby league in Italy.

Paul Broadbent has been a Rugby League player of the highest level, playing from 1987 until 2002 in the English Rugby league professional championship (Super league), also collecting during his career 5 international caps with England and 8 with the British lions.

With the entrance of Paul Broadbent in the technical ranks, the FIRL will have a constant reference of the highest level, aiding with the technical development of Italian players and FIRL affiliated clubs
Accepting the position of trust, Paul Declared:

1. According with RLEF you have been nominated as FIRL assistant technical director and national team trainer for the Italian squad with Carlo Napolitano to assist the Italian rugby league development and to bring the National Team to the world cup qualification, how do you feel about this new role?

Paul Broadbent: I am very pleased to be involved in what i noted as been a very enthusiastic and passionate organisation. I can see that there is a need to develop the game understanding and the core skill sector of the Italian based players (FIRL). I feel that there will be a real opportunity to see them move forward as an international force. It seems that they (FIRL) are looking in the right areas with a conscious effort to develop domestic players to a good enough level to compete in elite rugby league.

2. You have already seen the Italy National Team playing against Wales, what do you think about the team and about the FIRL status of health?

P.B.: the game was a good advert for anyone looking to play the game in Italy. I can see your logic and agree that it is the right way to go in respect if using domestic based players against more the developing countries and picking the more experienced Australian players for the more challenging games. To bring the game on in Italy the domestic competition must be to a good level with as many teams as possible taking part in the game. Against wales the lines were good and play options challenged them around ruck and short side mainly after watching that display the future looks very positive.

3. What did impress you about the Italy game?

P.B.: The things about the wales game were the desire the spirit and the tough never say die attitude that they showed to get the win.

4. What would you like to take to FIRL?

P.B.: I would like to think i could bring development of core skill and help to educate on a game play and strategy understanding.

5. What do you think about the future of FIRL?

P.B.: At a risk of repeating myself i think the future for the FIRL looks very good i was pleasantly surprised by the standard i witnessed at the Wales game and looking at the video clips from the Serbian game.

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