RLIS TV – Germany vs. Serbia 2007 – Euro Shield Highlights

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week on Rugby League International Scores TV, highlights from the Inaugural European Shield Match in 2007 between Germany and Serbia played in Heidelberg, Germany.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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15 Responses to “RLIS TV – Germany vs. Serbia 2007 – Euro Shield Highlights”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    We need more games like this daniel and roll on tatarstan and catelonia

    • druzik says:

      In Europe there is a tone of these game. In 2007 was the first year where they started to get these tournamenst in place. 2008 saw 3 major tournamensts involving 8 nations in Europe… including Russia who won the Euro Med.

      2009 was a complete mess with the collapse of Russia that year and the RLEF position in Limbo for many months.

      Catelonia get games since they are the only region representing the sport in Spain, once another Spanish region starts playing league, catalonia will have to play under a spanish flag. This is partly the reason they dont have full recognition, they are not a country on their own. Again tartasan is part of Russia, they will come under the Auspices of Russia in a tournament.

  2. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well we been down this road before daniel because rugby league in russia will not work unless tatarstan comes in as a separate identity and the same with catalonia in reguards to spain.We agree to differ because rl will never make an impact in either spain or russia unless this happens but rl has always been a sport that cuts its nose to spite its’ face.That’s why the sport never ever makes an impression on the world stage and over the years it has had plenty of opportunity but it has been governed by the wrong people for far too long.Time for a change for the good of the game.

    • druzik says:

      Again, Tatarstan is not a country, and so by ripping out a massive chunk of player pool from one country to form a regional team is insane. Catalonia at the moment is tolerated because no one else in Spain is playing league, but as soon as a Madrid team come in or some other region, Catalonia will have to play under a Spanish flag… dems is de rulz.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Tatarstan has been in 2 tournaments as a separate identity in 1999 at a student tournament in italy where they finished 3rd and of course in the most successful student world cup of all time in kazan in 2001 where they played in front of thousands and thousands.Beat that.

    • druzik says:

      … and it does not mean it was the right thing to do… how do you know that that wasnt an underlying cause of the schism… creating a rift in a national team that should have been unified.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    If the university rl world cup is ever in kazan again tatarstan will come in as a separate identity and will not come under the umbrella of russia just like it was in 2001 at the europa cup which was the most successful university tournament in history where thousands and thousands not only turned up at the games but over 100,000 people welcomed the teams at the volkzahlah which is railway station in the city centre.We aren’t going to give this up at any price because of fycking wankers from nz fycking up russian rugby league in 2004 when it was in full swing with money coming out of its’ ears and you can’t blame one person for all of this in shape of eugeny kelabanov.Rl is a sport that must crawl before it walks and catalonia will also come in as a separate identity as well daniel.The latest bully here in nz is that the maoris will gatecrash the next world cup and come into it again i give you the tip.Go to http://www.truthweekender.co.nz and read joesph lose article daniel and i tell you right now daniel the maoris will come back into the fold and get what they want i give you the tip.
    It’s not only in georgia that people want money in reguards to rl it’s the world over i’m afraid.Here in nz it’s rampant because the auckland mafia under sideshow sel known also as the dalmatian bricklayer still run the game and the nzrl are only pumpets on a string.Talk about the tail wagging the dog.And when kazan went to italy in 1999 it wasn’t a rift in rrl at all because the government of tatarstan financed the whole thing and rl is a sport that is not blessed with a large amount of resources and everyone things a blind eye when the european celts come into european contests

    • druzik says:

      A University RL WC, if its Uni students from countries competeing… cannot be seprate regions they have to fly under a national banner… same as any other international competition.

      Chris tatarstan is not a country. Its that simple. they cannot compete in a world cup, as Cataloni and the NZ Maoris can’t. they are not separate countries. Can you not understand this?

      Again I dont think it was the NZRL that stuffed the Russian RL…

      gerorgian RU was using league as a means to getting money into union, they had no interest in league outside of that from what I have been told by many many people that dealt with that situation.

      Chris you need to stop living in 2001-4. You need to deal and look at the here and now and where things are going in the future.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well people turn a blind eye to european celts,the aborigines,the maoris and pirla.Russia has 140 million population and tatarstan with the same population as nz is not huge so it’s not a massive chunck of the population at all.What do you want daniel? rl in tatarstan or no rl at all and the same could be said about chechyna and what about alex kolikov’s crowd in baku where they have 8 rl clubs now up and running.

    • druzik says:

      I want the game where ever people want to have it. but it all has to be within the rules and regulations of the game and also the International community. By having Tatarstan seperate its saying we have one rule for them and another for everyone else… which is the opposite to what you have been moaning about… you actually are contradicting yourself with this stance.

      Tatarsatn and Chechnya etc… are all part of Russia, any players from there in an international competition have to play for Russia! End of story, its how every other sport has it.

      If Tatrsatn and Chechny were to become completely separate COUNTRIES then they can compete as separate countries.

      I would have thought this is a very obvious distinction Chris.

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Then we agree to differ because chechyna was never ever russian territory in the first place as it was annexed by russia after the first world war and stalin also used it as a concentration camp prior to the 2nd world war and then displaced the subject people to siberia when germany invaded russia in 1941.How come greece can participate in the university rl world cup of 2008 despite the fact that they had and still have no domestic competition of their own and are only propped up by australians.I don’t care how other sports have it or how they operate but what are you going to say daniel when the maoris come back into the world cup proper which is the big talk here in nz.If rl is going to survive it has to think outside the square for a change otherwise there is no hope with the same idiots still running the game and with all their chronies coming back into the game just looking for the freebees.Go to eden park next week[you and david should come down} and look at the bludgers rubbing shoulders with the coperate sponsors and the nzrl officials and some of the employees in the vip lounge.The life members the people who have worked hard for the game over the years by laying the foundations down haven’t been given an invite at all.Is that right daniel?And what happened with the rules and regulations in reguards to uate daniel but if uate went from australia to tatarstan or chechyna all hell would of broken out.The wankers running the game see what they only want to see daniel.Where’s the consistency in it all?There’s none.No wonder the rugby union crowd are laughing their tits of at our expense and time to clean out the whole administration in england,nz and australia.We have had a gutsful.

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And lets get it right for the umpteenth time daniel.It was the wankers from the nzrl in 2004 the most corrupt and evil regime in history of the game who fycked up russian rl and who have you been listening or talking to danniel?Who was it then daniel?You seem to know more about it than me. Egueny Kelabanov.I tell you who it was.It was ivvy bennet wife of sel bennet a convicted fraudster who pinched pockie machine money and elena levina Kamaldinov’s pa both of whom knew fa about the game but both were power crazy and try to run rrl to suit themselves.Blame it on 2 women because it was 2 women who indeed fycked it all up but it didn’t help matters when the 2 sels and 2 mcgregors underminded it all in the background which caused kelabanov to get his nose out of joint especially when bob bailey was brought in to replace kelabanov as national coach which led to a political coup against kamaldinov and dolgan.Why aren’t sel and ivy bennet still running the game here in nz today?about time you went to russia to get the full facts and not to listen to 2nd or 3rd hand rubbish from the poms and others especially the likes of that gutless wonder bowes on the other rl chatlines sites where everyone writes under a nome de plume.Only spinner howland and joel morgan write under their own names on that particular site.Subject closed because it’s now in the past and the game in russia is struggling on its’ knees and where is sel and ivy bennet now daniel.They are no longer interested because there is no money in the russian game anymore and i guess that’s the power of money.Money talks and bullshit walks.

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And who are these people saying that the georgians were only interested in getting money in reguards to playing rl.Name them They weren’t the only ones who were intereted in money in that part of the world.The whole nzrl board of control were only interested in rrl in 2004 when they all smelt kamaldinov’s money and hence decided to jump on the bandwaggon looking to line their own pockets.It all ended disastrously in jan 2005 in moscow as you are well aware.And sel pearson the executive chairman of the nzrl at that time was the architect of all of this and today he’s the godfather of the auckland rugby league mafia here in the district league of auckland the man who threatened to knock me out cold in the old el nino pub in new market.Pearson and i are bitter,bitter rivals and we’re both half dalmatian and it’s very much a case of who’s top dog whether it’s pearson the dalmation pedigree a dog who can’t or won’t change its’ spots or if it’s me the half bred dalmation american red indian cross bred momgrel.There’s bad blood between us[Me and sel pearson]because we both hate each others guts and here in nz league circles it’s a case of dog eat dog because that’s the nature of the politics of it all i’m afraid.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    So kalingrad russian territory as well daniel.I thought it was pinched from poland,just like tatarstan was pinched by ivan the terrible from the tatars in the 1550’s and chechyna was also pinched by the russians just after the ist world war.

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