Atlantic Cup 2010 – Day 5, Rest and Relaxation

By Daniel Andruczyk

Day 5, started with breakfast with the teams. There was a quick meeting with the guys from We Are Rugby, they have tested the feed now and it is working 100% so tonight should be a great show. The problem was that the server was the same one the Uni was using and so with the game and students logging on it overloaded the system, Tonight there is a dedicated server and we have full bandwidth only for the game. So things should be perfect. I also relayed some of the comments from the RLIS readers about the coverage that was on there and the WAR guys were thankful for that.

So the teams are relaxing today. The Canadians headed to Neptune and Jacksonville beach to relax while the Jamaicans are just sitting around or in the pool taking it easy. The Jamaicans after a quick team meeting got stuck into a game of dominoes with Rugby League legend Des Drummond. The jokes and easy going nature of the Jamaicans  are infectious and everyone is laughing and joking with them.


Dane at the computer, looking for new Jamaican Talent

Dane Campbell and Romeo Monteith are on the search for new talent. So they are sitting at the computer going through footage of the School Boys competition and looking for up and coming talent coming through the Jamaican System. Judging from Danes reactions I think the future of Jamaican Rugby League is good. Also, Dane mentioned that he has invited 4 of the current Jamaican players to come to Australia and play with his club the Noosa Pirates.


Some of the Canadians relaxing in the Hotel Lobby

I did get to talk with the Canadians, I asked them to tell me about some of their backgrounds… everyone said two words Cam Grace. OK I said what’s his story “Type it into google” they said> OK so I did, and what an interesting story it is. So Cam is the grandson of Charles Joseph Sylvanus “Syl” Apps. So Syl it turns out is a mere legend in Canada. He was a professional Hockey Player winning the Stanley Cup, he was a Pole Vaulter and also a Conservative member of Parliament. He won the gold medal in the Empire Games in 1934 and then represented Canada in the Olympics two years later. He then signed for the Toronto Maple Leafs which he played from 1936-38. Amongst numerous trophies and awards were the 1947 and 1948 Stanley Cups. He then went into parliament and served till 1975. He was minister for Correctional Services from 1971 –1974.


Jamaicans relaxing in the pool

Cam tonight will be playing his second International Rugby league game. His first cap coming in the Colonial Cup where they lost to the USA 22-16 in front of 1400 people. The family already has an impressive sporting culture not just with his grandfather but other members also representing Canada in the Olympics in rowing and women’s hockey as well as Ice Hockey and Canadian Football. Now with Cam they can add Rugby League and National Captain to the list. To have a bit more of a read on Cam read this article and his grandfather here.

So it seems that this years Atlantic Cup really does have some amazing characters. The Americans have ex-NFL and Arena football players in their ranks, The Canadians have sporting Royalty and the Jamaicans have Super League players and Leon Pryce’s cousin wain as well as Des Drummond in camp. It certainly has been one hell of a week sop far with these guys and still have 4 days to go. Well its getting close to 3 pm time to start to get ready for tonight’s game. Now, where is that camera …

U18’s Tri Nation

The first match of the U18’s tri nations was played last night against England U18’s. England were coming off a server thrashing at the hands of the French in Bordeaux last week 34-8 and this match looked like it would also go a similar way with the welsh leading for most of the match. But a late rally by the English they were able to pull it back and draw with the Welsh 26-26 The next two games are Wales against Australia and then England against Australia in Featherstone.

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Wales U18 1 0 1 0 0 0 1
2 England U18 1 0 1 0 0 0 1
3 Australia U18 1 0 0 0 1 0 0

Tonight’s Team Lists

Jamaica: Ashley Johnson, Robert Rodney, Alex Brown, Greg Johnson, Wayne Reti, Paul White (c), Roy Calvert, Andrew Fong, Jermain Wray, Romain Campbell, Tyronne Row, Lemont Bryan, Jow Brown, Interchange: Marvin Thomson, Damon Gail, Jahdeek Clarke, Andre Reid, Umar Jones

Canada: Rafal Kaczmarek, Shane Farrell, Geoffrey Bylund, Tyler Allen, Antonio Felix, Adam Moody, Matthew Wyles, Thomas Kimball, David Burton, Steve Lamb, Cameron Grace (c), Henry Myers, Timothy Mason  Interchange: Mark Hanke, Dale Fitzgerald, Ben White, Stephen Conlon

Referee: Phil Bentham

Rumour Mill

So another rumour this one a pretty strong one, USA and Ireland to play in March and maybe Canada will try and get a game against Ireland as well.

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22 Responses to “Atlantic Cup 2010 – Day 5, Rest and Relaxation”

  1. Q8T Kev says:

    Cool hope the Ireland rumours come true.

    Are there photos of the match on a website anywhere Druz?

    • druzik says:

      I do have photos which I will be looking to get up on the site at some point…. its all about finding enough time. I will have photos from all three matches.

      Yeah I think the Ireland games are true… Nui announced it at the press conference.

  2. dragons4eva says:

    Awesome post druzik,

    This atlantic cup just keeps on getting more interesting as the days go by. lol
    Keep up the good ‘positive’ blogging. 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    Ireland or ireland ‘A’ I doubt half the pro players would be avaiable in march which would probably lead the RLI to stick the ‘A’ tag onto a game vs usa.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Where’s america v russia daniel??

  5. deluded pom? says:

    It’s about time the USA went to Ireland instead of it always being vice versa.

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:

    What an irish resident side or ring ins from abroad?

  7. Ashley says:

    A lot of Irish players will be playing union in march anyway but I hope the game still happens!

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I don’t know either and daniel ask david niue where dino vikas from russian rugby league is?Is he dead or alive?

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well dino vikas has just disappeared off the face of the earth and bad news here in nz all the 29 trapped miners are now fared dead with a second explosion at the pike river mind.

    • druzik says:

      Its a tragedy what happened in NZ and what annoys me is that it has got no where near the same press coverage that the Chillean miners got.

      Well I don’t have any clue on Dino mate.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    He’s somewhere in moscow because tas told me last week.David niue may know.

    • druzik says:

      David has had no contact with the Russians for over 6 years… I know as I have spoken to him about this in the past.

      Why hw would have known anyway I have no idea, you seem to think that the Russians are bigger than what they actually are and everyone knows about them.

      Even in their supposed hey day, I have been told (since I was not involved in any way in RL back then) that they were difficult to communicate with and hardly ever replied to emails or returned calls.

      Everything has to go both ways.

    • druzik says:

      Why the hell would Niu know… it’s got nothing to do with him.

      So Tas told you, now you know. You can go and find him now?

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I got hold dino vikas 2 weeks ago

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