Italy and Jamaican Press Releases

From Tiziano Franchini and Romeo Monteith

Jamaica Rugby League Association has a new Chairman.

Romeo Monteith, JRLA Development Officer

The JRLA is pleased to announce that Mr. Ventley Brown has been elected to chair the growing association for the next two years. At a special meeting held on January 17, the board of directors unanimously elected Mr. Brown to the chair. Mr. Travis Graham was elected to the position of vice president. Ms. Camille Robinson and Mr. Roy Calvert will sit as secretary and treasurer respectively.

Mr. Brown will have the support of 11 directors who were nominated to the board. The JRLA will benefit from the extensive sports management background of Mr. Brown who is the Athletic Director at GC Foster College.

Commenting on his new position, Mr. Brown believes the potential for Rugby League in Jamaica is unlimited:

“We have an opportunity to build further support for the game, ensuring that it is played and expanded further into our Primary schools, High schools and at the Tertiary level. We will also continue to focus on the community clubs and teams. The main objective is to ensure that we have a facility we can call home, and set up a structured programme for coaches and match officials with the G.C.Foster College and the Rugby League European Federation. We are aiming to qualify for the World Cup in 2013 in October of this year, as this will bring tremendous joy to the Jamaican people.

The JRLA was established in 2004 and Mr. Brown is the 4th Chairman. His predecessor is Mr. Keith Jackson. Jamaica will compete against the United States and South Africa for a direct spot to the 2013 Rugby league World Cup in the United Kingdom, when the three countries meet in qualifiers scheduled for October 2011.



Capo Ufficio Stampa, Davide Bolzoni


The Italian Rugby League Federation, was born in 2008, as a natural evolution from’ ITALIA RUGBY LEAGUE founded in Australia, in 1995, and subsequently registered in Italia in 2002. After the first 3 years of activity carried out with commitment, dedication and success, The Italian Rugby League Federation has been promoted by the European Rugby League Federation as affiliated member, “”.

The aim of the FIRL is to develop Rugby League also known as Rugby 13 in Italy, focusing its attention at both national and international levels.

As far as local development, starting from zero, the FIRL has created over the years various clubs, obtaining in 2010 the registration of 6 clubs in the Italian championship.

At an international level, in these 3 years, the Italian national side has competed in 12 matches, winning 7 of these friendly and official European Federation matches.

Of particular importance were the consecutive victories in the European shield (2008 and 2009), the participation in the 2009 European Cup and the historic victory of the Italian national side against over Gareth Thomas’s Wales, on the 6th October 2010.

All of these successes have prompted the European Rugby League Federation to promote FIRL as an affiliated member.

This status change is very important for the Italian Rugby League Federation, in that it firstly rewards the efforts carried out by the FIRL over these years and subsequently officially introduces the FIRL into the Rugby League that really counts.

The FIRL is extremely proud of the recognition it has received from the RLEF, and thanks everybody who has made this essential result possible.

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