Rugby League International Scores 2010 World Rankings

By Daniel Andruczyk

With the International Season Officially over for the year its time to get the world ranking out again. Once again The RLIF does not seem to have any official rankings out so Rugby league International Scores has got its ranking out again as a guide. Last years ranking stirred a lot of controversy and debate as many of the “Top Teams” were listed very low. This year some teams have gone up and down but certainly a few surprises in there again.

The Full list of how the points are calculated can be found on the Rugby League International Scores website, and there is a detailed explanation and example of how it all works. The RLIS world rankings aim to not only show the losses and successes of individual nations, but also reward the teams that actually get out there and promote and spread the game of Rugby League around the world. I can guarantee it will most probably not agree with and indeed stir controversy with most people out there since they will see things through only the biased, black and white, eyes of a full national game, rather than seeing all the other hard work that goes into running the game. Here I try to paint a more colourful picture with the rankings of the over-all state of the sport world-wide.

So here we go the Rankings are as follows (rank, team, points, comparison to last year):

  1. Australia, 267,  +0
  2. England, 252,  +0
  3. France, 168,  +3
  4. Wales, 153,  -1
  5. New Zealand, 138,  +5
  6. Scotland, 117,  +2
  7. Lebanon, 108,  +4
  8. USA, 90,  +13
  9. Russia, 90,  +28
  10. Samoa, 57,  +9
  11. Serbia, 54,  +6
  12. Ireland, 54,  -5
  13. Ukraine, 51,  +2
  14. Papua New Guinea, 45,  -5
  15. South Africa, 45,  -1
  16. Italy, 42,  -4
  17. Jamaica, 42,  +15
  18. Fiji, 30,  -14
  19. Czech Republic, 30,  +4
  20. Norway, 27,  +7
  21. Catalonia (Spain), 27,  +7
  22. Germany, 26,  -6
  23. Malta, 26,  -3
  24. Canada, 18,  New
  25. Tonga, 9,  -12
  26. Cook Islands, 9,  -21
  27. Latvia, 7,  +3
  28. Sweden, 6,  +6
  29. Palestine, 5,  New
  30. Saudi Arabia, 5,  +11
  31. Pakistan, 3,  +9
  32. Qatar, 3,  New
  33. Japan, 2,  -2
  34. Portugal, 0,  +2
  35. Greece, 0,  -9
  36. United Arab Emirates, 0,  -11
  37. Estonia, 0,  -2
  38. Denmark, 0,  -9
  39. Morocco, 0,  -17
  40. Netherlands, 0,  -2
  41. Indonesia (Bali), 0,  New
  42. Singapore, 0,  New
  43. Solomon Islands, 0,  New
  44. China, 0,  New
  45. Belgium, 0,  -21

I have Great Britain, 192,  and NZ Maoris, 6, as special teams I am unsure how to include them into the system.

So  which nations are the movers and shakers from last year? Lets look at the top 20. Australia and England have stayed the same with them still being the top 2 respectively. New Zealand have moved up into 5th spot from 10th last year. the 4 nations win certainly has helped there. France also moved up 3 spots into 3rd in the world. This would have been on the back of a decent European Cup but also lots of tours and games in the lower grades. USA Russia and Samoa have been huge movers. Its shows just how good tournaments are giving lots of regular games for nations. The USA moved up from 21st last year into the top 10! Russia also from a disastrous year last year in terms of matches have shown that they are still a power at the lower tiers in Europe and have also jumped 28 places into 9th. Samoa who had a really bad campaign last year in the Pacific Cup jumped 9 places also into the top 10 from 19th last year.

The second 10 nations, the positive stand outs are Serbia, just sitting outside the top 10, winning the Euro Shield West helped there. Ukraine have moved up two spots but Jamaica roar into the top 20 with a jump in 15 spots. The Czechs also have come up into the 20 despite a very bad year results wise but they have many games this year to boost them. Norway also come into the 20. The negatives are a bit of a surprise. Papua New Guinea and Ireland being the main ones. Losing their matches this year has not helped, but Ireland has had many lower grade matches this year as well.

Other Notables are Germany, Canada and Tonga. The Germans have dropped out of the top twenty to 22nd spot, Canada of course have come back in on the back of the Colonial Cup and Atlantic cup. Tonga with only 1 match dropped dramatically twelve spots from 13th to 25th spot.

So there you go, last article was a round up of the years International Rugby League and here, now are the rankings.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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26 Responses to “Rugby League International Scores 2010 World Rankings”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    Cheers for the Rankings Druzik. I think your system is fair as it not only rewards teams performances on the field but also off it. Plus is shows nations to be “proactive” and get their junior grades playing…can’t wait to see who’s number 1 next year 😛

    • druzik says:

      Sure, no problems at least there is something out there… still no word from the RLIF on any official ones.

      • M. STORM TROOPER says:

        Dude!.. ? How can you have New Zealand ranked number 5 when they are clearly the best rugby league side IN THE WORLD!! Considering they have beaten Australia 3 of the last 4 finals that they have played against eachother, ie. The last World Cup & more recently the Four Nations final, not to mention, they absolutely wiped the floor with the English side in the same comp.. TWICE.. AND!! They currently boast the best player in in the world of rugby league right now, Benji Marshall, who pretty much won the game for the Kiwis in the Four Nations & the World Cup!!
        Even Billy Slater who plays Fullback for Australia & the best club in the world,my club, THE MELBOURNE STORM, came out & said that Australia are no longer on the the number 1 team.
        So i think you better rethink your ranking table because it’s more than a little off buddy, Cheers.
        Ohh! & also,Papua New Guinea & the Cook Islands Should at least be in the top 10 considering they are the best 2 teams in the Pacific Region as it was these 2 teams who played eachother for the final spot in the 2010 Four Nations Comp. France got kicked out of the Four Nations because they were just plain shit.. Sorry France but its true!

      • druzik says:

        Because my rankings take into account not only results but also what the country does in terms of development of the sport outside the country, i.e. if they send teams over seas or have development tournaments etc… New Zealand does none of this, hence their ranking is down. Plus the rankings were only for 2010 (i had people tell me to do that) and not for say the last 2 or three…. but its something I can look at doing if you want.

        Also the 4 Nation… France were not dropped because they were crap, its because Australia, New Zealand and England have a hold on the positions and the 4th spot oscillates between Europe and Pacific. Even if France won last year they would have still been dropped.

  2. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Where’s the proof that rugby league is played in china as well as singapore?
    And the maoris seem to be included in the mix.
    The maoris wiill be in the 2017 rl world cup and deal with it.

    • druzik says:

      I know the guy setting it up… I have them in there though you will see that no games are played.

      indonesia (Bali), Singapore played some U16 games this year. Have seen a couple of articles on it. Also there was a call from the Bali guys for a 9s tournaments earlier this year. Again I have them down but you will notice that I have no games down for them.

  3. roml357 says:

    Hey C.T, how do you figure the maoris will be in the 2017 world cup? By that reckoning you better get the oz aboriginals in there too.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    No problems with that as well and the aborigines should of been at the 2000 rl world cup and where was the 2004 event.Couldn’t remember seeing that.Can you recall seeing that roml357?If the aborigines went in 2000 mundine would never of been lost to the game.
    But in rl there’s a rule for one and a different rule for the other.
    For instance for the european under 18 rl championship in belgrade in 2007 we had the european celts.Who are they?
    And for the 2008 women’s rl world cup there was a pacific islands team there and at the university world cup there was a greek side made up of people from australia and no representation from greece.
    Talk about a clayton’s side yet if tatarstan had of turned up all hell would of broken loose.

    • druzik says:

      Seriously, the NZ Maori and Aboriginal teams should not exist in any other form but as a promotional tour. They were in the 200 WC because we didn’t have teams to make up the numbers, it was a stupid thing to do… as would to have them in 2017… the sport has grown enough that we don’t need those kinds of silly teams. Pick a full Kiwi squad based on the Maoris or a Kangaroo squad on aborigines af they are the best players you have… but a separate team stupid… talk about making the sport into a joke.

      OIn 2004 Chris you really must have been under a boulder the size of Mt Cook to not know what there was no 2004 event! It was siad on many many occasion that 2004 was not going to be held so that the sport could make up monetary losses from the 2000 world cup through the 4 nations events and also to build up the profile of the game in other nations so a more genuine competition could be done. It was a compromise deal the Kiwis and Aussies didn’t want the event to start with it was the poms that wanted it and would have had 2004 but compromised to postpone it to 2008 and let the Aussies run it since it was seen the best way to make a profit… but it too convincing of the antipodeans by the poms to do this.

      The Euro Celts is a team that brings in players from other nations that could not field full squads but still wanted their players to play. Its effectively like a barbarians team and has been round for a number of years. I have se the Full Celts squad play Germany in an international. They are mainly used as promotional tool and also for one off games like testimonials… or when the numbers need to be made up they cam do that.

      The Womens WC just doesn’t have the teams the mens game does… I agree putting in a “Pacific Team” not the best idea but it was done.

      Greece did have some greek players play for them, but it was a very ex pat team I agree… then again many of them were…. Tartastan is not a country… seriously chris I will put a ban on that word… the fact you cannot understand the idea of a nation is a bit worrying.

  5. hutch says:

    ah, ct, the maori and an aboriginal team will never take part in a world cup itself ever again, and nor should they. the world cup is for the best “countries” in rugby league, not for racial groups. why do australia or new zealand deserve 2 teams each? if it were to ever happen again it would turn our entire sport and world cup into an absolute farce. it simply would not work!

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I see we got the big rugby league expert online now daniel.His name is hutch and he knows rugby league from a to z.Welcome online great man and merry xmas and a happy new year bro.

  7. Jai says:

    How on earth can NZ be 5th must be a perfect system if they are that low…I like the rest tho!

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And who’s the person setting up rl in china and is there a person in India or sri lanka?Give us the bully daniel because i told you that alex kolikov formerly of russian rugby league had set up the game in baku the capital of azerbijian near the capsian sea where i was told that there were now 8 clubs.
    I have meet kolikov several times in the past.

    • druzik says:

      Chris Tomlinson is in China… he is the sole person working on it, so its a slow process. No one I know of in India or Sri Lanka… why would there be. You just seem to be liking to pull an old country out.

      There is sweet FA news from Azerbaijan… nothing out there from what I know… so what if you have met him.

      BTW stop being patronising and stay on topic.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I can’t make heads and tails out of it either jai.I must be thick.

    • druzik says:

      Go have a look at the breakdown of the actual website its all explained there very clearly. No one else seems to have had any issues following and have had some good constructive critisism on it on the forums which I am looking to change for next year.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    India and sri lanka would be ideal for rugby league but the trouble daniel is that the irlf aren’t interested in spreading the game at all because the whole game is all about nrl and sl clubs.Clubs,clubs and clubs until we get it morning,noon and night.
    How much help is the irlf doing in reguards to america yet crowe gets it in the neck for not doing enough.He can’t win at all.
    People in kazan said that alex kolikov was runing rl in baku azerbijian.
    People in russia also told me that kelabanov from locomotive and both michael garbushkov and igor petrushinin from kazan were seen at a recent rugby union international in moscow between russia and argentina b and that there’s now talk that energy in kazan and dynamo from moscow[2 former rl clubs]will formed together as a second professional rugby union franchise for kazan.I beleive it when i see it because former rrl boss akhmet kamaldinov wants to back a professional rugby union team providing someone else comes in and pays 50%of the operational costs.Kamaldinov is from kazan.
    Everything that kamaldinov touches in reguards to both rugby league and rugby union usually turns to shit and i will make a bold prediction now that within 2 years that both locomotive and strela and energy will be also be back in the rl fold.
    Russia won’t win a game at the rugby world cup.

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And you are right daniel.NZ has done sweet FA in reguards to spreading the game to new horizons and in the past they only went to places like england,russia,usa,new caladonia,france and aussie using it as a politicial gimmick to promote themselves.
    Both the nzrl and the auckland aren’t interested in promoting the international game because the officials are only using the game to suit themselves.

    • druzik says:

      That list above would still be good. Have a residents team play in England and France and also agaisnt the russians would be good for them… but I can agree with you that they have no interest at the moment.

      BTW is By The Way.

  12. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It was a combined sevices side that went to russia in 2004 all paid for by the nzrl, money which they did not have and the bennet’s used it as a politicial gimmick as they always did.The money would of been better spent here.
    They went to only moscow but not to kazan where they would of got more value out of the trip.
    They went all that way but never,ever played any russian side in a proper game of rugby league.They only played a russian cadet side in a game of tag,then played barla and the last game was against a french dunce team which was of no value.They lost all 3 matches.A waste of time.
    The nzrl in 2004 had more money than brains and where’s the follow up?
    To this day no nz side has ever played a russian side in a game of rugby league on russian soil.
    Talk about a circus run by clowns.The rugby union were again laughing their heads off at our expense
    In 2002 the services went to gb,in 2003 australia,in 2004 moscow and 2005 australia again 2005 and there has been no return on the investment by the nzrl.

  13. C.T.SANDERS says:

    They putting rugby league in pakistan,india has the population and money,they got plenty of size about them,rugby union is present in both india and sri lanka,the junior all blacks toured ceylon in 1957 and we need to get in asia sooner than later.

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