The American Road Trip and Southern Expansion

By Daniel Andruczyk

Happy New Year! I hope that all my readers have had a great and safe New Year Celebrations and didn’t over do it and all got home safely. Well, my Christmas and New Year break has been quite eventful. I did a road trip down to Florida from Illinois, one of a couple thousand miles. I have seen some pretty amazing things here, one that makes you realise the potential of this country in anything it does. The most outstanding thing I have seen is Cape Canaveral and NASA, that just re-enforces the awesome power of this country. However as always with me, with nealry all my trips there is no lack of Rugby League and I certainly did have a Rugby League experience here.

The Southern Chiefs

So as I was driving down to Fort Pierce for my break, one of the states I drove through was Tennessee. Luckily the interstate also went through Chattanooga, which happens to be where the Southern Chiefs are going to be based. The Chiefs are one of the new AMNRL expansion teams. There has been lots of talk about the western expansions but the southern expansion teams have been largely forgotten for some reason. So while driving through Chattanooga I caught up with Luke Collins who is setting the team up. Over a coffee I was able to get some info from him on his plans.

To start I was curious about his background in Rugby League. So Luke is a Penrith Panther Jr. and also played at Palm-Beach Currumbin SHS, playing his senior football in the Colts u19’s Mixwell cup now known as FOGS for the Tugun Seahawks and A Grade in the CRL NRRL for South Tweed Koalas. He also had a playing stint with the Connecticut Wildcats in 2005 where he was a grand finalist and again in 2010 for the Aston Bulls.

As I mentioned, there has been much focus on then expansion in the WEST with the AMNRL, but not much has been said about the southern expansion, mainly Tennessee and Carolina. I asked what Luke’s plans for the Tennessee club were? He said “ Initial plans are to establish the game of Rugby League at grassroots level. We will not be a successful outfit without the support and foundation of the local juniors. Plans are to incorporate the game into Middle and High schools across our region by 2012 and develop the game into the college landscape.” He goes on to say ”My vision for this club is to provide a Rugby League outlet for existing union players who are tired of the summer sevens series and also introduce a new sport to local athletic talent who have performed at high levels of competition in other respective sports. Community work will be our main focus in the admin department, we plan on giving back to the area in any way we can through Rugby League.”

A natural question was what would a Tennessee club would bring to an expanded AMNRL? “It would bridge the divide between Florida and the north eastern teams. Chattanooga is the gateway to the south and if Rugby League can cement a foothold here then it will only be a matter of time before it moves into the Carolinas and across to the Mississippi. For Rugby League to grow in the US more than 1 team needs to exist down here, there is an abundance of athletic talent down here.”

I had to ask the question, how much help has Luke had from the AMNRL and the other established teams? Has there been any interference from anyone trying to stop you? Luke was pretty adamant in his answer ”David Niu has been tremendous in his efforts and has been a motivating factor in this push for a team to be developed in the south.” He said further “We have not had any interference from any other team but we have not been in communication either. Not to many people know about us, which could be a good thing for now. We are happy to continue to fly under the radar as we pool our resources together and evaluate our strategic goals for this coming year and hit the ground running as soon as we are on it.”

Finally I asked What the goal for 2011 is and also for the next few years in terms of games, the club and where they want to be? I found Luke to be a straight shooter by now and this last answer was no different, “Our goal for 2011 is to host a draft style camp for athletes in our area who are interested in our game. From there we hope to organise a few trial games with existing members of the AMNRL and possibly field a team in the annual War at the Shore. In 2012 we would like to be competing in our inaugural season with a solid membership base and sponsorship.”

So there you have it, some more info on the AMNRL expansion, but this time from a less well known expansion area the south. Luke did also mention that the players he will be targeting are not just from the Chattanooga area but from Nashville, Atlanta Georgia and Birmingham Alabama. So exciting times ahead, and for me that makes a second team I can actually very easily visit for a weekend trip and game from where I am based.

Huge Potential

OK so this part is not about Rugby League. But one of the things I did down here was to go to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Seeing the what this country can do when it wants to is pretty awe inspiring. Driving past the Shuttle Assembly Hall and seeing the Launch pads from only a couple miles away was an amazing experience. There is also the Apollo Mission museum where they have one of the Saturn V rockets there. Wow what an awesome machine.


One of the LC 39 Launchers for the Shuttle.

But what got me thinking was how great the potential in the USA that Rugby League could have. It’s the can do attitude here of people, and once you get someone hooked on an idea, there is no limit to achieving the goal. I can’t wait to see where the AMNRL will go in the next few years.

Happy New Year

And now with the New Year literally a few hours away here, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year and I hope that all your dreams come true and that you all get home safe from what ever celebrations you have. Happy New Year Everyone!

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47 Responses to “The American Road Trip and Southern Expansion”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So league is growing from strength to strength in america ….

    • druzik says:

      everything else was completely irrelevant.

      • C.T.SANDERS says:

        Well i can’t help it if other sports venturing into America like cricket are only too willing to help their own.
        In rugby league there’s just no teamwork to get things done especially on a global basis because the game is only seen as just a club thing by many sports commentators.
        If there’s a genuine deire to work together things might be accomplished sooner than later.
        I believe that this will happen soon in america if people show a bit more patience in reguards to crowe.
        Can’t rely on the IRLF to get things done because they wouldn’thave a glue.

      • druzik says:

        I can agree on that Chris, the attitude in Rugby League is a poor one.

        I have not seen anything with cricket helping it out here in the USA, it seems to be a big 10 thing and that is it…. just like Union.

        Union, if all the reports I am hearing are correct, is on its knees in this country.

      • Interesting says:


        I’m going to post slightly off topic because I find your comments on RU in America to be interesting. I must admit I’m not a expert on RU in the united states but from my understanding of some of the websites I’ve been reading the sport has stayed strong.

        Also it’s had a major boost with deals such as

        These are the IRB stats for RU in the USA
        Number Of Clubs:
        Number Of Registered Players:
        Number of Referees:
        Pre-teen Male Players:
        Pre-teen Female Player:
        Teen Male Player:
        Teen Female Player:
        Senior Male Player:
        Senior Female Player:
        Total Male Player:
        Total Female Player:

        The sport is not a major sport in the USA it’s never going to be but its no where near dead.

        CT RL in NZ has had a major boost lately it’s figures rose from 15000 to 25000 last year but the world cup is likely to put a dent into those numbers.

        I just wanted to put some figures out there..


      • druzik says:

        Thanks for the figures what is the link or reference, but Union websites will always say their sport is strong and not in crisis, and rightly so as should league sites…. buuuut lol

        I have spoken with administrators and commentators as well as players… your figures may be correct does not mean the sport is healthy.

        But having said, when people say on its knees, does not mean the sport will disappear, it can be that some clubs start folding, or fields are shut down etc… but there always will be rugby union played.

        Even though League is my sport of choice, I have no issue with Unions existence, as long as they don’t interfere with leagues right to exist as well, which they have done for over 100 years in many, many other countries, the two don’t overlap.

        I think you will find in NZ, the Union numbers haven’t been dented either, there probably are many cross coders now as well which is fine, nothing wrong with that. Union in NZ I don’t think has any real problem being overtaken anytime soon. So I think your WC comment is moot. The league numbers will stay as they are even increase if the Kiwis retain the 4 Nations, but at the same time I don’t think you will get any reduction in Union numbers even when the all blacks choke again 😉

  2. dragons4eva says:

    Thanks for the post Druzik. Good to hear of more expansion happening in the states. Hopefully in a few more years the south and west make strong rugby league teams.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    You didn’t even wish me happy new year daniel

  4. deluded pom? says:

    Yes he did C.T.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well it’s my old mate deluded pom and i didn’t realise that you are elderly like me and didn’t you use to write in the rugby leaguer years ago[maybe in the 70’s]
    Of course daniel did wish me happy new year and i have now just seen it in a previous blog.

  6. shaun says:

    Thanks for the post Daniel.
    You are right that the southern chiefs have gone under the radar with the seattle and chicago teams getting more attention.
    Have you heard much regarding the apparent split between 6 of the AMNRL clubs and David Niu?
    P.s. I really wish CT Sanders would stop commenting on here. Its not that i dont enjoy hearing his rants about NZ league officials and his take on international expansion, its just that he talks so much shit …

  7. juro says:

    It would be wonderful for the AMNRL if they could get at least 4 teams in the south east, as well as other locations. That way they could set up regional divisions, cutting down the need for teams to travel vast differences until the finals.

    • druzik says:

      Well in the end it could be Tennesse Jacksonville and Carolina which have some teams. The division idea could work, it seems to be the way things are done in all sports here in the USA and everyone is happy with that…. could be a future model for the ESL and NRL as well.

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So what do you want in reguards to the game shaun.The game is just about dead here in nz and with the same people runing the irlf there’s not much hope either.
    Unlike you who writes under a nome de plume i put my name to the articles i write and about time you came to nz to find out for yourself that the game is not in good heart at all.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And the stuff that you said was irrelevant daniel had the name of a rl person here in auckland who has big contacts in america.
    About time you and david and spinner and ryan the man who knows it all to come down to nz for the anzac test in christchurch in may.I make sure doyle looks after you lot and rightly so.
    You say the queensland cup doesn’t spread the game but it’s the backbone of the game in the state of queensland,without a shadow of a doubt, the strongest rl area in the world.
    In the past the queensland residents toured south africa and the queensland acadamey[under 16’s]toued russia in 1998.
    So queensland does export the game and if wasn’t for the foresight of the brisbane broncos there would be no professional rl in london.
    And isn’t spinner howland originally from queensland?

    • druzik says:

      May – I will be working here Chris, I definitely wont be able to get the time off.

      So Queensland had some games… over 10 years ago??? Not recently hey… we are talking about the here and now. When OS teams come to play in Australia they never play against the QLDers. Hell even the French and Brit school boys a couple years ago played against WA and NT even… but no QLD teams.

      Lol… London has had many Rugby League clubs in the past, but the latest is a team that stretches back to 1980 when the Fulham Rugby League Club was set up. It then changed its name to the London Crusaders 1991. It was then in 1994 that the Brisbane team decided to buy the Broncos, this was part of the whole Super League maneuvering both in the UK and Australia. The name then changed to the Broncos. Then Ian Lenagan got a majority of the shares in 2005 and the team renamed and re-aligned with the Harlequins.

      I have no idea where spinner is… not sure what relevance that has.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So that means super league were on the right track and that the arl in 1996 wanted to be the big fish in the small pond.

    They didn’t want to give up their power and they were only thinking about their own little patch at the expense of globalisation and no wonder quayle and other good salt of the earth rl people walked away from the game in their droves and the ratbags remained,none of whom,were willing to put their own money up.

    They should of accepted murdoch’s deal and the game today would of been better off and look how the arl shat on their own in the shape of norths and souths.Talk about loyalty.

    Tell me daniel what sport ever had a club competition between northen and southern hemispheres in the history of world sport?None.Not even soccer the world game and therefore another first for rl.

    I get sick of tired of hearing of what australia doesn’t do for the game.

    What the *** does nz and the auckland rugby league do for the international game? Sweet fa.

    Spinner is the finished product of the queensland rugby league school the greatest rl nursey in the world. He’s a pionner spreading the gospel into new horizons and done a great job at jacksonville for the game with no help from the irlf. David nui has also done a great job as well.

    And it’s good that the brits and french send kids teams to the other states of australia and of course ya mate tas sends under 16 teams all over the world and the parents pay for all that as well.

    If any thing this site is now starting to wear down the incompetent administration especially here in auckland and a politicial coup is now on the cards i give you the tip daniel.

    A spit in the game here would now be ideal to get rid of the garbage for once and for all. I’m leading the coup against the auckland rugby league.

    • druzik says:

      In Hindsight… yes Super League was the better option I think. I admit I was a firm ARL person in those days, but time always paints a different picture.
      In some respects, we even lost a greater opportunity with the super league split in that we finally could have had two conferences where the game would have been truly national and we could have had the equivalent to a super bowl like in the NFL.

      But as you say there were egos involved and people in power not willing to give it up, in both camps may I say, its not all one way, like with anything. If people like Quayle walked away because they lost power what does that say about them though?

      As for the club comp… I think you are correct in that League with the WCC was the first to do it, but soccer now has a similar concept in the World Champions League. I know as I went and saw Sydney FC play a Costa Rican team in Toyota Japan in this tournament in 2006.

      Agree NZ does nothing for spreading the game.

      Spinner is a Qlder… and Niuy is a NSWshman… not sure what the point is…. see here is the problem, you already are labeling people on where they come from and their loyalties, and that is where Rugby league issues are. This is exactly what League does’t need. If you want to be an administrator in any sport, loyalties of clubs and states and federations need to be taken out.

      Not sure if this site is wearing anyone down, I don’t see how it does, none of my articles attack anyone, they just state facts or my opinions on things and give the International game an outlet to be heard. How much of an actual impact its making in policy change, is very minimal I would say. I am not sure how my site is doing any change in Auckland.

      And if you have been using the site purely for your own political gains which is really against the spirit of the site… then be sure to find you banned from the site and all your posts deleted… if you want to do that, go set up your own site, take your own advice and put your own name and views to your own site and take responsibility yourself and not on other people sites where they would be potentially liable.

    • juro says:

      Soccer has had international club competitions going back to at least 1976 with the 1976 Intercontinental Cup where the top European team played the top South American team. So what?

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Not in that format jurno which was on a weekly basis for sl and not part or parcel of any tournaments broken down first of all into regional groups to determine the overall winner to progress through to the next round[like the oceania winner]for an example, auckland city here in soccer as the oceania representative at the world club championsip recently, but i think the a league also sent a representative as well to the last world club football competition.
    In 1997, in soccer, the winners of the european cup usally played the winners of the south american cup to determined the overall world club champions in their sport,which was usually, a one off affair played on neutral ground.Go back and get it right jurno and has rugby union clubs ever had a competition between the 2 hemispheres?
    Unlike the arl superleague was well ahead of their time.

    • druzik says:

      Every country has their champions compete in the FIFA CWC that is the point, Australias champions are there every year either qualifying or in the finals.

      I think Chris you dont have much of an idea on the soccer comps and should quite while your a head right now.

  12. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I am the nz correspondent in reguards to this site and i tell the truth and there’s a lot unrest and turmoil in the game here.
    I get many phone calls and letters from many irate league people saying they are not happy in what has gone down and there needs to be a clean sweep of both the nzrl and arl to get things back on track.
    A book is coming out in rguards to pockie machine fraud in the sport of rugby league here in nz and a lot of people will be runing for cover and i think you should read it when it does come out.A lot of research is going in it now.

    Funny that i haven’t been sued since 1992 because how can crooks sue me?
    And on another note,the irlf are only giving you lot lip service in reguards to international expansion.That’s why we are going back to a tri-series in 2014.
    A backwards step in my book.

    • druzik says:

      No you are no correspondent…. I determine who that is on MY SITE! How dare you presume that… that is putting you on a very thin string.

      That is egotism and arrogance of the highest degree and now I think we all see your true colours. You are completely doing this for politics…. everything you say screams of politics. Don’t try to disguise it.

      Right now all you have it hearsay and only your word. I have been very patient with you… but its wearing thin as you have headed none of my warnings. This is my website and not to be hijacked by you or anyone, and certainly not to be made a tool for personal gain.

  13. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So real madrid,leeds,celtic,liverpool and rangers played south american teams every week in the 60’s.Must of had supernonic jets.
    Yeah right.Sl were playing australian sides on a weely basis in 1996and 97 and not one off games.OK.

  14. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So if my name isn’t christopher unkovich nutter thomas sanders who am i daniel and when have I ever used a nome de plume on this site?
    I stand up to be counted daniel and i wouldn’t never ever write something i could no back up.
    Whether you ban me is up to you because at the end of the day i am honest.

    • druzik says:

      No read what I wrote again… don’t twist things around, I for you to go and set up your own blog to drive your politics and agendas and not use mine, its not what I have set this up for… in essence you are hiding behind my site.

      And in the end its really your word against who ever else… since seems that what you say and what gets written else where is different.

  15. Cheyne Maher says:

    Good to see that there are RL people in all pockets of America establishing the code and it sounds like Luke has a solid plan.

    It is an interesting point that you make about the “can do” attitude of the Americans! I, like yourself and many others have often wondered why RL people tend to bag the game internationally (and domestically), compared to other sports such as Union etc. Maybe it is a bit of that tall poppie syndrome a lot of us Aussies are guilty of, combined with a negative inferiority complex some of us have, which has in part crippled leagues previous attempts to truly go national (considering that it is Australia that is the codes stronghold).

    This doesnt completely explain it though as AFL doesnt seem to suffer the same sort of criticism from their own media and fans.

    The AFL is lauded for expansion attempts, such as the recent junior AFL Oceanic Cup in Tonga where Folau and Hunt visited, even though their code is generations behind where league is on a global front.

    And have you ever noticed when an AFL person is alleged to have done something wrong, they all protect them and say the bloke deserves his privacy, where as they dont mind naming them in RL and both our own and other codes supporters are quick to judge RL players and label anyone who has anything to do with RL as mugs!) I am not saying that RL has it wrong in their name and shame stance (i actually think smart people appreciate the honesty and longterm this could help our sport gain an advantage over AFL). I just get frustrated at the hypocricy of AFL/Union/Soccer fans who think their own sport is full of choir boys and feel the need to defend the RL folk as some of the best human beings i have met have been through league. Sorry, a little off topic here, maybe i am just a little sensitive about it all…. haha!!

    But the point which i am supporting is the fact that Americans generally (and this is a huge generalisation – which i really hate doing) do tend to think more positively and proudly in succeeding in ventures (such as growing a minority sport into a viable one)! This could definitely have a positive influence on our code long term.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip Dan!

    • druzik says:

      Yes a bit off topic… but I agree in that league fans for some reason are very split. I do have a theory on this… actually you have given me an idea for my next article… which I hope may answer you question or drive debate.

      But yes the Yanks, are a very proud people, and you know I love it, its very addictive. You get up in the morning and you want to actually get on with your day. Recession, unemployment its all here yet everyone is positive on their outlook. If the right people are there then League can make a real splash. I cant see it over taking NFL at all, and I don’t really care that it would, but to get a good core following would be nice.

      Just back to your comment, I think in some way you answered your own question cryptically there… it all comes down to administration I think… a point to ponder, how is the AFL and ARU structured compared to Rugby League. That will answer a lot i think.

      The trip was great 3005 miles and 9 states! Doing it again next week, off to Pittsburgh!

      • Cheyne Maher says:

        Thats pretty cool to hear the positive influence of working in the USA is having on you Dan. Keep enjoying your travels mate!

  16. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Why will rl only be a minor sport in america cheyne maher?
    It will be a super power sport in my eyes because the irlf aren’t interested in it at all and don’t want to see the game develop there at all and the least they have to do with it the better.

    • druzik says:

      Stay on topic Chris, we are talking about the USA and not NZRL and Russia. Plus as any one can see, one year does not do so much damage to a sport… I still do not beleive NZRL did anything to the Russians…. you have come no where near of convincing me there.

      Back on topic…. NFL is too much part of the American Culture, Rugby league, as soccer, does not have that, and wont, it didnt grow with the country the football and baseball have. Union suffers from this as well. They all have reached their limits.

      Rugby league will have this same issue, but the question is, where will our limit be and when we get there do we have the right people to sustain it. Its not about having 100,000 at games in the USA, its about having a good core set of fans and sponsors and teams that can offer something different in the summer and for the fans that crave a gladiator sport.

      Yes the USA can do this and be popular, no doubts, it can surpas soccer and Union here. But no way will it surpass any other sport.

    • Cheyne Maher says:

      CT I think you misinterpretted my comment, so i thought i would clarify.

      I wasn’t saying it will only ever be a minority sport, but that is what it is in the USA currently and as Dan states in his next point it is never going to surpass the likes of NFL (certainly not in our lifetime), but it doesn’t have to. As i said hopefully it will become a sustainable sport.

      By this i mean have enough people playing and supporting it at a school/district/regional and national level to continue forever (look at the game in Australia – despite the fact it is not the no. 1 sport in our country and despite its administration problems it refuses to go away and in fact still grows in terms of playing numbers, supporter numbers and commercially – it will not die if the current administration all jumped ship, because there would be a million people who love the game put their hand up to run the game if needed. This is not yet the case in the USA from my understanding – RL in the USA is still very dependent on the tireless work of individual volunteers, who are extremely passionate RL people. If they were to jump ship the momentum they have created would subside and the casual RL people of the USA would probably simply revert to RU or more likely NFL).

      Eventually if RL can infiltrate just 1% of the sporting public in the USA (which is a significant number of people), then it will be sustainable and may possibly become a prominent player on RL’s world stage. I believe this will take a full generation. If the casual/new supporters and players of the game in the USA continue to be involved in it in some way, then their children will watch it and want to play it and grow up wanting to one day play in a World Cup against the Kangaroos and Kiwis. It will possibly attract some of the better athletes in schools, who if given a pathway, could progress to playing for their region/state/country and possibly end up playing in the NRL!

      I hope this clarifies what i meant:)

  17. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And daniel i could of told you that rugby union was struggling on it’s knees in america.A half wit would of known that and rugby 7’s won’t save it either even though it’s an olympic sport.Big deal.
    People told me that when rugby union got it’s first world cup 33 years after league got theirs it would spell the end of rl as a sport.
    How wrong they were!
    As the great late ray cody a former broadcaster and life member of the nzrl said that rugby league has to be the greatest game of all to survive the idiots that run it.
    Nothing has changed in that reguard.

    • druzik says:

      Oh could you now… yes easy to say that when someone else says it.

      You know Chris you have exactly what you complain about in League… a big Ego.

      Course 7s wont save union, but am not sure if that the point of it… but this is not about union, its about league.

  18. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Yes if i was writing under a nome de plume i will be hiding under your site and why did kamaldinov resign from russian rugby league in 2005 if it wasn’t for the mugs from the nzrl destablishing the game there.

    A lot of he crooks in rugby league here were also heavily involved in russian rl between 2002 to 2005 when kamaldinov was in power.One has since died.
    I am not the one with the ego problems.
    It’s the officials runing the game with the ego problems and not me.
    And apart from me daniel who else from nz writes on this site.

    • druzik says:

      Its the same thing… what you write and say is only putting me and the site at risk and not you… so even if you use your name you wont be the one in trouble.

      If there si something worth writing about the NZRL it will get written, by ME or who ever I deem sufficient to write about it… this is mt decision since its MY website and I take responsibility and no one else can lay any other claim.

      If you feel you are such an authority and want to get all this evidence out there… go and set up your own site… hell I will even link you if you want… but dont do it in a guise here.

      Again, you veer every single topic onto Russia and the NZRL… and 2005 at that… its a one sided and not very established view at that either. If it was as you say it would have come out a loooong time ago what happened.

      Stay on topic and don’t go on about Russia and NZRL, when those com up then you can say something about it. till then stay on topics.

      I have been more than patient with you, more than any other sites have… but its wearing very very thin. You have cost me readers, something I am not happy about.

      You have had 3 warnings now.

    • druzik says:

      … and you may want to re-check your definition of a nome de plume…

  19. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So who are these readers daniel?Name them?And did that character get sued for leaking confidental information over internet in europe recently?
    No one has ever been sued over internet before and produce the evidence?

  20. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And american football only goes for 3 to 4 months of the year.It’s the same game different rules.Again you have taken no notice of what i have said.Take rl on the road to the red indian resevations where they have money to burn and because our game is a tribal one,they will find common ground with the samoans,tongans,cooks,maoris and other ethnic groups from the pacific regions.
    Why cant obrama become the patron of the american rugby league after all helen clark is still patron of nzrl.
    No doubt people will rubbish all this but after all isn’t this rugby league.

  21. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And before i forget joro, the wcc in superleague was a week in and week out club competition between club sides from the northern and southern hemispheres respectively and not in tournament format like soccer has now in reguards to world club domination.
    So again rugby league was the first to do something before soccer and other sports because clubs like bocca juniors,river plate never ever played the likes of real madrid,utd,celtic on a week by week basis like when sl teams played each other during the sl era
    And I was following soccer before you were even born.

  22. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Ok cheyne maher.The game will never ever go ahead on the world stage until you have a total clean out of the nrl,arl,nswrl,qrl,rfl,nzrl and the auckland rugby league board of control.
    Cricket has already gone into america and have made hay while the sun was out and just two weeks ago brokered a huge deal which will increase the broadcasting rights of their game.
    Cricket in america will work from the tip of the pyramid down something that should of been done in russia a decade and a half ago.Again a lost opportunity because people from abroad didn’t know what the hell they were doing.
    If we had a dozen harry sunderland’s,a dozen george rainey’s,a dozen bud lisle’s,a dozen ces mountford’s,a dozen johnny quayle’s,a dozen dave oxley’s,a dozen tom michell’s people with practicial know how and experience the sky could of been the limit but our administrators today are extremely limited.
    It’s going to be a long game cheyne.

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