Atlantic Cup 2010 – Day 7, Good Promotion.

By Daniel Andruczyk

A short post today. So last night ended up being a good night out. Had a good look at Jacksonville’s night spots, the Beaches seem to be where all the action happens. One interesting thnin g was talking with people, again there was a large awareness of the game and the Axemen here. Some people said that they were going to the game. So will be interesting to see how many turn out today.

This morning I was talking with Roy Calvert from Jamaican Rugby League and about some exciting new initiatives they are introducing. There will be a high school development program where the best 10 players get scholarships and eventually this is going to lead to a semi-pro team Called the Hurricanes. This is yet to be confirmed by David Niu and the AMNRL, but the hope is that the Hurricanes will play in the AMNRL. The goal is to have this team enter in 5 years or so, but to have it set up next year with the aim of developing and getting ready for that. This is sort of what the AFL have done with the Gold Coast and GWS teams. So exciting times. Once I get more information I will get more details out.

Now, a bit of lunch and its off to Hodges Stadium to the game! Canada take on the USA and a reminder that you can see this on the We Are Rugby website.

OK So a small addendum. Am at the stadium and the AMNRL have pulled out all stops for this. There is a fantastic local band playing, I guess Hard Rick/Metal is their genre they are rally good, the Air Force is here for their recruiting drive, several other businesses have also got their stands here. The crowd where the band is, is about 50 when i was there, but there are heaps of cars in the car park.

But you know you have made it as a sport in the USA when you have people tailgating in the carpark before that match. Chris and Scott are new to Rugby League and they heard about the game on the radio, 1010XL was the station and also they checked it out on the website.

So now the teams are out on the field warming up, in the stands there is a bit of a crowd already, i’d say about 100 so far. Hopefully there will be a bigger crowd today. The gods are with us, its a beautiful day, warm with a slight breeze to keep you cool. Up here in the press box everyone are like ants scurrying around getting things ready. Should be an awesome show on We Are Rugby today.

Team Lists:

Canada: Robin Legault, Shane Farrell, Tyler Allen, Geoff Bylund, Rafal Kaczmarek, Adam  Moody, Mat Wyles, Steve Conlon, Tim mason, Steve Lamb, Henry Miers, Marc Hanke, Jamie Lester, Dave Burton, Interchange: Cam Grace, Josh In, Tom Kimball, Dale Fitzgerald

USA: Kenny Britt, Nate Smith, Matt Thornton, Curtis Cunz, Mike Brazill, Brent Shorten, Damien O’Malveney, Matt Clarke, Apple Pope, Conway Maraki, Andrew Kneisly, Ewan Robinson, Sean Taylor, Interchange: Gareth Baxendale, Sione Taufa, Michael Cartwright, Vaka Manupana

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5 Responses to “Atlantic Cup 2010 – Day 7, Good Promotion.”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Good to see jamacia put a team into the americian comp within 5 years and people go crook with me when we all want a png franchise to go into the nrl.The nrl are going to put 400 grand into the vulcans for next year which holted a move by the clubs of auckland led by the te atatu club to yank the team out of the nsw cup for next year.It has cost the clubs of auckland 3.5 million to fund in the last 4 years which is money going out of the game.We are not there to cut costs for the warriors at any price.Either they sink or swim and hopefully they will sink.There should be 2 nrl franchises in auckland similiar to say celtic and rangers in soccer terms if they want to persist with the vulcans and i see that one of the owners of the warriors mark holchin could be in the cart.Go to and get the bully and go to and get the latest news on the vulcans daniel.
    Yesterday there was a conference of clubs here in auckland led by our lord and master cameron mcgregor known in these parts as cammy cams.He said that it would be embarrassing to pull the vulcans out of the nsw cup now for the game in nz but the vulcans has been one big embarrassment since day one
    On another note,like the australians, the kiwis don’t want to tour europe in 2012 as well.The novelty has worn off and every year the all blacks tour europe to reduce the debt for the nzru.Talk about a bore.
    The fact that auckland rugby league are the richest sporting organisation in nz is fact and not fiction despite what ya mate ryan says.We have got over 27,500,000 tied up in a trust with lawyers[which a leading sport’s reporter confirmed to me only a couple of days ago] and we still owm 2/3 rds of our property valued at 40 million which makes us the richest sport by a country mile.We sold the old number 2 ground at carlaw park for 16million in 2006 to help us get the capital base in the first place. The nzru is suppose to have 47 million in reserves but i am not sure wehwther it’s nz or us dollars but they own no land unlike us here in auckland.go to and go to incorporated societies and punch in auckland rugby league and get the bully daniel
    And it won’t be long before the usa ,jamacia and the canadians play teams from nz after all we are the world champs despite the fact we have world chumps involved in the corridors of power.But that’s rl.

  2. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And before i go daniel go to or and listen to god and that’s alex murphy’s interview with the tongan torpeodo willie lose last sunday after the 4 nations final.Alex hit the nail right on the head. not only can’t the poms play the game let alone run it and i hope we don’t get a repeat of 2000 all over again with the next world cup.I for one have no faith in the poms at all.About time they started to win something.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Sorry i correct myself here daniel.The nsw rugby league is going to put 400,000 grand into the vulcans for next year and not the nrl which is criminal in my books.I got it wrong and i do apologise for that.A slip of the finger.
    What are the nsrl doing in reguards to proping up the game in the bush and other areas of nsw including newcastle,wollengong and canberra?
    As far as i’m concerned charity begins at home and about time that the nswrl looked after people in their own back yard.
    Auckland Rugby League are rich enough and ugly enough as it is to stand on their own 2 feet and if the warriors want a reserve grade side they should pay for it themselves.
    They are getting money under false pretences[The 2 conmen that run it] and this is my last blog so i can give others a go
    RL will never,ever be a global game because it’s all about professional clubs at the expense of international expansion
    That’s something that the great and immortal johnny quayle didn’t want in the first place.
    Finally any ceo of any NFL Franchise could run our game a lot better and a half wit would of known that
    The trouble is our game is run by half wits because what have we got to show after 115 years

    • druzik says:

      Country Rugby league is quite healthy at the moment i am lead to believe. The Canberra district is pretty big, I saw several games last year when I was living in Canberra and was impressed by the clubs and quality of play. Belco has an amazing ground and Club, lots of money there.

      NSWRL and CRL are two different entities actually… or were… who knows what will happen with the commission now. So Money for NSWRL actually didnt need to to to the bush, not their jurisdictional.

      Yes I agree with you the clubs do hold too much power, and really two countries hold too much power… I would probably stop with the great and immortal right there though, talk about sucking up. If he was that great when in power he would have made sure the International game grew, it didn’t so am not sure why you put him up on a pedastool.

      As I have pointed out before, You say that in the last 30 years all Rugby League admins have been incompetent and yet Johhny was part of that. So that means you think he was incompetent as well??

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well when bud lisle started up the first university rugby league world cup here in nz in 1986 everyone laughed their tits off saying that it wasn’t a competition of any significance and a load of old boots and in the long term it wouldn’t achieve anything.It was the begining of somethig really big for the game and the university rl movement provided the catalyst for the gradual growth and development of the sport in new horizons such as the soviet union.
    Again rugby league beat rugby union to the punch because 2 or 3 years later rugby union, like they always do, jumped on the bandwaggon and had their very first university world cup in france in 1988.Again another first for rugby league.
    Johnny quayle came into the game at an awkward time and was surrounded by many incompetent people[jobs for the boys]and inherited a mess after humphries left in controversial circumstances i think going from memory and perhaps you can correct me on that fact daniel because i am not quite sure??I have no rl books to go back and look at.
    He did a sterling job in revitalising the game and his tina turner adds which didn’t come cheap helped sell the game to a different audience and the popularity of the game reached epidemic proportions.
    He found 2 powerful allies in the shape of sir david oxley from the rfl who invented the game in the soviet union in about 1987 with the help of edguard tatarium now with the vereya club on the outskirts of moscow to the south of the city and of course the great late george rainey who called a spade a spade and was himself a very capable administrator who could stand up to the australians.
    After years in the wilderness test football soon became more competitive and people became more aware of the sport in new horizons largely thanks to these 3 pioneers that gave our sport a global audience and indeed a appreciation.
    But it all went pearshape especially here in nz in 1992 when rainey was outsed in a polticial coup and of course the arl/sl wars drove quayle out and the ioc were smart enough to pick him up.
    Sometimes people who are more than competent can be dragged down by people beside them who are less competent which has been a problem in league for a vey long time.
    At least one can relate to quayle unlike the others who don’t want to know.

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