Lebanon Washed Right Out

By Daniel Andruczyk

Winter is upon us, if the American Midwest conditions are anything to go by (we have got to –19 C a few days ago) then Europe is also experiencing tough times. The snow and rain has had effect on many games in Europe and last weekend was no exception with Lebanon being effected. But France played on and some good results there with a few exciting matches.


So last weekend round 4 was meant to be played, but we know its the European winter when grounds and games need to be called off because of adverse weather. We have seen snow and icy conditions already postpone and cancel games in France, England and Serbia but now it seems the Middle East is not immune either.

In Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, well the whole country actually, massive storms have wreaked havoc killing one woman and causing extensive damage. Fishing boats were lying in tatters as 100 km/h winds and 5 meter waves battered the coast

On Saturday morning, LRLF Technical Director Remond Safi, announced that the Bank of Beirut Championship was to be postponed and the games rescheduled to mid April.

From Rugby League International Scores and everyone else I hope that everyone are safe and that things can recover quickly in Lebanon. You can read more on the storms here.


In France, round 10 was played in the Elite 1 with the St Gaudens / Toulouse merger gaining their second win of the season to come off the bottom. This relegates the new kids Montpellier to the bottom of the ladder. So results for the weekend, Lezignan won the Derby beating Carcassonne 28-16, Avignion and Limoux went to a thriller with the Grizzlies losing out 37-32. Pia beat Carpentras 48-12 and the battle of the bottom saw St Gaudens/Toulouse edge out Montpellier 28-24. Villeneuve and UTC has an absolute thriller with the game going to the wire. Villeneuve by one point winning 31-30. the table stands as:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Lezignan 9 8 0 1 0 199 25
2 Pia 10 7 0 3 0 150 24
3 Limoux 10 7 0 3 0 93 24
4 Avignion 10 6 0 4 0 6 22
5 Villeneuve 9 6 0 3 0 -10 21
6 Carpentras 10 4 1 5 0 -40 19
7 Carcassonne 10 4 0 6 0 40 18
8 UTC 10 3 1 6 0 -33 17
9 St Gaudens / Toulouse 10 2 0 8 0 -221 14
10 Montpellier 10 1 0 9 0 -184 12


Yes its getting close to that time of year again. With no sight of any rankings from the RLIF to quote as such, I will go and do my own rankings. Last years certainly stirred a lot of debate, and healthy one at that, some criticized them, and understandably, others agreed with the method to the madness. Either way we shall see what new controversies are thrown up this year.

We Are Rugby

Watch out in the coming week (s) for articles I am writing for the We Are Rugby crew. These will cover some already familiar topics I have discussed on here, just spreading to a new Audience, but in the new year I will hopefully be catching up with some of the new WAMNRL people to see where things are at there. Exciting times for sure!

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14 Responses to “Lebanon Washed Right Out”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Is there any rugby union played in lebanon daniel?

  2. dragons4eva says:

    Thanks for the round up Druzik. Always good to hear scores from around the world.

    As for your World Cup rankings it’d be very interesting to see what you come up with and im sure it’d bring up much debate (hopefully constructive debate).

    The WAMNRL project sounds very interesting. Good to see the progress of Rugby League moving into western america. Can’t wait to hear more news from there.

    All the best bro

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    There’s no rugby union in lebanon daniel but there’s in israel.
    As far i am concerned,lebanon are the only nation in the middle east playing the game and should automatically go through to the next rl world cup without going through the qualifying process.
    Lebanon isn’t part of eastern europe.Hence,serbia,italy,russia and the ukraine are part and parcel of that european group and if it’s good enough for scotland samoa,wales,tonga and the cooks to go to the 2013 world cup without qualification games it’s also good enough for lebanon.
    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.One rule for one and a different set of rules for the others and are scotland and ireland full board members of the irlf??

    • druzik says:

      So what… what is the point of the no Union in Lebanon remark? That does not concern me. And so what if there is Union in Israel?

      No country aside from the host and the previous champions should have a direct entry into a world Cup. Every Nations should be involved in qualifiers.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I see that wales and enland are co-hosting the tournament.
    So i gather france will be playing all their games at whitehaven the centre of rugby league and if peole don’t go to the games early they will be killed in the rush?Yeah right!
    The 2000 rl world cup failed miserably because there were just too many games played in the traditional heartlands that failed to draw any crowds and of course russia took the blame for being poor and out of their depth.Look at the cricket scores in rugby union if people want to have a go at something but the trouble is rugby union never,ever bad mouths their own international game like we do.
    People there in the traditional heartlands don’t want international football at all because their clubs are first priority[take pride and place] as rl is only perceived as only a club thing in the north of england.
    Nothing ever changes and if the poms are so good why ain’t they wining anything?

    • druzik says:

      Chris seriously you have issues the way you go on about things… and am noit sure who you talk to but you have some very weird and skewed views on the way things are.

      Yes, Wales and England are hosting. Cities will be bidding for games, and the best bids will get the games… as was in the 2008. Not sure why you have a chip on your shoulder about Whitehaven or Cumbria since its an important breeding ground for Rugby league… as is any heartland and that needs to be nurtures as much as the expansion teams need to. Its all about balance and not tipping the boat to the point is sinks completely.

      2000 was a failure because not enough games were played in the heartlands, areas where people would have gone out to see the games got none, it was a gamble, one that didn’t pay off… well they have dusted themselves off andf moved on, as you should. Living in the 60’s will not get you anywhere in the 21st century.

      Russia copped no such blame, if they did then 90% of the teams should have as well. But I never saw anyone say anything bad about russia anywhere in the media. If you talk to the people that were there and had saw what went on the three main reasons 2000 wasn’t as big a success as it was that 1. The heartlands got neglected, 2. The weather was unusally poor with the whole month in torrential downpour, 3. there was a rail strike which affected the whole country and stopped people from getting to games.

      I agree, that Union is very good in their PR and they never rubbish their own, its smart and I wish League was similar, the problem is that we don’t have any of “our own” in the media anymore to give it the boost it needs.

      And you are very wrong Chris, in the UK people are very passionate about the International game, but again its about timing, throwing In Internationals in between big ESL games doesn’t not help, people have a choice and choose their clubs. But its always been the English with great crowds in international games and travel and support their own team in WC’s and tours…. don’t expect many Aussie fans to travel in 2013.

      And having a good domestic competition does not always translate to a great international team… look at the English soccer team, the EPL is the best in the world, they have some of the best players in the world, yet can;t win anything.

      Similar in Union, The English fluked 2003, but have failed to do anything significant on the International scene since, despite having one of the best club comps in the sport.

      Fact is the two are related, but not exclusively dependent on each other.

      Chris take the blinkers off and see the greater picture of the world of international Rugby league. At the moment its very tunnel visioned.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Lets be fair daniel,lets be fair.Russia played 3 of their games in the traditional heartlands in 2000,the second game against australia at hull where they lost 110/4 which is still a world record lost in a official rugby league test match and then lost 76 points to 4 to england at st helens but eugeny kelabanov was the coach and if they had a better coach things could of been a lot different.
    They lost their first match to fiji at barrow by 36/12 where locki tuqiri born in suva in 1979 scored a brace of tries.All the 3 games all drew bad crowds and so much to the heartlands.
    People here in nz absolutely rubbished the russians especially in the media and the officials and some of the employees at both auckland and new zealand rl’s were very savaged in their criticism of the russians.
    It was just their way of getting back at me.
    If i had tunnel vision daniel why would i go to russia 5 times in the past spreading the gospel of league in novokuznyets and kemerovo in 2 cities of siberia where women’s rl is very strong,krasnoyarsk,tomsk,kazan,moscow,st petersburg and samara as well as the ukraine where i have gone to kiev,odessa,simferopol,sevastopol[where they are playing a under 16 rl tournament on the 11/12th of june]and the yalta where i gone once before which has cost me 100 of thousands of dollars and people who rubbish me can all stuff themselves.
    And as usual the poms keep making excuses for the failed 2000 rl world cup which was the greatest disaster since dukirk.
    Excuses don’t wash with me anymore because the poms thought that they knew best and what they were doing and in the end knew sweet fa.
    The poms couldn’t run a flea house.
    And the people at the auckland rugby league are the ones with tunnel vision and the nsw cup is no diiferent to say the old tours of the past where the game never spread to new horizons.
    So what that the poms fluked the 2003 rugby world cup?Shows how bad rugby is as a sport and who cares in between world cups.My grandmother could of won the last 5 rugby world cups that the all blacks had lost and she’s been dead for 38 years.What a joke.
    It’s what happens on the night of the rugby world cup final that matters most of all in my book and aussie to win and arise sir robbie deans known as the dingo deans in these parts.

    • druzik says:

      Geee… you have a big ego… so all the anti Russian media was only about you… gee I find that hard to believe… see many people I have spoken too seem to have never heard of you Chris.

      Chris you rant and rant and make no sense in anything you say… how can you compare anything with Dunkirk… do you even know any of the history of Dunkirk and WW2… probably not as I think you have a very skewed vision on Rugby league.

      Yes you are tunnel visioned as you are only concentrating on one are and one aspect, and seem to have a chip on your shoulder about everyone… and seriously that is not the kind of person you want running anything. You need to learn people skills before you ever think of trying to run an organisation.

      Now, 2000 was not the greatest of successes but it was due to many factors, as I have pointed out and, those guys are not running the game any more… the current RFL are way better. Since you have no interest in them and what the rest of the world are doing (seems NZ and Russia are your only interests) you should not comment.

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well bud lisle has heard of me the greatest man in rugby league who has been in the game for over 75 years and i suppose tas has as well.
    Before i ever went to russia and the ukraine i always ask tas for permission to go preaching the gospel of rugby league into new horizons with no help from others.
    Yes it’s true that a lot of people have never heard of me but have they ever heard of ryan or deluded pom?A lot of the good folk of rl are now dead people who i knew very well and i do appreciate that time marches on.
    If you have any doubts about me go to tas and get him to run the rule over me
    As far as i’m concerned, i am genuine and want to see the game take off globally but it won’t if you still have the wrong people in the corridors of power runing the game like you have now.

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And my uncle was at dunkirk in 1941

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    We still waiting for our money from the profits that the poms made on the 2000 rl world cup and the poms promised us the world but never,ever delivered.
    Heads will roll if the poms fail again in 2013.

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