Atlantic Cup 2010 – Day 4, Recovery.

Daniel Andruczyk

Day 4 of the Atlantic Cup started, well at midnight, I was busy working away getting some stories out. The Jamaican management team was next to me going through their videos, analysing each game and player. It was great watching and listening to them in action. I thing as a fan I never really appreciated what went into the game after it happened. The players may do the hard yards with the ball but the managers and coaches are sitting there till the wee hours making sure they get the next game right. When I finally left them at about 2 am, they had been going at it for about 3 hours and had only analysed the first 20 minutes of that game! Some of the players were also up and just sitting and chatting in the lobby, they looked wide awake. I guess when you have adrenalin running through you after a game like that it takes a while to wind down. Still being a  night owl like that has given me a further appreciation and insight into what makes a game of Rugby League and a team.

I didn’t get much of a night sleep because of my back. I got up and everyone was up and getting ready for recovery sessions at the pool and beach. The USA decided to do a pool session and the Jamaicans were heading to the local beach. The Canadians arrived at 1:30 and have their training session at 4 pm. The USA team are relaxed with a 4 day break till their next match. Its been great to see that all the players have been well behaved. They are all very polite and courteous to the Hotel staff and all… not to say there are some funny practical jokes being played, and the Jamaicans are hilarious, they like to have fun with jokes and singing.


Jamaican Team management analysing the game. L-R Romeo Monteith, Des Drummond, Dane Campbell and Richard Robinson

So for me today is as much about trying to deal with my back (yes I am still whinging, haha) but getting to know the Canadian players today. They are the new team and I and not many people know much about them and the players. I went out to the Canadian out to their training session and got chatting with the team management Kieron Purtill and Colin Watson. So some of the players in the Canadian team do have some good experience from Rugby Union. Many have played in the top League competition up there and some even selected in the Canadian squad.


The Canadian team in training at Hodges Stadium, Jacksonville

It certainly will be interesting to see how Canada step up to the plate after a year back in the International Scene. One interesting Story that cam out with chatting is some of the issues that they have had with Union up there. Basically, as with everywhere, Rugby Union seem to try and make life as difficult as it can for Rugby League. The Photographer for the Wolverines used to be the Canadian Union photographer till he started with League. Last weekend he was saying that he was given a frost reception at a game after many years of service because he is working with the League team. Another funny story, or a sad one for the Union guys is that there is the Toronto Rugby Union complex that has 6 beautiful pitches and a club house that offers fantastic views on all six. However the club is going broke and is looking at selling the complex because they only use it once a weekend through the Union season… which is a short one. The Canadian Rugby League came in and asked if they could use one of the pitches for their games, and would pay them which would help them out financially… they were told thank but no thanks. Basically they’d rather shut up shop than have to take money from “Leaguies”. So an interesting state of affairs.

On another note the video of the USA v Jamaica match looks good, but I am getting my head around new editing software so it may take me till next week to start getting the highlights of the Atlantic Cup matches up on YouTube and Rugby League International Scores TV… That reminds me I have footage of the 2009 Euro Shield I need to do as well, and the International 9’s!

Injuries from the Match

So a few injuries to come out of last night’s match. How serious some are is yet to be determined. This is what I know so far:


Waine Pryce – ankle – unsure at the moment


Matt Thornton – Split Head – but expected to play

Taco Pope – Split head, 14 stitches  – but expected to play

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