Lebanon Washed Right Out

By Daniel Andruczyk

Winter is upon us, if the American Midwest conditions are anything to go by (we have got to –19 C a few days ago) then Europe is also experiencing tough times. The snow and rain has had effect on many games in Europe and last weekend was no exception with Lebanon being effected. But France played on and some good results there with a few exciting matches.


So last weekend round 4 was meant to be played, but we know its the European winter when grounds and games need to be called off because of adverse weather. We have seen snow and icy conditions already postpone and cancel games in France, England and Serbia but now it seems the Middle East is not immune either.

In Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, well the whole country actually, massive storms have wreaked havoc killing one woman and causing extensive damage. Fishing boats were lying in tatters as 100 km/h winds and 5 meter waves battered the coast

On Saturday morning, LRLF Technical Director Remond Safi, announced that the Bank of Beirut Championship was to be postponed and the games rescheduled to mid April.

From Rugby League International Scores and everyone else I hope that everyone are safe and that things can recover quickly in Lebanon. You can read more on the storms here.


In France, round 10 was played in the Elite 1 with the St Gaudens / Toulouse merger gaining their second win of the season to come off the bottom. This relegates the new kids Montpellier to the bottom of the ladder. So results for the weekend, Lezignan won the Derby beating Carcassonne 28-16, Avignion and Limoux went to a thriller with the Grizzlies losing out 37-32. Pia beat Carpentras 48-12 and the battle of the bottom saw St Gaudens/Toulouse edge out Montpellier 28-24. Villeneuve and UTC has an absolute thriller with the game going to the wire. Villeneuve by one point winning 31-30. the table stands as:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Lezignan 9 8 0 1 0 199 25
2 Pia 10 7 0 3 0 150 24
3 Limoux 10 7 0 3 0 93 24
4 Avignion 10 6 0 4 0 6 22
5 Villeneuve 9 6 0 3 0 -10 21
6 Carpentras 10 4 1 5 0 -40 19
7 Carcassonne 10 4 0 6 0 40 18
8 UTC 10 3 1 6 0 -33 17
9 St Gaudens / Toulouse 10 2 0 8 0 -221 14
10 Montpellier 10 1 0 9 0 -184 12


Yes its getting close to that time of year again. With no sight of any rankings from the RLIF to quote as such, I will go and do my own rankings. Last years certainly stirred a lot of debate, and healthy one at that, some criticized them, and understandably, others agreed with the method to the madness. Either way we shall see what new controversies are thrown up this year.

We Are Rugby

Watch out in the coming week (s) for articles I am writing for the We Are Rugby crew. These will cover some already familiar topics I have discussed on here, just spreading to a new Audience, but in the new year I will hopefully be catching up with some of the new WAMNRL people to see where things are at there. Exciting times for sure!

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