American National Rugby League Sets the Stage for a Landmark 2011

AMNRL Press Release

International matches, 14th AMNRL season and Rugby League World Cup qualifier highlight an action-packed year

Philadelphia, PA (January 13, 2011) – The American National Rugby League (AMNRL), the premiere rugby league in the U.S., looks to build on a great 2010 by bringing rugby league to new heights in 2011. The year kicks-off with an international match between the USA Tomahawks and the Ireland Wolfhounds on March 19th followed by the 14th AMNRL season beginning in May. 2011 will culminate with a home-and-home series between the USA and Canada in September, with the Rugby League World Cup Qualifying Tournament scheduled for October featuring Jamaica, South Africa and USA.

“With all that is scheduled for this year, 2011 is shaping up to be a landmark year for the AMNRL and rugby league in the U.S.,” said David Niu, President & Founder of the AMNRL. “The international matches along with the AMNRL season will feature some of the game’s elite players and will give fans here in the U.S. some great rugby league action.”

The international match between the USA Tomahawks and Ireland Wolfhounds will take place in Philadelphia on Saturday, March 19th in what will be the 7th St. Patrick’s Day Cup hosted on U.S. soil. The Tomahawks – the U.S. National team – consist of the best players in the AMNRL and will be a tremendous preview of the action fans will see in the league’s upcoming season. Marking its 14th season, the AMNRL kicks off in May featuring perennial powerhouses the Aston Bulls, Connecticut Wildcats and New York Knights who between them have combined to win eleven of the previous thirteen national titles. This season teams will compete for a chance to play for the championship in the AMNRL Grand Final on August 20th and will conclude with the AMNRL All-Star match on August 27th.


“The New York Knights and our players are excited to get the new season underway,” said Matty Astill, Co-Founder of the New York Knights. “We are proud to be a part of the AMNRL and this year we’ll be celebrating our 10th season in the league. 2011 promises to be the strongest season yet for the Knights and the AMNRL.”

Following the AMNRL season, the international action will once again take center stage with a home-and-home series between the USA and Canada in September. Plans are currently being finalized to host the Rugby League World Cup qualifying tournament (Atlantic Region Bracket) in Philadelphia, featuring Jamaica, South Africa and the USA. The Tomahawks are looking to make history by earning their first birth in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

“In addition to the great AMNRL season and international matches, we’re also working to finalize plans for rugby league tournaments across the country including California, Seattle, Texas, Denver, Chicago as well as some junior league international matches in Hawaii,” said Niu. “Rugby league fans across the country certainly have a lot to look forward to in 2011 and I think when it is all over, we’ll look back on it as a landmark year.”

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About The American National Rugby League

The American National Rugby League (AMNRL) is the governing body for the development of the sport of Rugby League in the United States, as sanctioned by the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF). In existence since 1998, the AMNRL is the major Rugby League competition in the United States.

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44 Responses to “American National Rugby League Sets the Stage for a Landmark 2011”

  1. RL Fan says:

    Interesting that this is all they have to say considering the AMNRL is only a ghost of what it was a week ago.

  2. deluded pom? says:

    How can Mat Astill claim ” 2011 promises to be the strongest season yet for the Knights and the AMNRL” when last season’s two Grand Finalists are no longer in the AMNRL and the league will only consist of four or five teams?
    “For additional information, please visit” Click on it and you get a site that’s not even running. Typical AMNRL, no wonder they jumped ship.

  3. leagueworld says:

    ‘The AMNRL is the premiere Rugby League competition’ – clearly debatable considering that both of Last years grandfinalists have defected.

    Arguing that you have the best over the history of the competition is like South Sydney arguing they ARE the best because they won sometime in the past.

  4. juro says:

    This seems to answer the question about eligibility for USARL players…

    “The Tomahawks – the U.S. National team – consist of the best players in the AMNRL”

  5. Corey T says:

    I would say that the organisation to get a good grassroots program will win. But there are now 4 teams in New York, 2 in each comp, thats a bit ridiculous. Also, get the game into the universities. It’s ridiculous that Union is in there but not League. League is probably easier for the American Footballers to transition to.

    • druzik says:

      Its actually not that simple…

      From what I understand a sport to be in the Universities needs to have a female equivalent. However Football and womens soccer are partnered up used to have them in the college systems.

      The thing is Ice Hockey is not in the Universities and has a large following… so why can’t League be successful outside Universities.

      America is not Europe or Australia… what works the may not necessarily work in America.

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Not only universities but armed forces and red indian resevations.

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Because they’re indigenous people similiar to maoris,tongans and samoans and because rl is tribal i thought it’s worth a punt.
    For instance i am 1/64th red indian because one of mine ancestors from prussia married an red indian cherokee princess in new england in the 1600’s when they immigrated to america 400 years ago.That’s on my father side.
    Also on my mothers side of things my cousins were involved in the formation of rugby league in the former yugoslavia in the 1950’s in the spiltz area and told me that the poms didn’t want to know but that was a long time ago.

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Rugby league in australia is all about what has happened over the last 100 years and if they[souths]have won more premierships over that period of time than anyone else,then they must go down in history as the most successful club of all time.
    It’s not only just what has happened over the last few years.
    Daniel says that tours didn’t spread the game and history i’m afraid has proved him right as well.
    Rugby league has been a disaster since day one because the professional clubs plus inept administration has held the game back.
    Simple and America is the last hope for something big to come out of all this.
    As far as i’m concerned the problems in america are small.
    A storm in a teacup.

    • druzik says:

      Stay on Topic…. this is not about Australian Rugby League

      America is a hope, but I would not say the last great hop, the expansion of many other countries in Europe and in The Pacific is as big a hope, more potential people and a greater market to hit than just America alone.

      The efforts of Niu and the clubs will continue and hopefully the sport will grow, at the moment its a very very small sport and really needs to do a lot to get anywhere.

  9. deluded pom? says:

    The man is delusional now dru. You and I both know it. 🙂

  10. Ryan says:

    Umm, Deluded Pom doesn’t live in a fantastical world where he believes the Rugby League community revolves around him and his ideas. He doesn’t post utter rubbish that is firstly completely irrelevant and secondly based on imaginary facts and finally, he doesn’t annoy people on this site with his posts, unlike you.

    The rest of your post is completely irrelevant, highlighting the fact that you can’t comprehend anything he, or anyone else on this site posts. Everyone here is getting sick of you and I’m surprised you haven’t been banned yet because the only thing you contribute is large posts which are eye-sores and irrelevant.

    Either you’re only a juvenile or your extremely old because that’s the only way I can comprehend the un-believable stupidity of your posts.

  11. Corey T says:

    But Druzik, you must agree 4 teams in New York is a bit over the top, although Sydneysiders would disagree. The West Coast is untouched, the USARL should have expanded there instead of grounds that were already taken. The USARL wanted more teams, they should have gone to places like Nashville or Carolina or even go far west to Las Vegas or California.

    Las Vegas may not be the best place to put a team due to the population being made up of nomads, but in saying that, imagine tourists going through there and seeing the game. I know, I’m up in Neverland, but dreams are sometimes more real than we think.

    • druzik says:

      Well to start I think the WAMNRL is aligned with the AMNRL so the USARL can’t expand there.

      The whole point of the break from what I can tell is to, for the time being consolidate what they have. I do not know what plans they have for the future, I am not sure they know at the moment!

      It will be interesting to see what happens if any of the expansion clubs decide to go over to the USARL.

    • jannerboyuk says:

      Why is 4 teams in a city of 8 million and state of 19 million over the top? Greater competition, greater effort, greater coverage and will force some teams to really root themselves in their specific community.

      • Corey T says:


      • druzik says:

        Mmmm I think at the moment crowds are a moot point as aside from Jacksonvill most team struggle to get over 100 people.

        I don’t think that is an issue at the moment.

      • druzik says:

        Just been looking there is only 3 teams in the NY area, one of them The Raiders are out of the city, Only the Knights and the new Kodiak team seem to be in NY city itself from what I can tell.

  12. Ryan says:

    Haha again, read my post. Like I said, your replies are generally irrelevant. You haven’t addressed anything I said, or anything Deluded Pom has said yet you think you’re an expert on things? Obviously you can’t understand the written English language.

    The PNG situation is well documented, again this highlights you’re lack of understanding in regards to the international game. Basically there has been some sort of clash amongst administrators which resulted in Adrian Lam, an experienced assistant coach at NRL level, being replaced by Stanley Gene (who had no prior coaching experience) and the majority of overseas based Kumuls being replaced by less experienced local players. Many argue that this was the cause of PNG’s poor showing in the Four Nations.

    Your not an expert on either New Zealand or Russia stop dreaming. You’re an expert on …, that’s all. Well actually you do that pretty poorly.

    I’ve played for many, many years in the MODERN era, in Australia. In fact, I still play.

    My name is Ryan, what do you want me to post my last name? I don’t see the point. I don’t understand your pointless and consistent argument about “nom de plumes”, they prove nothing. If anything they prove that you can’t actually put together a proper argument so you fall back on it as your comeback. Secondly I’m not posting here for administrators to see, no one is, we post here because we want to discuss the international game but sadly you de-rail every post with your pointless crap.

    You don’t talk to experienced Rugby League administrators, everyone on here can see that.

    I see, your 55, explains your in-competence on a computer and in arguing. I’m 18 years old for your information. Unlike your generation my generation are competent with computers and especially arguing (we’ve been doing it 90% of our lives). Please, if you have children or grandchildren can you get them to come on this site and look at your posts. Then ask them to give you their honest opinion on what you are writing. If they’re honest then I’m afraid that your in for a massive reality check.

  13. Ryan says:

    I have posted a reply about PNG with links to relevant articles but Dan has to approve it first, I assume because it has links to other websites.

    I don’t know how many people play the game in any of these nations and I don’t know why you’re bringing it up. It’s IRRELEVANT to this article and any of my posts.

  14. International League says:

    CT Sanders is ruining this great website for me. Please stop him bringing up NZ in every single post. CT Sanders please at least read the article heading so you can post things that relate to it. Much appreciated.

    • deluded pom? says:

      Don’t forget he also likes to drag Russia into any thread he can IL. Unless you can get an ignore option on here dru then I won’t be coming on here anywhere as near as I currently do due to C…T. Sanders.

  15. Q8T Kev says:

    Wow looks like I missed something yesterday? Is CT gone?

  16. Interested Observer says:

    Ryan,wow,talk about off topic. You rave on about this person and that person posting nonsense but I don’t see anything of value by you relating to this USA thread. Take a chill pill fella.

    Druzic, keep the information coming bro.

    • druzik says:

      OK, lets all play nice.

      No probs will do my best. 🙂

    • Ryan says:

      That’s merely because me and Deluded Pom couldn’t post something here without copping a heap of crap from CT.

      Back on topic: I know it’s been discussed on forums and such already but it may be possible that if Niu refuses to select USARL players for the Tomahawks that the USARL players may abandon that competition to play in the AMNRL so they’re in with a chance for national selection.

      • druzik says:

        Well I know the Philadelphia head has come out and said that they will not stop any players from playing for the Tomahawks and they will freely allow them to play in any competition they want.

  17. major says:

    amnrl will be better off with-out some players … some good players will switch back to amnrl teams . my take…

  18. International League says:

    I dont think that the usarl will stop their players playing for the tomahawks, more that the AMNRL will stop them playing.

  19. Reballdr says:

    Players will be selected from both leagues

  20. Interested Observer says:

    I hear there is a meeting at the end of the month that will allow the USARL to work out a few more plans for 2011 and will give those teams involved a better idea of what’s ahead for them.

    Hopefully after this meeting, players and fans will have a better idea as well of what’s going on.

    It would be great to hear from the AMNRL on plans for 2011 including plans for the expansion teams, although I imagine some of these teams may be unsure of their future given the current situation.

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