Rugby League World Cup 2013

By Daniel Andruczyk

So finally the 2013 World Cup has been officially launched. The four groups featuring the 14 teams have been decided also, with two groups of 4 and two groups of three. For teams in the two 3 teams groups an interesting set up to give them an even number of games has been proposed. Also there are no super groups.

An Opportunity Missed?

However, I don’t know about any of you, but did anyone else miss this? There was no pomp and fanfare on this launch, no one knew who or how the teams were drawn and then it was a very low key affair Launching it. Is this another opportunity missed?

As has been the case for a long time now Rugby league, I feel once again has missed the chance to celebrate and promote the sport in pomp and fanfare. the IOC, FIFA and the IRB when they do the decisions for their respective events always have large function, to have fans come and be part of the ceremony. They are televised so everyone sees how the groups get divvied out. There was no such thing with the Rugby League World Cup, no way to show and promote ourselves amongst all the other sports.

Anyway what is done is done now. It will be interesting to see which towns will get games. We know that Wales is co-hosting with England. There will be 24 games in the group stages and 7 finals games. The potential is there for a great tournaments as long as it’s planned properly. The fact that its been launched so early is a good thing, It is giving the RFL time to make the right decisions and plan a good tournament.

The Groups

OK so here are the groups of the 2013 World Cup:

Group A
Group B
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Group C
European Qualifier
Group D
Cook Islands
Atlantic Qualifier

So Australia and England resume their old Rivalry. The teams will play each other once in the group and the teams in groups C and D will play games against opposing teams to make up the extra game. I am slightly surprised that Papua New Guinea and Fiji are in the groups of death as I call them. They should have been in Groups C and D, but then again if the draw was done at random as I hope it was then its the luck of the draw, but it would have been nice to have seen that draw on TV or listened to it on the Radio.

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