2011 European Shield Details announced

RLEF Media Department

The RLEF has announced that the 2011 European Shield will be played in July between competition regulars Germany and last year’s Bowl opponents, Norway and Malta.

“Malta are really looking forward to stepping up to the European Shield this summer and if there wasn’t enough incentive already, a re-match against Norway and the opportunity to take on Germany on their own soil is a mouth watering prospect.” said Knights’ captain, prop Daniel Grima.

All three nations impressed last year and, with a reorganisation of the European international calendar looming in 2012, are keen to perform well to maximise their standing and rankings.

Germany coach Dan Stocks is looking to add to his nation’s Shield success in 2006. “The opportunity to play against two really progressive countries is exciting for us. I am looking forward to working with this year’s squad as there is now some genuine competition for places.”

Norway’s Erlend Granly Meldalen, skipper of the Aker Seagulls, confirmed that his side are happy with the underdog tag but that after their spirited display in Malta last June neither of their opponents will be taking them lightly. “The two weeks of matches will be an experience for us. No one expects us to win against Germany and Malta but I promise they won’t have it easy against us.”

His anticipation is echoed by veteran Grima. “Norway gave us a strong battle for an hour last time out. We now have an additional twelve months of experience and the Shield encounter will definitely create more spark and passion between the two teams. Malta and Germany have quite a history and I can see that this will be a great occasion and game of rugby league.”

From 2012 the Shield will become a four-team biennial championship, with Italy, Russia and Serbia already pencilled in but the fourth spot undecided. Teams will play six matches over two years, with the fourth-placed team in danger of dropping down to the Bowl.

The format will potentially include a 2017 world cup qualification element.


1st July – Malta v Norway, Hamrun

9th July – Norway v Germany, Oslo

23th July – Germany v Malta, Hochspeyer



Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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7 Responses to “2011 European Shield Details announced”

  1. Shaun says:

    Hey druzik,
    could you please reword how the bowl/shield and 2013 world cup qualifiers fit in? Bit hard to fully understand.
    Im guessing that the usual shield teams are not playing this year because of world cup qualification (except for germany)?
    and so when italy, serbia and russia come back in, only one of norway/germany/malta will join the 2012 shield, with the other two dropping back to bowl?
    Hopefully you can help us all out.

    • druzik says:

      OK so this year is a bit weird because of the qualifiers and there has been no real consistency over the years over the tier structure of the European competition. When all this started in 2007 the tier structure was, It now seems to stabilised out to a 3 tier structure.

      tier 1 – Euro Shield – Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic

      Tier 1 – Euro Med – Russia, Lebanon, Serbia
      Tier 2 – Euro Shield – Italy, Germany, Czech Republic
      Tier 3 – Euro Bowl – Latvia, Estonia

      Tier 1 – Euro Cup – Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Serbia, Lebanon, Italy
      Tier 2 – Euro Shield – Italy, Czech Republic, Germany
      Tier 3 – Euro Bowl – Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia
      Tier 4 – Euro Med – Morrocco, Belgium, Catalonia

      Tier 1 – Euro Cup – France, Wales, Scotland, Ireland
      Tier 2 – Euro Shield – Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic
      Tier 3 – Euro Bowl – Malta, Norway

      yet to be seen fully
      Tier 1 – Euro Cup –
      Tier 2 – Euro Shield – Germany, Norway, Malta
      Tier 3 – Euro Bowl

  2. Interested Observer says:

    Not sure why they have not given Sweden a crack at playing in one the events in 2011.

    Last year Scott Edwards from the Sparatcus RFC in Sweden did a great job putting together a national team to play several matches away and against touring sides. The RLEF should be supporting his efforts again in 2011.

    • druzik says:

      The bowl is still to be announces and I would not be surprised to see Sweden, Czech’s, Latvia, Ukraine, Catalonia and Estonia in there.

      I am not sure what is happening with a European Cup this year though.

  3. roml357 says:

    Will they promote the euro shield winner to replace wales in the euro cup?

    • druzik says:

      One would think, but that is not what has been happening in the past.

      Actually when Kevin Rudd was in charge that is what was happening, but with current RLEF administartion it seems to be a bit more random and teams go up and down almost at random.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    Kevin Rudd is in the past.

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