Rugby League International Scores 2010 World Rankings

By Daniel Andruczyk

With the International Season Officially over for the year its time to get the world ranking out again. Once again The RLIF does not seem to have any official rankings out so Rugby league International Scores has got its ranking out again as a guide. Last years ranking stirred a lot of controversy and debate as many of the “Top Teams” were listed very low. This year some teams have gone up and down but certainly a few surprises in there again.

The Full list of how the points are calculated can be found on the Rugby League International Scores website, and there is a detailed explanation and example of how it all works. The RLIS world rankings aim to not only show the losses and successes of individual nations, but also reward the teams that actually get out there and promote and spread the game of Rugby League around the world. I can guarantee it will most probably not agree with and indeed stir controversy with most people out there since they will see things through only the biased, black and white, eyes of a full national game, rather than seeing all the other hard work that goes into running the game. Here I try to paint a more colourful picture with the rankings of the over-all state of the sport world-wide.

So here we go the Rankings are as follows (rank, team, points, comparison to last year):

  1. Australia, 267,  +0
  2. England, 252,  +0
  3. France, 168,  +3
  4. Wales, 153,  -1
  5. New Zealand, 138,  +5
  6. Scotland, 117,  +2
  7. Lebanon, 108,  +4
  8. USA, 90,  +13
  9. Russia, 90,  +28
  10. Samoa, 57,  +9
  11. Serbia, 54,  +6
  12. Ireland, 54,  -5
  13. Ukraine, 51,  +2
  14. Papua New Guinea, 45,  -5
  15. South Africa, 45,  -1
  16. Italy, 42,  -4
  17. Jamaica, 42,  +15
  18. Fiji, 30,  -14
  19. Czech Republic, 30,  +4
  20. Norway, 27,  +7
  21. Catalonia (Spain), 27,  +7
  22. Germany, 26,  -6
  23. Malta, 26,  -3
  24. Canada, 18,  New
  25. Tonga, 9,  -12
  26. Cook Islands, 9,  -21
  27. Latvia, 7,  +3
  28. Sweden, 6,  +6
  29. Palestine, 5,  New
  30. Saudi Arabia, 5,  +11
  31. Pakistan, 3,  +9
  32. Qatar, 3,  New
  33. Japan, 2,  -2
  34. Portugal, 0,  +2
  35. Greece, 0,  -9
  36. United Arab Emirates, 0,  -11
  37. Estonia, 0,  -2
  38. Denmark, 0,  -9
  39. Morocco, 0,  -17
  40. Netherlands, 0,  -2
  41. Indonesia (Bali), 0,  New
  42. Singapore, 0,  New
  43. Solomon Islands, 0,  New
  44. China, 0,  New
  45. Belgium, 0,  -21

I have Great Britain, 192,  and NZ Maoris, 6, as special teams I am unsure how to include them into the system.

So  which nations are the movers and shakers from last year? Lets look at the top 20. Australia and England have stayed the same with them still being the top 2 respectively. New Zealand have moved up into 5th spot from 10th last year. the 4 nations win certainly has helped there. France also moved up 3 spots into 3rd in the world. This would have been on the back of a decent European Cup but also lots of tours and games in the lower grades. USA Russia and Samoa have been huge movers. Its shows just how good tournaments are giving lots of regular games for nations. The USA moved up from 21st last year into the top 10! Russia also from a disastrous year last year in terms of matches have shown that they are still a power at the lower tiers in Europe and have also jumped 28 places into 9th. Samoa who had a really bad campaign last year in the Pacific Cup jumped 9 places also into the top 10 from 19th last year.

The second 10 nations, the positive stand outs are Serbia, just sitting outside the top 10, winning the Euro Shield West helped there. Ukraine have moved up two spots but Jamaica roar into the top 20 with a jump in 15 spots. The Czechs also have come up into the 20 despite a very bad year results wise but they have many games this year to boost them. Norway also come into the 20. The negatives are a bit of a surprise. Papua New Guinea and Ireland being the main ones. Losing their matches this year has not helped, but Ireland has had many lower grade matches this year as well.

Other Notables are Germany, Canada and Tonga. The Germans have dropped out of the top twenty to 22nd spot, Canada of course have come back in on the back of the Colonial Cup and Atlantic cup. Tonga with only 1 match dropped dramatically twelve spots from 13th to 25th spot.

So there you go, last article was a round up of the years International Rugby League and here, now are the rankings.

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