Tomahawks Overpower the Wolverines to Win 2010 Atlantic Cup.

By Daniel Andruczyk

The USA Tomahawks today confirmed that they were the top dogs in the Atlantic region with an emphatic victory over the Canadian Wolverines 46-12. The tournament was still in the balance, if Canada won the the Jamaicans would be champions, if the Canadians won by 31 or more then they would be champions. A big crowd of 2800 turned out to see the Tomahawks. Pre game entertainment was by a local band Down Theory and pulled a great crowd. In the car park people were tailgating, which in this country is a great sign.


After stirring renditions of the National Anthems, it was game on and the game promised some fireworks between the two traditional Rivals. The opening few minutes saw some brutal hits, the traditional softening up period was well on. Both teams were able to get through their opening set of 6, which was in stark contrast to the first two games which saw teams make simple mistakes. But on the back of some charging runs the Yanks scored first with Damian O’Malveney scoring wide. From there the Canadians muscled up and solidified their defence. It was a a real war of attrition but in the 20th minute the Americans hit again with Sione Taufa. Nate Smith was the next to go over 5 minutes later and he and O’Malveney would oscillate the next two tries between them. The Half time score was Canada 0-20 USA.


In the second half, The Americans cam out firing once again. Canada really struggled to get any ball and when they did found it hard to make any headway into the American defence. The Tomahawks full back Kenny Britt was the first to go over in the 47th minute and then got his double 10 minutes later with a soft try right under the posts. A few minutes later O’Malveney went over for his hat-trick and sealed the Man of the Match award. Another standout in defence was the American captain Apple Pope,  playing at hooker he was in everything from setting up the plays to being everywhere in defence. Canada’s man of the series Robin Legaut managed to intercept a pass and sprint away before being caught by Kenny Britt. But this finally put the Canadians on the front foot and with a few sets on the Americans lines were able to break through with Legault scoring. Michael Cartwright then scored for the USA again and Geoff Byulnd scored in the final 5 minutes for Canada. Right on full time however Matt Clarke for the USA was sent off for repeated offences in the Ruck.


The Americans celebrated, with Apple kissing the trophy, America winning a Major title for the second year in a Row. Overall North American and Atlantic Rugby League is growing and in good hands is seems. In the new year, in March The USA take on Ireland and next year there will be the World Cup Qualifiers involving USA, Jamaica, South Africa, Canada and Japan. The Canadians are looking at playing Italy in the new year as well. So Congratulations to the USA Tomahawks but the Jamaicans and Canadians can also be proud of their achievements.

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 USA 3 2 0 0 1 44 4
2 Jamaica 3 1 0 1 1 10 2
3 Canada 3 0 0 2 1 -54 0

Team List and Scorers

Canada (12): Tries – Robin Legault, Geoff Bylund Conv. – Adam Moody (2/2)

Robin Legault, Shane Farrell, Tyler Allen, Geoff Bylund, Rafal Kaczmarek, Adam  Moody, Mat Wyles, Steve Conlon, Tim mason, Steve Lamb, Henry Miers, Marc Hanke, Jamie Lester, Dave Burton, Interchange: Cam Grace, Josh In, Tom Kimball, Dale Fitzgerald

USA (46): Tries – Damien O’Malveney (3), Nate Smith (2), Kenny Britt (2), Taufa, Cartwright, Conv. – Nate Smith (5/9)

Kenny Britt, Nate Smith, Matt Thornton, Curtis Cunz, Mike Brazill, Brent Shorten, Damien O’Malveney, Matt Clarke, Apple Pope, Conway Maraki, Andrew Kneisly, Ewan Robinson, Sean Taylor, Interchange: Gareth Baxendale, Sione Taufa, Michael Cartwright, Vaka Manupana

Man of the Match: Damien O’Malveney (USA)

Referee: Phil Bentham (England)

Crowd: 2800

At University of North Florida, Hodges Stadium, Jacksonville.

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