RLIS TV – Jamaica vs. Canada 2010 – Game 2 Atlantic Cup Highlights

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week on Rugby League International Scores TV, highlights from this years Atlantic Cup. This is game 2 played between Jamaica and Canada. The Tournament was played in Jacksonville Florida, where there is a real Rugby League community and culture there. On a clear yet cool night the two teams put on a tough match where Canada surprised many taking the early lead the lead. The tournament also sees the USA in the tournament. So enjoy the Highlights package.

Atlantic Cup 2010–Jamaica v Canada Highlights
Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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23 Responses to “RLIS TV – Jamaica vs. Canada 2010 – Game 2 Atlantic Cup Highlights”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    What ever happened to dave silcock in canada who ran the tri-county rl in 1987?He lived on the border near detroit in a place called windsor.Is he still around daniel?

  2. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well pretty near to america i would imagine.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well was rl played in canada and the usa 30 years ago?

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    RL was only played in 4 countries in 1980 and the officials all told me then that in 30 years time[2010] it will still be played in the same 4 countries.
    The trouble is the officials of rl all think small.They can’t think outside the nsw cup because they have no foresight or vision.
    Apart from quayle they aren’t interested in trying to expand the game unless there’s something in it for them.
    Talk about the clip of the meal ticket.

    • druzik says:

      Yes, and if they kept with tours it still would have been only 4 nations.

      As you say most administrators do not have the foresight… but remember that Quayle was part of those people without vision all the way back then.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    If the poms were competitive there would of been more tours but the trouble now daniel tournaments make no money for the game.a bit of a dilemma i’m afraid.

    • druzik says:

      Sorry, but the tours in this day and age just dont work anymore. There is no room for them and the players already have enough on their plate to have to go on a 3 month tour. Its 11 month sport these days, teams and players have too much money invested to throw it around on a pointless tour.

      The only way to go is a tournament series with the incentives for players, nations, and fans to turn out, it means a concentrated add campaign for more than 1 month to make sure people get out there, you need to be smart on how games are played and distributed, there is a lot that goes into it.

      At the moment its all slapstick, Its why the sport makes looses. There is no leadership. This would be exactly the same if there were tours.

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:


    • druzik says:

      I don’t know who is out there that is good, I am not in the business of administrators… I bet some of the NFL CEO’s would do a far better job at running the sport than anyone in the sport.

      To run a sport successfully you need someone with no strings, to be able to make the hard decision, you will never get that from someone who comes withing the sportis establishment.

      You go on and on about how the administrators of the lat 30 years are hopeless and useless and have no vision etc… yet the person/people you are wanting to put in are the ones who were exactly from that era and ran the game at the time… so you are in fact contradicting yourself and thus none of your points have any relevance what so ever.

      I said it before and I will say it again, you need to go and sit down for a long time and really have a think about what it is you want, say and get a better global perspective.

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So what baggage has quayle got because he has been out of it for so long.He left rl when it had millions and millions in the bank.The idiots drove him out because they didn’t want a global game and the same idiots are still there daniel.
    So nothing has changed at all and what about mark coyne or bill fahey?Are they ok in your book?Come up with a name.

    • druzik says:

      The game hardly ever has millions and millions in the bank. The money it gets every year goes into the clubs and the game.

      Quayle is a Easts man… always was and will be… nowt wrong with that.

      But again, I will re-iterate the point I made before, you said that EVERYONE in the last 30 years has been useless and incompetent, this in cludes your GOOD MATE Quayle… so either he is useless as well or your original statement is false and thus means you really don’t have a real understanding of the dynamics of the game and the way its changed in 30 years.

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I appreciate tours mightn’t work anymore only because the poms are now playing dog tucker but they are now working for british and irish lions in rugby union when once upon of time they were miserable failures,
    How the worm has turned but you also got to appreciate that tournaments make no money in the long term.They did this sort of thing in 1968,1970,1972,1975 and 1977.Financial disasters and come to think about it rl has been one big disaster since 1895.
    Time for new blood with some glues.Maybe crowe will produce that magicial white rabbitoh out of the hat in reguards to america??If he strikes gold in vegas then we will have something to crowe about.
    How many super rugby sides have ever played in america daniel??

    • druzik says:

      Chris, its simple, and everyone will tell you this, the Poms were very slow to embrace full professionalism in the sport, and I dont mean in terms of money, but the way the players trained and clubs ran things. Its only now that they are even getting close to being anywhere on a par with the Aussies in that sense.

      Chris, I have said this before and I will say it again, you need to summarize everything into a couple responses and you need to make them relevant. 90% of what you write has nothing to do with the article written or the the responses of people.

      You are highly negative on things, in a way that is not constructive either. You don’t think things through and make wild statements about people and organisations. You have been agressive towards some posters as well

      You have now seen that there are people on here that don’t find anything you write to be constructve at all. My coming on here after a days break from doing things Rugby league I have 3 pages of effective gibberish from you… That is not what I am here for. This is not a soap box for you or anyone to vent what ever agendas you have… the only one that can do that is me… since I own the site and even then I make sure its in a constructive way. If you want that then you go set up your own website and blog…. please don;t hijack mine otherwise I will be forced to take action.

      This is effectively your second warning.

      If you want to know why you have been banned from other sites, you are starting to see why now I hope. You need to fix this to keep posting on here.

      This goes for anyone who has thoughts of hijacking the site. I am all for open dialogue on what ever I write, but it has to be respectful, relevant to the discussion and also thought out.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    The poms use to be professional right up to 1972, then fell away, because the conveyor belt from rugby union where they always got the cream of the crop from, dried up quite significantly.
    Remember i was around then unlike others on this site and when the british and irish lions had successful tours to australasia in 1971 and to the republic in 1974 the landscape changed quite dramatically.
    Less players from rugby union came over[especially forwards] and english rl suffered accordingly.
    Up to 1975 gb could of picked a half a dozen test teams as good as each other when they got the best of their talent from rugby union.
    Finally rl will go no where.I am interested in seeing the game grow but as long as we got the private owners of professional franchises actively involved in getting profit out of the game at the expense of international football it ain’t going to grow.
    Rl is only a club thing and the game hasn’t grown at all and in reguards to administration i am only interested in things being done on the straight and narrow.
    I had no problems with the game when we had the likes of ces mountford,george rainey,sir david oxley and johnny quayle runing the game because they knew how to run the game properly.Ok Daniel.

    • druzik says:

      They were semi-pro… league never really went pro till 88/89 and it was the aussies who did it first. The Poms followed in 96 with super league, that was the whole point.

      Till then it was all semi-pro, Australia happened to have much more professional training techniques which game them the edge over the English. The english relied too heavily on talent alone, that in a competitive environment is not enough.

      You have a very warped sense of History there Chris.

      Had nothing to do with Union players Chris. Seriously, the amount of Union players coming over was not that great. And all historians agree that the 71 and 74 tours were barely successful for the English, everyone already saw the writing on the wall for them at that stage.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    That’s why when St Helens played wigan in the challenge cup final of 1966 which the saints won 22/2,4 out of the 6 st helens forwards that day were former rugby union players;Johnny mantle,john warlaw,ray french and cliffie watson who later on played for cronulla
    On top of that saints also had 2 former south african rugby union stars in their backline at wembley as well;the immortal tom van vollenhoven who scored 385 tries in a glittering career at knowsley rd btween 1957 to 1969 and len killeen a goal kicker extrodaire who kicked a 70 yard goal in that victory against the old enemy wigan.
    For what it’s worth,Tommy’the pip’ Bishop was scrum half and god himself alex murphy was centre and alex hated playing centre.
    In fact that day in may of 1966,Alex forced a rule changing in rugby league and that was known as the double penalty.
    It was the last season of unlimited tackles because in 1967 it became 4 tackles and a scrum.Colin Clarke the wigan and the father of former great britain

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Player phil clarke was the first choice hooker for wigan but was suspended and cup tied for the final at the empire stadium and the luckless bill sayer was the second choice hooker and clarke’s deputy.
    Alex murphy stood off side all day long and the cherry and whites of wigan received the resultant penalty and they kicked for touch and of course in those days a scrum was automatically formed after the kick and without clarke wigan lost all the scrums because there was no one to hook the ball for them which denied them poccession.
    Next season they[irlb] abolished the scrum from the penalty kick to touch and it resulted in the double penalty and tap which is still here today in the modern game.
    And what about the 1971 challenge cup final when alex murphy’s unfashionable leigh beat hot favourites leeds 24/7 against the odds in the greatest challenge cup upset of all time.
    Again we had the same scenario daniel.4 out of the 6 leigh forwards that day were also former rugby union players as well;derek wyatt,jim fiddler[who later on played for balmain as a goal kicking prop],paul grimes and geoff clarkson[who played until he was 40].
    In the backline leigh had welshman stu fergusson playing for them from neath rugby union and he also kicked a 70 metre penalty just like killen did in 1966 and leeds also had 2 former rugby union players within their ranks,tony fisher and ron cowan.Killen later played for balmain and won a grand final for them in 1969 against souths where the tigers upset the rabbitohs 11/2 the only ever south african to do so.
    Over the years rugby union converts have formed the backbone of the english game and given it character and a national audience and appreciation especially in the first 95 years of competition when they came over in their droves.
    Some of the greatest rugby league players have come from rugby union daniel.Johnny ring,jim sullivan,billy boston,gus risman,trevor foster,dai watkins,lewis jones,john gray to name a few.And what about dally messenger in australia and baskerville here in nz daniel?
    Go and read robert gate’s book gone horth vol i and 2 daniel and see for yourself.

    • druzik says:

      Mate… seriously… what is the point of all that.

      I never said that the players didnt come from union, all I said was that A. the effect of union players on league wasn’t as great as you make it out to be and B. it had nothing to do with GB going down after 72… it was purely a playing attitude.

      You get very tunnel visioned and side tracked on things Chris.

  12. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I just gave you 2 examples because when bill fallowfield ran english rugby league from 1946 to 1972 his motto was to buy up all the best rugby union players from all over yhe world to put into english club rugby league.He used it as a marketing ploy to draw the crowds just like the new zealand rugby union are doing with sonny bill williams and getting plenty of mileage out of it all as well.
    From 1946 to 1966 it was a golden era for rugby league and people say rugby union forwards don’t make it in league??
    I know rugby league history off by heart and it’s an hounour for you daniel to have me on your internet site.
    When it comes to the history of rugby league i am the big expert and if i am not who is??
    The butcher??

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