RLIS TV – Wales vs. Papua New Guinea 2007 – Tour Match Highlights

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week on Rugby League International Scores TV, highlights from the 2007 Wales v PNG match at Bridgend. This was played on the back end of the Crusaders getting into Super League and trying to promote the sport of Rugby League. This was a warm up match for both teams, Wales the next week were to play Scotland in a World Cup Qualifier where as Papua New Guinea traveled to France for a 2 test series. The game was played a day after the PNGans arrived and after the match one could see that the jet lag was there. Still a match is a match and one needs to step up to the plate. It was a highly entertaining game despite that blow out score. So enjoy the highlights package.

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One Response to “RLIS TV – Wales vs. Papua New Guinea 2007 – Tour Match Highlights”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Png will win a world cup sooner than later and they will be the first island nation in doing so and it won’t be long before both wales and png draw decent crowds to international games in the northern hemisphere.The salary cap is the real killer in sl as well as the nrl.All it does is prop up mediocre clubs especially in sydney where there are too many clubs and it’s killing the game.A draft system is far better like they have in aussie rules and nfl and no wonder those 2 codes are booming where as rl continues to stagnate at club level but international rugby league is booming largely thanks to people like daniel.He’s the only person in the whole of australasia who’s actually interested in the international game because i can’t think of anyone else.People only talk about one thing and one thing only their boring old clubs.Talk about being one dimensional.That’s why rugby league people lead such boring lives and the poms are not much better.They are a joke and only alex murphy is different there.He tells the truth and people don’t like to hear the truth.He calls it as he sees it.That’s why he’s the god of rugby league in my book just like ces mountford was all those years ago.

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