Tomahawks Overpower the Wolverines to Win 2010 Atlantic Cup.

By Daniel Andruczyk

The USA Tomahawks today confirmed that they were the top dogs in the Atlantic region with an emphatic victory over the Canadian Wolverines 46-12. The tournament was still in the balance, if Canada won the the Jamaicans would be champions, if the Canadians won by 31 or more then they would be champions. A big crowd of 2800 turned out to see the Tomahawks. Pre game entertainment was by a local band Down Theory and pulled a great crowd. In the car park people were tailgating, which in this country is a great sign.


After stirring renditions of the National Anthems, it was game on and the game promised some fireworks between the two traditional Rivals. The opening few minutes saw some brutal hits, the traditional softening up period was well on. Both teams were able to get through their opening set of 6, which was in stark contrast to the first two games which saw teams make simple mistakes. But on the back of some charging runs the Yanks scored first with Damian O’Malveney scoring wide. From there the Canadians muscled up and solidified their defence. It was a a real war of attrition but in the 20th minute the Americans hit again with Sione Taufa. Nate Smith was the next to go over 5 minutes later and he and O’Malveney would oscillate the next two tries between them. The Half time score was Canada 0-20 USA.


In the second half, The Americans cam out firing once again. Canada really struggled to get any ball and when they did found it hard to make any headway into the American defence. The Tomahawks full back Kenny Britt was the first to go over in the 47th minute and then got his double 10 minutes later with a soft try right under the posts. A few minutes later O’Malveney went over for his hat-trick and sealed the Man of the Match award. Another standout in defence was the American captain Apple Pope,  playing at hooker he was in everything from setting up the plays to being everywhere in defence. Canada’s man of the series Robin Legaut managed to intercept a pass and sprint away before being caught by Kenny Britt. But this finally put the Canadians on the front foot and with a few sets on the Americans lines were able to break through with Legault scoring. Michael Cartwright then scored for the USA again and Geoff Byulnd scored in the final 5 minutes for Canada. Right on full time however Matt Clarke for the USA was sent off for repeated offences in the Ruck.


The Americans celebrated, with Apple kissing the trophy, America winning a Major title for the second year in a Row. Overall North American and Atlantic Rugby League is growing and in good hands is seems. In the new year, in March The USA take on Ireland and next year there will be the World Cup Qualifiers involving USA, Jamaica, South Africa, Canada and Japan. The Canadians are looking at playing Italy in the new year as well. So Congratulations to the USA Tomahawks but the Jamaicans and Canadians can also be proud of their achievements.

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 USA 3 2 0 0 1 44 4
2 Jamaica 3 1 0 1 1 10 2
3 Canada 3 0 0 2 1 -54 0

Team List and Scorers

Canada (12): Tries – Robin Legault, Geoff Bylund Conv. – Adam Moody (2/2)

Robin Legault, Shane Farrell, Tyler Allen, Geoff Bylund, Rafal Kaczmarek, Adam  Moody, Mat Wyles, Steve Conlon, Tim mason, Steve Lamb, Henry Miers, Marc Hanke, Jamie Lester, Dave Burton, Interchange: Cam Grace, Josh In, Tom Kimball, Dale Fitzgerald

USA (46): Tries – Damien O’Malveney (3), Nate Smith (2), Kenny Britt (2), Taufa, Cartwright, Conv. – Nate Smith (5/9)

Kenny Britt, Nate Smith, Matt Thornton, Curtis Cunz, Mike Brazill, Brent Shorten, Damien O’Malveney, Matt Clarke, Apple Pope, Conway Maraki, Andrew Kneisly, Ewan Robinson, Sean Taylor, Interchange: Gareth Baxendale, Sione Taufa, Michael Cartwright, Vaka Manupana

Man of the Match: Damien O’Malveney (USA)

Referee: Phil Bentham (England)

Crowd: 2800

At University of North Florida, Hodges Stadium, Jacksonville.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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32 Responses to “Tomahawks Overpower the Wolverines to Win 2010 Atlantic Cup.”

  1. DINGb@T says:

    Well done on the coverage Druzik. Really enjoyed the updates.

    • druzik says:

      Glad you have enjoyed it. Its been fun writing it and seeing what goes into staging such an event. Certainly I have a new found respect for the camera crews, commentators and Jurnos at these events. They work tirelessly almost round the clock. Most days we were up at 6 am and wouldn’t be in bed till 2 am working and getting things done.

  2. dragons4eva says:

    Good post Druzik,

    2800 fans FAR OUT!!!! Spinner Said they were gonna get around 3000+…i guess he wasn’t far off the mark lol. But yeah i watched the game on We Are Rugby and although the first match was a lil scrapy (production wise) the Canadian v Jamaica/USA games were just fantastic.
    Overall a great tournament and full credit goes to David Niu, Spinner, you and all the other people behind the scenes who made it a tournament worth watching and turning up for. 🙂

    • druzik says:

      Yeah, they were hoping for a bit more, still 2800 is pretty good, that is the best crowd for the lower Tier nations I have ever seen. Certainly never saw anything like that in Europe. Work in Promotion and production that has gone into it here has been amazing. Getting Hollywood celebrities and bands etc out was a smart move. Actually the Production company that did the event is owned by Kevin Porter, I didn’t realise it till yesterday, I had been hanging out, talking and having beers with a Hollywood actor all week! lol

      In the end they broke even on the tournament which is good, no money lost as such. Also looks like I will be writing for We Are Rugby as well now, Brian Lowe and others have liked my work and asked me to cover the Chicago Stockyarders and Internationals for them, so that is good. 🙂

      • dragons4eva says:

        Aww congratulations Druzik!!! Wish all the best for you man writing for We Are Rugby. Hope everything works out for you.
        Sounds like you’ve had a very very interesting experience in Florida lol All the best for the future Dan

      • druzik says:

        Cheers… its a small extra thing that i can do to help out here.

        I wont be able to get paid for it though as my VISA does not allow it.

  3. KeighleyWeb says:

    Well done all concerned with the tournament and also Druzik for the daily blog.

    Lets hope next year also includes South Africa or/and Japan too.

    • druzik says:

      Next year is the World Cup qualifiers as I understand it. Japan and Canada will have a “Play off” game to join the USA, South Africa and Jamaica in the main group. This is how I understand it talking with Niu this week. Looks like an Early October time for it as well, which may mean it gets played up in Philly or New York when its still warm enough.

      Still next international game is USA v Ireland in Philly in March.

  4. Cheyne Maher says:

    Well done to the USA and great work with the coverage Dan. It has been great to be able to get an insight into the tournament and to have the scores updated so quickly! Congratulations too, by the sound of it you may pick up some work out of it which is a well deserved reward. Well done and cheers for keeping everyone informed around the world! Enjoy the (sorta) off season.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Did the rugby league pay you for the free publicity daniel?The irlf should be paying you because of all the hard work you do for the international game.Who else does it and if they do they’re all on the payroll just like the butcher here in nz .The only thing that lot do is sponge off the game and they tow all their mates along for the free ride as well, all of whom,have nothing to offer the game.
    However,on a another note, we have had a mining tragedy here on the west coast of nz with an explosion at the pipe river mine near the league stronghold of greymouth.Go to
    The west coast is only a small community[population 19000]but it’s a very proud community and the province is quite vast.
    29 miners and contractors are trapped deep in the mine about 2 kilometres in.People in the area are distraught because rescue attempts to get the trapped men out to their loved ones over the weekend have failed because of the high presnce of methane gas levels deep in the mine shaft itself, making rescues attempts virtually impossible.All we can do now daniel is to hope and pray for a miracle like they had in chile recently and that they all come out alive to their friends and families.
    Two of the west coast top sports stars
    are among the miners trapped underground.
    Blair Sims,a regular centre or wing for the province’s league team,won the west coast player of the year award for the last 2 years.
    He’s missing along with west coast rugby union hooker michael monk.Sims is married with 2 yound daughters and was picked for the south island league team in this year revamped inter-provincial championship.Sims was one of its star players and should of been selected in a new zealand residence side that never,ever plays.Of course all sport in the west coast draws its people from the mining industry.Go to
    The last mining tragedy in the area was the srongman mining disaster of 1967 where 19 people perished including ces mountford’s brother ken who was a kiwi tourist to the gb and france in 1947/48.
    Finally,i told you that the great spinner howland would get over 2,500 people for the final and i also told you that the kiwis would win the 4 nations.

  6. dragons4eva says:

    By the way Druzik, did you see how the AMNRL guys go with mixing with the NFL and Rugby Union guys? Was it a bit awkward seeing they had never played Rugby league before or they welcomed them with open arms?

    Also what were your thoughts on Niu bringing in these guys without RL experience? Just asking that’s all

    • druzik says:

      Well they are all AMNRL. Some of them have come from Union, NFL and Arena Football, but they all play in the AMNRL.

      They all seem to have gelled together well. The Yanks certainly were the most professional of all three teams in the way they were able to approach things. David Niu certainly has done a great job with them, then again he has 13 years up his sleave.

      But certainly there were no issues between the League, Union or Football guys.

      • dragons4eva says:

        Ahh ok that’s interesting.

        I just wondered if there was a real need to bring in guys who didn’t play in the AMNRL season this year. But if there weren’t any dramas bringing them into the squad i guess thats ok…just thought it would have been a little bit unfair on the AMNRL guys and players who have Rugby League experience over those Hawaiian guys thats all.

      • druzik says:

        No I think the issue would have been more of one of work and players being available.

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Rugby union players make the best league players of the lot dragons4eva always have and always will and besides there is supposedly a free gangway between rugby and league that’s been in existance since the wigan/bath crosscode game in 1996.
    To my knowledge,there have been 2 other crosscode games in history,a game between a rugby league team from nottingham and a dutch rugby union side from rotterham,at under-16 level.The dutch children took to league like ducks to water and their coaches were worried that they might be lost to league such was their appetite for our game.
    And of course wasn’t there a crosscode game in jacksonville last july that was deem a success.If we had a dozen spinner howland’s perhaps our game could go places but instead we got small-minded idiots in the corridors of power who always think small and the auckland rugby league board of control is a classic example of a rl organisation that thinks small and hence they wonder why they get no where.

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And why should there be any issues between any code.It’s the 21st cetury and not the 1890’s and the way the russian rugby union is trying to get back at edgard tatyuran by getting the russian ministry of sport to expel russian rl from the state register of sport in russia earlier in the year was nothing short of disgraceful.In this day and age,it’s just not on and the lies they[the russian rugby union] told against edgar weren’t true as well.The trouble is that the rest of the rugby league world don’t care but they cared a lot when the bennett’s were involved in russian rrl between 2003 to 2004 all hoping to get a slice of the cake when kamaldinov was in power.

    • druzik says:

      Chris I have had legal advice that your comments are putting me at risk of being sues. I need to ask you to keep on topic and refrain from making liable accusation on individuals and organisations.

      I don’t want to ban you, so I will need to go through and edit comments. But if it gets out of hand I will need to… goes for anyone making comments that put me at risk.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So … I will write to your via e-mail address and also slow mail as well to show you and prove to you that all the past postings has been correct in factural content.If you don’t want me to write i won’t but it won’t stop me from writing to you snail’s mail and to your e mail.What’s your po box no in chicago because i don’t give you crook information.Why haven’t i been sued in 20 years and if they are going to sue anyone it should be me and not you because you aren’t responsible.That’s why i don’t write under a non de plume and if … and the like come after me it will open up another can of worms for them and they will be hung out to dry and i’m not scared of… as well.

    • druzik says:

      Chris is not the RRL or RRUJ or any sporting organisation. I have had independent advice from friends and family that are lawyers that read the site and comments and have told me what I am up for. I have a well respected Jurno also tell me that its treading dangerous water.

      Its not about me having the proof, you have it then take it to the authorities and do what you need. Its not my fight. I have other things I want to do with Rugby League than getting into a legal quagmire.

      Chris if all you say is true take it to the anti-corruption commissions, take it to the courts and get something done. Expose it/them. Saying it on blogs like this wont solve anything.

      As I said I don’t want to ban you because you do have some good debates in you and get people thinking… that is what is values on the site. But getting into legalities is defeating the purpose of all this.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    If you ban me, at least ryan will be please daniel and by the way did you see him at the game.I just sent you an e -mail now and if you give me your postal address in america i can bombard you with letters from all my supporters here in nz and all over the world.I write facts and not fiction.That’s why i never,ever been sued.

    • druzik says:

      Mate I don’t want to be “Bombarded”. I have no place in getting into the legal wranglings. Its not what I want to or intend to do with RLIS or myself. Goodness man. Its not my fight.

      I just want to showcase and promote International Rugby League.

      If I am ever in the RLIF, then I’ll worry about the legalities.

      As I said I don’t want to be banning people on here. That will be a last resort.

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    The game here is in a real mess here and it may not survive the test of time, but on a brighter note, rl in the america will only go from strength to strength because the administrators are there for the game and know the game.

  12. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It will die a natural death because no one plays the game and good salt of the earth rl people are dieing off and too old to do anything about it and many are walking away in their droves.I not going to bore your readers anymore on the state of the game here in nz and only doyle is worthwhile.The rest are a waste of space.Roll on america.That’s the only hope.

  13. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well there is no growth and time for a new president and for the headquarters of the game to move to wellington so auckland can’t control the game.We need to build the game up in the south island and the nzrl has to been clean out from top to bottom and doyle has got to move on to a new revamped rlif to build up the financial base of that organisation.Wellington will give the game more of a central presence.
    Chalmers has to come back into the reckoning and vinny weir has to come back into the fold as well, as the boss of the auckland rugby league at the expense of cameron mcgregor who has been there far too long because it ain’t working.As far as the football side of things are concerned,Mcgregor has been a flop.

  14. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well daniel rugby league being going in wellington since 1910 and the all golds played their first ever test match there against the northern union in the same year at the basin reseve which has housed many test matches over the years.
    There are now 8 senior clubs in wellington and the same amount in the second division as well.The district has approximately 2000 registered players.
    There’s also a secondary schools competition that gets bigger every year and i have also been told by an experienced rl adnministrator that the people on the wellington zone governing the game there are good.I can only take her word for it because i don’t know.
    Wellington were the nz rothsman champions in 1970 and they have produced many great players over the years,notably phil orchard who scored 27 tries on the kiwi rl tour of gb and france in 1971,colin o’neil known as the sleepy fox,gary smith and john whittaker to name a few.
    At the moment,auckland cotrol the the whole game to suit themselves and time to move the headquarters of the game to the capital wellington to give it more of a central presence.
    The government headquarters are there and most of the big business head offices are there as well.Hence,they are closer to deal with in reguards to sponsorship and the like and wellington is also closer for the district leagues to travel to to do matters in reguards to the governance of the game and that everything is in accordance to the legal constitution of the nzrl.It reduces time in travel and it cuts travel costs as well because most of the district leagues around the country are very impovished to say the least.In the long term it will help the district leagues and affiliates or associates as they’re now known as that have always struggled over the years without any help from auckland rl which isn’t interested in spreading the game.
    Finally daniel,Auckland are strong and ugly enough to stand on their own 2 feet and we hve had a gutsful of the new zealand rugby league being auckland based.

  15. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It has to be daniel otherwise there’s no hope and the current nzrl board aren’t up to it either.
    There’s an agm of the nzrl on 16th of december 2010 at 11am which is a thursday when everyone is at work.
    Obviously they don’t want people to attend and goodness knows what constitution they are going to use.The people runing the game haven’t got a glue because they know nothing about the game.
    Bring back chalmers and his old man to sort the mess out for once and for all.

  16. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It’s run by strange people.Mickey mouse and time for you to come to nz to get the full facts.

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