RLIS TV – Czech Republic vs. Italy 2008 – European Shield Game 2 Highlights

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week on Rugby League International Scores TV, highlights of game 2 from the 2008 European Shield tournament. Played in a very soggy and raining Saturday in July in a small village, Dubrejovice, just outside of Prague. Italy travelled to take on the Czechs havinh already gone one up in the tournament with a win against the Germans. The Czechs looking to stay alive in the tournament fought valiantly. But the Italians being able to draw upon some players from England had too much firepower up front and with tactics. They ended up winning convincingly 38-18 and winning the European Shield. So enjoy the Highlights Package.

Czech Republic v Italy highlights 2008
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2 Responses to “RLIS TV – Czech Republic vs. Italy 2008 – European Shield Game 2 Highlights”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    A lot of potential there daniel and when vinny weir and andrew chalmers come back into the game in 2012 we are sending an auckland development side to italy,germany,the czech republic,the ukraine and russia and maybe serbia.It’s long overdue and hopefully the vulcans will be gone by then because it has been a flop as well as an illegal vechile to lauder pockie machine money destined for auckland rugby league in the way of loans and donations to prop up a private liability company in the shape of the nz warriors.You will hear more about it soon.
    Auckland rugby league has got plenty of money and there’s going to be big changes in the game here in nz soon.The game will be based in wellington away from the auckland mafia who are controlling the whole game to suit themselves.
    The czech republic,italy and germany have some useful players but need exposure on the world stage.
    Can’t wait for france and italy to square off in the 4-nations and i reckon they will get over 20,000 for the game at toulouse.Italy will help france which will have a snowballing effect throughout europe the catalyst for something big in the long term.
    I hope this blog is not an eyesore.

    • druzik says:


      Once again an irrelevant post. I will now be putting a ban on your posts. Sorry but you have been given countless opportunities about staying on topic not enciting and playing fair on this website.

      I now have had just about everyone complain about you and your comments you have been trying to hijack the site for your own personal purposes. I suggest you go and set up your own website if you want to go and post your allegations that way it only affects you and not me. I am not prepared to play to your whims anymore. You have done enough to upset me and everyone else that comes on here. My statistics that can affect any sponsorship has been greatly affected since you cam I now need to rectify this.

      Thus this decision stands.

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