RLIS TV – The Haka – Paris Test 2007

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week on Rugby League International Scores TV, highlights from the New Zealand tour of Europe in 2007. Here the Kiwis are taking on the French in Paris, France and the Haka is featured here. This match ended in almost a disaster with the French leading till 10 minutes from the end, where the Kiwis were able to come from behind to win.

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8 Responses to “RLIS TV – The Haka – Paris Test 2007”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Why would of it been a disaster if france had won that game daniel and now this site has gone strangely quiet.I trust your regulars haven’t gone over to the total rugby league.com site where everyone writes under a nome de plume making all sorts of suggestions and aren’t they all brave people.In my book they are gutless wonders becaues if people have got plenty to say like myself stand up to be counted.That’s why rl should go back to being a winter game in the uk and france because we got total coverage for 12 months of the year instead of only 6 months which is the case now.Summer rugby has been a total and utter disaster and a financial flop in the north of england a maurice lindsay fyck up and a man who had plenty to say about things and the man that shate on alex murphy when alex was coach at wigan.Talk about gratitude and wasn’t it alex that got lindsay into rugby league in the first place.
    The double header at eden park last saturday night was an absolutely brillant promotion daniel,a 44,432 crowd despite a few hipcups and next year we want an extended 6 nations with both australia and nz playing png at port moresby on the way up to europe, the opening game between england and australia in london,france playing all their fixtures at home in france,a game in london featuring nz and australia at craven cottage,a double header at millenium stadium cardiff between nz and england and australia and wales and the final of the 6 nations at manchester city’s new ground.
    Daniel i have found the man that should lead the new rlif in the future scotsman jim doyle the present ceo of the nzrl.He did a brillant job on saturday with that double header and he’s the only one at bullshit castle here in auckland who’s worth feeding.The rest of the nzrl and their employees and hangers on mates are bloody useless and we hve had a gutsful of the auckland rugby league board of control controlling the whole game to suit themselves.Time to put the headquarters of the game in wellington away from cammy cams and sideshow sel and the auckland mafia.
    Finally daniel,go to http://www.nzherald.co.nz and read the front page of the new zealand herald.International rugby league has come of age and at long last international football means something because both the nrl and sl has underminded the whole international game for a long time.Time to clean out the nrl,irlf,rfl,nswrl,queensland rl and the auckland rugby league for the good of the game and pick the eyes out of the good employees like jim doyle people who can add something to our game.

    • druzik says:

      You need to read the context of the paragraph again… I did not say it would have been a disaster if France won, I said it was a near disaster for New Zealand. If France had of won it would have been a fantastic result, but still a disaster for New Zealand, having lost the All Golds and 3 test matches and flogged by the Kangaroos that winter.

      Don’t knock TRL, I amd nearly everyone on there comes from there, they are run by Rugby League world magazine and is one of the better forums. Actually if it wasnt for TRL and another now defunct forum this website would never exist!

      We do still have 12 month coverage, France, South Africa and Lebanon are still played over Christmas and so is BARLA. They just need to get better coverage… but again I don’t think the sport needs that, switching to Summer in the UK has been good. It has more money and its much more pleasant to watch. With TV coverage to compete against you need to have good weather to attract the crowds. Crowds were dying off in the 80’s and 90’s hence the switch. The ESL has not been a financial flop crowds have increased and teams are finally waking up to the fact they need to invest in their own talent and set up academies like the Aussies did years ago. It will take time for them to get up to speed but they will get there.

      Your 6 nations format defeats the purpose… its a tour in disguise and does nothing to promote international Rugby League. If you have a 6 nations, you need to have it come out the top teams that are in the regional championships and the host should bid to get it, so conceivably you can have the USA host the tournament. Have it like a confederations cup in soccer. Read my latest blog on my thoughts, which for anyone that has followed what I write know what format I favour. Plus you assume that a soccer club will just let us use their ground… a very false way of thinking. Most Soccer clubs when their season is going wont allow anyone else to use them nor will the FFA either. What we need is a National Rugby League stadium in the UK… and there is one. Its called Wembley.

      If Doyle quits the NZRL then I would happily see him take the reins of the RLIF… if hios qualifications are good enough. What else outside of that has he done as a manager?

  2. C.T.SANDERS says:

    The all golds was bullshit

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Go to http://www.nzrugbyleague.co.nz and read about jim doyle daniel.What profit did the rfl make last year in the north of england out of a turnover of about 21 million pounds because i believe sports england may of given rl 29 million for the grassroots of the game in he uk.Only richard lewis would know that and it should be public knowledge.The english rugby union made a huge profit of about 9.5 million pounds according to some sources in the uk and i believe the profit from the rfl was only 13k.Is this true Daniel?.
    Here in nz the nzrl only made a profit of 153k,got a cash injection of 3 million from sparc fot the next 3 years,jim doyle got us a decent sponsorship from the flight centre plus others and our share of the profits from the 4 nations was 700k.On the other side of the coin,the new zealand rugby union made a huge loss and the world cup scheduled for next year here in nz is forcasted to make a 39 million dollar loss.
    Why not play 2 games in png on the way up to europe.What’s wrong with that and about time the league community embraces png something that wasn’t done in reguards to russia.But we know it will only be a 4 nations tournament next year and rumours hve it that it will be reduced to a tri-nations in 2014.That’s what i read on total rugby league.com and the attacks on nigel wood in reguards to his physique on that particular forums site were nothing short of disgraceful and aren’t they all brave people writing under nome de plumes.Progress in the game going back to a tri-series?I wouldn’t have thought so.Time to clean out the irlf,arl,rfl and nzrl for the good of the game from top to bottom.Enoughs,enough.

    • druzik says:

      The RFLs annual report… for public consumption Just have to look http://rfllive.dyndns.org/~rflmedia/docs/RFL%202009%20Annual%20Report.pdf Well after all the club grants I guess their profit wasnt huge, but then again, I am not expecting anything like the RFU at the moment. They are operating back in profit and have doen so now for 8 consecutive years, which is a good sign, you need to put things into perspective I think Chris. It was 13k after all the money was distributed to the clubs etc… the RFU profit si the one before thwy do that… actually I am not even sure the RFU gives grants to their clubs… so again all in perspective.

      You cant just have a militant view on everything… you need to look at things in perspective.

      As for the 6 Nations…. It has been spelt out by me on many occasions how I think the 6 nations should work. If the PNGns play to their potential they would be playing in the 6 nations of the 4 nations tournament so that is why its not feasable.

      Go back and have a proper read of all my simulations and ideas on the international game. All nations would be involved in either 6/4 nations campigns or world cup qualifying campaigns, getting away from games that have no value.

      I agree that going back to a tri-series is a set back of massive proportions and would be a disater. I hope that sanity prevails and at least the 4 nations format is preserved. But again the problem is that everyone, including our own fans jump on board and make fun of the international game, even Union. And we do nothing to defend it. That is the first fight that needs to be fought.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:


  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Why should the profits go towards the professional clubs in rugby league.There are just too many across the m62 and pockets of cumbria.It should go to the grassroots and not into the pockets of the people who own the private enterprises.Why so many games as well?It should be all about quality rather than quantity.That’s the problem with superboredom or rather sl.No wonder the poms are tired out when it comes to 4 nations at this time of the year.We have had a gutsful of the owners of all the nrl and sl franchises runing the whole game to suit themselves at the expense of the international game and why do the rfl continue to bale them out with the profits made by the rfl itself.Again money going out of the game. Either they sink or swim and hopefully within time they all sink.Then the clubs will not control the whole game as is the case now which will be music to my ears.

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