Atlantic Cup 2010 – USA 36 Jamaica 26

By Daniel Andruczyk

So the Press conference was over, Steve Mascord and I bunkered down to write our stories. Despite everything it really is quite tiring getting around to interview players, chase people down through the day to get information, team lists etc… bit of an eye opener. Certainly when I wrote and did thing in Europe it was never this full on. At about  4pm we were off to Hodges stadium via Walmart and a petrol station.


Myself with Match referee Phil Bentham

The match had everything we came to expect from these two nations. It seems that Jamaica and the USA are going to forge a formidable rivalry, one similar to the Kiwis and Kangaroos. Jamaica had  a nervous start, letting the ball go over the dead ball line in off the first kick off. This gave the USA great field position from the line drop out and they were able to score in the second minute of the match though their full back, Kenny Britt. Jamaica then hit back with a driving move and with the conversion levelled the match at 6-6. They then seemed to get the momentum, something that would be seen to happen a lot with the pendulum swinging between the teams. Taking a 12-6 lead it seemed that Jamaica had the upper hand, but some mistakes in the wet conditions saw the USA take a narrow half time lead 16 – 12.


Some of the action from the match.

The second half saw the Jamaicans run out of the blocks and get a try in the first 5 minutes. But some brutal defence on their line saw the USA force some errors and work their way up the field to a 22-16 lead. But it wasn’t long till it was levelled again at 22 all. USA managed to get another try but the momentum shifted to Jamaica once more and were able to lock it up at 26 all. Then one of the more bizarre incidences in Rugby League tests happened.

A new precedent set?

with about 10 minutes to go, the official medico of the tournament Jack Kazanjian came onto the field demanding that Jermaine Wray come off. Phil Bentham argues with him for over 10 minutes that he was in control and would decide who is fit or not to play on. Apparently there is a rule in the States about Match doctors being able to come on to take players off if they felt they are in danger… obviously he never came across a Rugby league Player. Phil finally won in the end, but the break managed to kill of any momentum the Jamaicans had and the USA were able to get two late tries in the last 5 minutes to secure a 36-26 win.

The crowd, though small, went absolutely nuts. They sounded like there was thousands there rather than hundred. The weather wasn’t the best and probably kept many away. The USA now gets several days break, they play Canada on Saturday, however Jamaican and Canada will face each other on Thursday.

Team lists and points scorers

Jamaica: Tries – Jermaine Wray, Paul White, Greg Johnson (2), Alex Brown, Conv. – Junior Branford (2/2), Paul White (1/3)

USA: Tries – Conway Maraki (2), Kenny Britt (2), Matt Thornton, Nate Smith, Sean Taylor, Conv. – Nate Smith (4/7)

Man of Match: Jermain Wray (Jamaica)

Team Lists

Jamaica: Ashley Johnson (Birmingham Bulldogs), Waine Pryce (Hunslet), Alex Brown (Batley), Greg Johnson (Huddersfield), Wayne Rettic Allen (York City), Paul White (c) (Halifax), Roy Calvert (vc) (Dunhaney Park), Lamont Bryan (vc) (Harlequins), Tyrone Rowe (Vauxhall), Omar James (Vauxhall), Junior Brandford (Oldham), Jermain Wray (Keighley), Andrew Fong (Vauxhall), Interchange: Andre Reid (Dunhaney Park), Damon Gayll (Dunhaney Park), Romain Campbell (Dunhaney Park), Joe Brown (Gateshead)

USA: Kenny Britt (Jacksonville Axemen), Nate Smith (Aston Bulls), Matt Thornton (Jacksonville Axemen), Luke Collins (Aston Bulls), Mike Brazill (Aston Bulls), Brent Shorten (Jacksonville Axemen), Damien O’Malveney (New Haven Warriors), Matt Clark (Jacksonville Axemen), Apple Pope (Jacksonville Axemen), Conway Maraki (Aston Bulls), Taco Pope (Jacksonville Axemen), Ewan Robinson (New Haven Warriors), Sean Taylor (New York Knights), Interchange: Gareth Baxendale (New York Knights), Andrew Kneisly (Aston Bulls), Sione Taufa (Maui – Hawaii), Curtis Cunz (Connecticut Wildcats)

Referee: Phil Bentham (England) Sideline referee’s: Wes King (USA) and John Freeman (USA)

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29 Responses to “Atlantic Cup 2010 – USA 36 Jamaica 26”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    How many people were there Druzik?

    • druzik says:

      200 … but they made a hell of a lot of noise as I hope will be seen in the highlights package, I am doing up.

      They were hoping for a bigger crowd but the rain may have kept some of them away. Speaking with some of the organisers yesterday, the Atlantic Cup has broken even financially at least.

      • dragons4eva says:

        Ahh ok awesome thanks for the info.

        Bit of a shame really after last year got over 2000 people. Hopefully if the weather is better there’ll be more people turning up.

        Also i guess the Cup breaking even was the main aim anywayz. Keep up the good work Daniel.

      • druzik says:

        The weather is to be clear and warm for the rest of the week, so be interesting to see what the corwd will be like. Its a non-american game, so not sure how much of an effect that will have.

        The interesting thing here is that there is a real Rugby League culture present. There are genuine fans of the sport and they only follow Rugby league and the Axemen. Its not friends or Family of the players but just regular public and fans of the sport. I have seen people walking around in Axemen shirts here.

        Yes the nice thing is that money has not been lost. In fact Saturday is being billed as the big event. USA v Canada which is always a massive rivalry and there is a pre game concert with a local well known band and also there will be stars from the Dodgeball movei there. There are many free tickets being given away, but as Spinner and David and others said, its about getting bums on seats as that gets the sponsors in which is where the real money is… the other stuff is the bonus, so every person that comes in, buys a beer, a hotdog, a shirt a program, that is an extra dollar of profit to the money that has come in.

  2. Ashley says:

    So tha explains why Jamiaca lost all the momentum! I relaly couldn’t see a way back for the US in the mid second half!

    • druzik says:

      That was part of it, the Jamaicans fell asleep as well, and made some costly mistake when on the USA line which got the Tomahawks off the hook and able to attack. Remember it takes only about 30 seconds to score a try to once you get the momentum anything can happen.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    At least the crowd was bigger than what the vulcans get here in auckland daniel

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Of course ya mate ryan will rubbish the crowd at the game but the final will draw 2500 on saturday week probably between usa and canada.The anzac test next year will draw a full house of 48000 at christchurch and i have been told that it will be a double header as well.The maoris will be playing png in the curtain raiser.That’s what i heard down the pub.We want you,david,spinner and ya mate ryan{i love to put a picture to his face] and i make sure that the nzrl wine,dine you lot in the vip lounge before,during the game and after the game with special permission given that you lot can dunk the biscuits in your cups of tea.After the game the officials will take you lot on the town after we thrash the ockers.Wouldn’t that be neat daniel?

    • druzik says:

      How bout a picture of you…. you keep going on about everyone else but you haven’t shown your face…..

      But then again I dont expect anyone to do that…. Again I will say to everyone…. this is not a forum to vent peronal things… its to discuss Rugby League.

  5. Ryan says:

    Hahahaha. I can only laugh. No I will not rubbish the crowd I didn’t expect thousands. I know a bit about the international game, and if you actually had any idea you would be able to compile arguments with more substance. I was watching this match very keenly hoping for a Jamaica win. And if you knew anything than you would know there is no final, and that if there was it would be unlikely for Canada to make that (hypothetical) final.

    The rest of your post resembles the ramblings of a lunatic.
    “That’s what I heard down the pub.”
    “We want you, David, Spinner and ya mate Ryan (love to put a picture to his face) and I make sure the NZRL wine and dine, you lot in the VIP lounge before, during and after the game with special permission given that you lot can dunk the biscuits in your cup of tea.”
    Seriously, what the hell is that. You heard this down the pub, and now your’e gonna just rock up and the NZRL will fly us all over and do all that. Riiiiight.

    Between this post and your other posts I am becoming considerably worried about your mental health.

    Like the other thread I am not going to reply to your posts in this section, I just felt the need to reply because you are now referring to me all over this site. I am probably escalating the situation by doing so.

  6. Cheyne Maher says:

    Sounds like a great game of footy, good to see Jamaica really sticking it to the USA whose (i believe) domestic competition is a lot stronger and been around a lot longer.

    It is a shame that only one of these teams will have the opportunity to play in the WC in 2013….a 16 team cup couldvé allowed for a couple of repercharge spots for the next best Atlantic, Europe, MENA, Pacific teams to play off for. On the positive side I supose this will really up the ante of next years Atlantic Cup though and make for some massive games.

    Keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of the tournament Dan

    • druzik says:

      It was a great game… I really enjoyed it. The hits were big and the pace of the game quite fast.

      Sure there were handling errors and I think tomorrow with better weather that should improve.

      Well at least teams will have the opportunity to be involved in the qualifiers, if things go well and Canada and Japan get the go ahead, 5 teams in the Atlantic/Asia region will play for a spot which will be fantastic.

  7. Q8T Kev says:

    Great Work druz, managed to watch about 10 minutes before losing the feed and saw part of a very competitive match (if marred by handling errors).

    If you have any contact with the camera man you might want to tell him about conversions as whenever a team scored he follwed them back to half way while the kick was being taken lol.

    Looks like a tough ask for the Canadians but being led by a kiwi in red and black will ensure they put up a good fight 🙂

    • druzik says:

      OK, no worries, we have a production meeting in the morning so I will let them know to stay on the kickers.

      Basically most of these guys are new to how Rugby League production is to be done, so any advice is always appreciated. I’ll let them know.

      I was at the Canadians training session today, they are a physical lot, they wont be intimidated thats for sure… they do have several ex Union players that have played in the top clubs there, so I think ball skill wise should not be a problem… it will be tactics wise that will be the key factor.

  8. Q8T Kev says:

    Yeah I figured they were novices for this sport. Is there any possibility of getting a score added to the feed?
    With the connection being unreliable (at both ends) it’s nice to have a score to instantly check instead of waiting for the various people making comments to agree (while typing a whole lot of other rubbish lol)

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    U r right ryan i am a lunatic but that what happens when lunatics run the asylum.This what happens when we got idiots runing the game.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And ryan i named pearson as the biggest crook in the game here in nz and what about todd,ivy bennet,the late keith pitmann,carden and yet you say that there is tension in png but where’s the proof because you can’t identify the source.Sir john anderson knew the crooks but was too scared to name them and people on radio like murray deaker on newstalk zb didn’t name them as well.TV and the print media also refused to name them because of legal ramifications.Everyone was runing scared and i don’t tell lies because i tell the truth and since 1992 we have had bad administration in rugby league here in this part of the world which has brought the game to it’s knees.But to be fair you are right in that the standard of our domestic competition is very,very poor because the local players never,ever travel abroad,no teams come here,but more importantly,the standard of coaching is not there as well.Auckland Rugby League under the chairmanship of cameron mcgregor, the accountant for all the crooks except carden,has tied up the 26 million into a trust with lawyers because the clubs can’t handle the money and i give him credit where it’s due in that he has done the job right in that reguard otherwise the clubs would of pissed it against the wall.However,on the football side of things he has made no money what so ever[hence the vulcans which is a financial liability] and this is where he and i have clashed and of course why did he employ pearson as special projects manager for the arl.Pearson shouldn’t be in the game at all and in reguards to the nzrl, we are only flogging a dead horse and in horse racing terms they aint worth feeding but doyle has value in that he should be heading the revamped rlif to build up the financial base in that section of the game.We see america as an important partner.

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And by the way daniel if i knew how to do it i would put my picture on this site because i know i have plenty to say and i know i got heaps of fans out there despite the fact that officialdom hate my guts but this ain’t a dating site and if our game was a normal game which it ain’t we could all sit around and enjoy the footie without bitching and moaning.Rugby league has always been the odd one out because it’s run by odd people.
    However,on another note,i have got mountains and mountains of mail through the post plus many phone calls from many very experienced rugby league folk backing me up in reguards to the site and encouraging me to write more because they like what they read after all i am am the big expert on the sport,especially in reguards to nz and russia.

  12. dragons4eva says:

    Yeah like that what puzzled me. By the sounds of things in your blogs Jacksonville has been taken away from Rugby League yet by the size of the crowd with the Opening game says otherwise. Not disrespecting the time and effort the administrators,sponsors and David Niu has put into setting up this competition, but i was hoping for a lil more people to turn up i suppose.

    By the way…any idea what crowds they’re expecting for the last two matches?

    • druzik says:

      Not sure about tonight…. but Saturday is being pushed hard as its the USA v Canada rivalry in sport and they are hoping for a couple thousand there. There will be a concert and Hollywood stars turning out etc…

  13. juro says:

    Seems like the organisers need to woo Russell Crowe to turn up again. He was the main attraction in that Souths vs Leeds game a few years ago, right?

  14. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Crowe should be the patron of usa rugby league or better still the ambassador of usarl.At least he’s better than watson and holchin and sooner the warriors fall over the better.

    • druzik says:

      Why… Outside of Souths, he hasn’t shown too much interest in the AMNRL… and with his schedule I would suspect it would be hard for him to do anything for the AMNRL. I think they are better off fording their own identity and promotion than piggybacking on someones back.

  15. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Then who should be the patron or maybe the ambassador of usa rugby league daniel??God!

  16. C.T.SANDERS says:

    What about you daniel and you can also be the president of polish rl at the same time…..

    • druzik says:

      No I can’t… and I am not.

      Not sure where you have this whimsical notion of me and Polish RL. I tried to get something started a while back but it got no where…. I will try again down the track. But if I ever go into the RLIF… I will resign any post I would have at any country… actually this site would have to get shut down as well.

  17. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Then sell your site because the irlf site is a disgrace.

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