Photos from Wales Matches

Photos by Ian Lovell

Ian Lovell at Wales Rugby League has been kind enough to provide some of his photos he has taken.

Wales vs. Italy – Friendly – Wrexham, Wales

DominicNasso.jpg Dominic Nasso – Italy

FabioNannini.jpg Fabio Nannini – Italy

Scotland vs. Wales – European Cup Round 1 – Glasgow, Scotland

JordanJames.jpg Jordan James – Wales

LloydWhite.jpg Lloyd White – Wales

WalesCelebrate.jpg Wales Celebrates

AndrewHenderson.jpg Ian Henderson – Scotland

BenFisher.jpg Ben Fisher – Scotland

ElliotKear.jpg Elliot Kear – Wales
GarethThomas.jpg Gareth Thomas – Wales

Wales vs. Ireland – European Cup round 2 – Neath, Wales

GarethThomas.jpg Gareth Thomas – Wales

GregMcNallyGreg McNally – Ireland

MarkLennon.jpg Mark Lennon – Wales


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Welsh Rugby League –

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61 Responses to “Photos from Wales Matches”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    International football is what the game is all about and not just only a club thing

  2. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Good so i am not negative after all and if we had another johnny quayle a genuine league person rl will be played in over 100 countries by now,it will be a olympic sport,France and russia would of been strong as well as south africa,a american sl would of taken off,our game would of been in asia by now and all the idiots who use the game as a gravvy train to suit themselves wouldn’t of lasted.Simple.

    • druzik says:

      What Rugby league needs is independent leader(s), not aligned witrh any sort of nations and willing to stick up for rthe international sport. Weather they come from a RL background or not does not matter.

      They also need a strong business and management background, one where they know how to utilize and maximize the games assets, profits and losses.

      • superpaulia says:

        Richard Lewis is a strong leader who came to us with no baggage, with extensive management experience and has consistantly supported international RL.

        Things aren’t perfect but in my opinion reasonable progress has been made in the northern hemisphere.

        I can’t say the same about the southern hemishere. It seems to me that too many people in authority are more concerend about protecting their own positions than looking after the wider interests of the sport.

        The eligibility criteria farce is an good example. We all watched that famous Australian Timana Tahoo playing for the NZ Moaris over the weekend. At least we were spared irishmen Chris Bridge and Ben Harrison playing for England.

        These issues could easily be dealt with. The Australians prefer to muddy the eligibility water because it works to their advantage.

      • druzik says:

        Again the whole Tahu thing was a joke. He still can play for the Aussies because the Maori team is not a test team… so am not sure what the hell he is these days… I dont think he knows either!

        Europe and North America seem to be going to good places at the moment, but the pacific is a mess. the eligibility as you say is a complete farce in that it not enforced. The actual criteria is no different to any other sport but there are so many precedents set that anything can be done. Australia and New Zealand deliberately muddy it, and everyone knows it and the media love to support it. You only have to look at the Murdoch and Fairfax chronies to see that. may be rival media services but they all tow the same line.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    OK.Fair enough but who are these people that you talk about because only jim doyle measure up at the moment down under.I can’t see anyone in europe who’s capable and the new person in charge at the rlef is the wrong choice and his predeccessor rudd was a miserable failure when he was at the helm of the rlef.They need another sir david oxley to sort the mess out in europe and spinner howland is the perfect choice for america a great administrator in the making and he’s still playing.And daniel is it true that you also double up as a university professor?I heard it down the pub the other day.Perhaps our administrators should go to nightschool to learn some commonsense.

    • druzik says:

      You are wrong on Danny and Kevin.

      The sport Grew under Kevin and its too early to say anything on Danny, but I know Danny well and he has done a great job with the Lebanese. The fact he has quite them to take on the RLEF Full time is all credit to him. He has seen that it needs to be run independently.

      Chris you really need to think before you speak sometimes.

      But to answer your question…. its the $300,000 question… at the moment can’t see anyone.

      … and being sarcastic and pretentious towards me is not going to get you any point… or anywhere with anyone.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:


    • druzik says:

      I am sorry… but how can you not recognise that under Kevin the sport went from only 2/3 nations in Europe to now over 20 as not growing. Its not completely upto them on what happens with Russia. All nations need to stand up and be accountable. the Federations help where they can with the limited resources they have. As it was then the RLEF had bugger all funding itself. Most of the money Kevin gave out of his own pocket to fund tournaments and positions…. his own and his companies… and what did he get for it, death threats treated like crap by many administrators and stubborness from people who didn’t want to play by everyone elses rules and squander money away.

      In the end Kevin could not do that anymore and so he left. Danny has now come in, who I have seen do some great work over the years but time will only tell if he is up to the top job. i think he will be. So far things seem to running OK after a rough start for him at the start of the year. The RLEF now has money coming in independent of the RFL, which is waht they wanted so both parties are happy on that regard. The Mess in Russia is slowly getting cleared up. RLEF and RLIF reps have been there recently to assess the situation and the fact they have been allowed to play in the Euro Shield at least show confidence in the administrators that things are sorting out there.

      As for Loko… I have not heard them mentioned at all. vereya is the main team driving things along there now and am sure in time they will be able to step up. You never know Chris a domestic Kazan team still may eventuate… which can only be good for the Russian competition.

      Europe, Chris is in a very good spot at the moment, as opposed to the mess in the pacific… and it seems Australia and new Zealand want to keep it that way so they can still keep poaching players left right and center.

    • druzik says:

      and as for Russia seeing profits… when they show good financial structure and management I am sure they will see something.

      It will all depend on what nations are seen as important targets for the RLIF where the money will be spent. I know Fiji got some, $1million has gone on the Pacific and European Cups last year… which was able to bring in the sponsors this year to have an independent financed Euro Cup.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    By the way it’s not the $300,000 question but the $68,000 question.Ok daniel

    • druzik says:

      No, Colin Love for the 2008 WC was getting $300,000, and that was a gross undervalument for the position anyway. Other sports pay triple that for such a position. If the RLIF is to be taken seriously we have to spend decent money to have someone doing it full time.

      Hence its $300,000 at least as far as I am concerned.

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Lewis may of come from a different background but what has he achieved in europe and when i suggest things like catalonia and tatarstan coming in as separate identities which will save the sport in europe people continue to shout me down yet the maoris as a separate identity continue to play international games.One rule for one and a different rule for the other.But that’s rugby league though.

    • druzik says:

      The Maoris should not play internationals, thats the point, they should only be there for exhibitions like the aboriginal side.

      Tatarstan and catalonia will not save anything… there is a reason you get shoulted down because its an illogical argument. How can spliiting up a country work. catalonia will have to rebrand itslef as sapin eventually to get any formal recognition in the sport. Tatarstan is part of Russia end of story. If they want to play they play under the auspices of the Russian federation.

      Lewis has achieves heaps in Rugby league. If you want to have blinkers on and not look at the RFL and super leagues so be it… but till you put things into perspective you cant expect people to take you seriously out there.

  7. Anthony says:

    Anyone know where to get that new Wales jersey it look’s great.

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:


  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Harrison and bridge can still play for great britain superpaulia

    • druzik says:

      England and Great britain are two separate things.

      Superpaulia is talking about the English squad and not the GB squad. Any English, Welsh, Scott and Irishman is eligible for the GB team.

  10. superpaulia says:

    I personally don’t mind if Harrison and Bridge want to be Irish or English, Hayne wants to be Fijian or Australian, Jennings wants to Tongan or Australian … etc

    I just think they should be consistant.
    Iestyn Harris is from Oldham but considers himself Welsh. Fair enough because he’s stuck with it.

    Kieren Cunngingham (from St Helens) has consistantly represented Wales. No problem.

    It’s the players who regularly swap nationalities that annoy me. More importantly, the RL authorities who allow this to happen for selfish reasons, destroy our credibility and undermine attempts at expansion

    • druzik says:

      That has always been the issue.

      But the reason why players look to swap alegiences is that the other teams dont get enough high quality games, hence they want to swap. By providing tournamenst where Ireland come up against england players will have a less incentive to swap, in fact anyone who feels more Welsh or Irish etc… will have no reason to swap since they now get to play the best.

      Since wales started playing the English two years ago notice their players are not swaping now because they are getting to play a high quality team.

  11. aidenburke says:

    Chris Bridge played for England in the mid year test against France.He was also named in the 4 nations squad but pulled out as his partner is due to give birth. Great work druzik,I am in awe of the amount of work you do for IL.

    • druzik says:

      Did he now…. There you go. But who do we crucify, the team, the player or the RLIF?

      Thanks for your words… I try my best. Everyone can do their little bit to help out the International game.

  12. Stu says:

    It’s a shame with the European Cup and 4 Nations warm up matches that we don’t get the highlights of these on TV (pay or free)in Australia. I particularly would have loved to see the France/Ireland game which apparently has a great atmosphere with over 14,000 fans in Avignon.
    International RL seems to me a lot stronger than it was 5 years ago. A well funded, well organised RLIF would help our international game take the next steps.

    • druzik says:

      Stu I had put web links up for the games on the world league radio link on the site. The French games are shown by DirectTV8 and is high quality stuff. The Avignion game was spectacular. It was great seeing a totally full stadium in France for an international again. I am hoping that the wales game this weekend in Albi will have a similar crowd, though the stadium is a bit smaller.

      Unfortunately the media in Australia treats any game outside of the NRL with disdain, you talk to many Fans, commentators and even players and they just have no respect for it… till this attitude changes we will always struggle.

      But you are right, it is in a better place, but there is a long way to go. The eligibility needs to be sorted out, that is enforced properly, for it to be really big. The RLIF first needs to become independent and not have the current conflict of interest.

  13. Stu says:

    Am I right in thinking that Direct8 only has a live feed option and you can’t watch games at a later time?

    My trawling of French media sites gave me little indictation that the France/Ireland match was much reported on (despite the crowd). For example, Orange Sports, a sponsor and broadcaster for the FFR13, has no mention of league at all.

    I agree aboout league fans and the media in Australia. It’s a shame because I think the international game has some great stories. Thinking of what happened to league in Vichy France, the creation and growth of domestic comps in Lebanon and the USA, and the potential of PNG to be a powerhouse of the game.

    • druzik says:

      I think that is correct, its a live feed only with no replays… well none I have been able to find.

      As for the media attention, that is disappointing if it didn’t get the run it deserved. I fell a Europ nations cup win, 4 nations win and a world Cup win would be the only way they would get back into the media attention. I hope its not the FFR13 being lazy again.

      In reality, since the mid 80’s we should have at least 10 strong nations playing regularly. PNG and Wales have been playing but not given enough opportunity to get regular gigs. Then not to take advantage of the Tonga/Samoa/Fiji and Cook islands train with players and team in world cups also was dissatrous.

      Then let alone not being able to get the Russians up to speed through various mean. As you would have read from Chris Sanders on here, there were some massive opportunities with the Russians missed, a real shame…. they are litterally back to square 1 now, lets hope mistakes are not repeated.

      • Stu says:

        Then I’ll have to get my lazy carcass out of bed for France v Wales this weekend!

        I agree, it is very sad about Russia. An oppotunity lost.

        I also agree about Tonga/Samoa/Fiji hopefully regular competition via the Pacific Cup and the lure of a 4 Nations berth will will go a long way to recifying this.

        I would love to see a independent RLIF, with an independent head and board, funded by and equal contribution by Super League and the NRL, World Cup profits and a percentage of gate takings/profits from international games between the top 3 nations.

      • druzik says:

        I will answer to your last part here.

        No you don’t want the NRL and ESL giving money to the RLIF… if anything it should be the other way round. Otherwise they still will hold the International game at ransom and still dictate things.

        Basically what you want is to have the RLIF organize and run cross continent tournaments like the World Cup and the 4 Nations. They get a small percentage of money made from the gates, but they make their big money of selling the TV rights and sponsorship. Then you have the regional federations do similar for the Regional cups, e.g. RLEF organizes and makes money on the European Cup, Euro Shield, Euro Bowl etc…

        You then have the RLIF and Regional federation give out grants to their constituent nations to help out with any other overheads etc… of course all within reason, you dont want to be wasting money. But by having independence and accountability, thats how you get everyone getting stability.

        See with what you suggest, there still is a notion of have’s and have not’s, and this is precisely what we need to try and get away from. In the international arena… playing ability aside, no team be it the Kangaroos, Russia, America or Estonia should be treated differently in how they interact in the international Rugby league environment.

        The way i envision it – you have the RLIF board of 4 independent members, President, Vice President, Secretary/development officer and treasurer. You then have three regional areas Pacific, Europe and Atlantic represented with two members with voting right in each. The regional federation members would come from the nations involved in those regions.

        I would also have the RLIF members there on a 4 year cycle while the Regional members on a 2 year cycle… this is done in many European parliamentary systems and should minimize any potential corruption by not having the same guys there all the time.

        Anyway that is a rough idea I have, I still do need to refine it some more.

      • druzik says:

        … and yes you will need to drag your but out to watch it… but the last two have been worth it. I have been impressed with the French for 3 reasons:
        1. They played great flowing Rugby league when the conditions were good
        2. They were able to grind out a win when the conditions were bad
        3. They put teams to the sword and didn’t hold back or fall behind when there was a big score imminent.

  14. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I can’t help it that people down the pub listen to your radio show as well as read your internet site on rugby league and that you have been a success in rugby league unlike others who have been miserable failures.In fact daniel you have been far too successful for your own good because a lot of the officals here in auckland hate this site because we are starting to get under their skins.That’s the whole idea of this site and that’s is to make an impact on the officals and undermine officals that aren’t there for the good of the game but only there for the free pomp and ceremony.The game is not all about me and them but others as well and my job is to ensure that the good jobs go to the right people which hasn’t been the case since 1992.Daniel I am a man of only a few words but i got pissed off when the wankers from the nzrl board of control in 2004 came in behind me in reguards to russia jumping on the bandwaggon undermining everything just to suit themselves which put the international game back years and years.Talk about pigs around a trough.The fact that we have lost georgia,austria,moldovia and tatarstan should not be overlooked and we about to abandon russia as well.The fact that the people from locomotive are still hanging around saying that they are legally in control of the game in russia doesn’t help matters either.Produce the evidence that the locomotive club have got 4 senior sides in a proper competition and a junior programme in place and i quite glad in some ways that the money from the wold cup profits has been frozen because if it got in the hands of the people from locomotive it would of funded their rugby union programmes instead which would of made rl look quite stupid.

    • druzik says:

      So which pub is this?

      If you were being legit, I appologise for misinterpreting it then.

      Well I am not sure that I have been successful yet. Certainly many people know of the site I am sure, the monthly statistics tell me this, but how much of a further impact that is having I don’t know.

      I certainly have not had anyone from the New Zealand or Auckland board approach or Talk to me. In fact the only time I have ever been able to have direct contact with the kiwis was on their 2007 tour in paris when I got to meet Andrew Chalmers and Ray Haffenden at the team hotel after the near disastrous match.

  15. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Rugby league in russia has also cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars out of my own pocket as well over the years trying to spread the gospel of league in russia tatarstan siberia where women’s rugby league is also strong and the ukraine and i have put thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands into my club the ellerslie eagles here in auckland which is more than what the auckland rugby league have ever done for our club,i have also had death threats against me as well as well as death threats against my 86 year old mother especially when i exposed the corruption that exisited in the game between 2001 to 2009 to the government authorities. The rugby league thugs also threatened to burn my house down but they don’t scare me.I stand up to be counted for the good of the game.I gave all the information to the ceo of the nzrl jim doyle to show him what’s gone down.

    • druzik says:

      Well I sympathise with you that you lost money on it. Death threats are never good, I got a couple a few years ago, but this guy seemed to go away and I think he was caught out by others and taken to court.

      I hope you were able to deal and take them to the police. Death threats should never be allowed.

  16. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I got the wrong end of the stick daniel because when you mentioned the $300,000 dollar question i didn’t realise that you were referring to colin love but i thought you were using it as a figure of speech.Sorry.They usually say a $64,000 dollar question when it comes to a figure of speech and even i got it wrong with 68 thousand dollars.Ok.

    • druzik says:

      I think the figure of speech usually refers to what ever the value is of what you talk about… e.g. in Fusion circles we always talk about Fusion or ITER being the $20 billion question.

      Anyway, yes Collin Love got $300,000 for running the world Cup. I know some people in the English Rugby Union’s that have said their CEO’s get around $100-150,000 a year to run the games there, so I would thing the head of an International federation to oversea the sport worldwide should get at least double that?

      Eitherway, the position should be a paid full time one and the person independent of any of the national bodies.

  17. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It was only julia bennison and tas that went there earlier in the year to try and sort out the mess insigated by the russian rugby union which deregistered rugby league as a sport within the russian federation because they still see rrl as a threat but where’s the follow up daniel?As far as kazan is concerned it will never ever be the centre of rugby union in russia and the russian president plus the minister of sport wouldn’t know anything about rugby union let alone league.In fact the minister of sport went on record as saying in that rugyby union and football[soccer] are brothers.Shows how much he knows.One is a round ball the other oval.

    • druzik says:

      Union always has and always will see league as a threat, they have seen what can happen in Australia and in the past France and they are scared.

      If League ever gets its act together it can really swamp Union.

  18. dragons4eva says:

    Some good photos Druzik.

    Thanks for the uploads

  19. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Those things have been happening to me for and years and years since 1992 when the rats first starting coming into the game here in nz and during the superleague wars where i made lifelong bitter,bitter enemies because good salt of the earth rl people like myself were starting to exposed their rackets and money laudering schemes in reguards to pockie machine monies.Hence i never go to the cops because i always take the law into my own hands and whenever i go i always carry weapons with me.When i gave jim doyle a mountain of correspondence about the corruption in the game to show him what has gone down, he remarked that it was very very heavy stuff but if i got plenty to say and it’s indeed true then i stand up to be counted.Threats don’t worry me at all and i do feel for you and ya mate kevin rudd because you people deserve far better treatment than that.Here in nz ever since i was a player in the 70’s, the league crowd have always treated me like shit and in russia kamaldinov’s crowd also treated me like shit as well but i thrive on that and turn it around to my advantage.If kevin rudd got threatened i know where it would of come from because i don’t believe it would of come from latvia,estonia or the ukraine and it wouldn’t of come from tatarstan as well.Once more i feel sorry for kevin and we now have to get behind danny in europe because he has to go russia right away. dino vikas from russian rugby league has got a junior development plan in place as well as a sound financial structure and the people from locomotive should have nothing to do with it now.Simple.That’s tass’s call.

    • druzik says:

      It happens to anyone that starts to get anywhere. but administration aside, you will be surprised at how many fans of other codes have an issue with the sport expanding, Union and soccer fans when I started to put up my youtube stuff really started to lay into me.

      But the most disappointing thing was our own fans, well in particular NRL fans, coming on and putting the teams down. As if a team in Germany had no right to play Rugby league. This is the bigotry that needs to be fought… In many ways its a more important fight than any with the administrations.

  20. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Daniel i hope you come to nz next year and meet andrew chambers because i am a chambers man and if it wasn’t for him nz would of never,ever of won the world cup.He’s a brillant man and it’s a well known fact in league that the boss of maori rugby league howie tamati wants a maori on the nzrl board of control and andrew fits the bill in my book.People say that he has got plenty of baggage from the past but so has cameron mcgregor the boss of auckland rugby league who was the accountant for all the crooks including selwynn pearson who is employed nowadays as special projects manager for the arl but spends most of his time in the pubs around ellerslie,royal oak,epsom and new market cas all the publicans know him yet the whole irony of it all,it was pearson who got chambers on the board of the nzrl as an independent director in 2004 when pearson himself was the executive chairmam.

    • druzik says:

      Chambers or Chalmers??? Chalmers used to be the NZRL boss but I think under him it all went to hell, he was sacrificed under that investigation last year.

      Well, I would love to come to NZ in general for a holiday let alone watch rugby league, one day Chris, one day. A board needs to have representatives from all the major demographics, if what you say is trues then its surprising and disappointing that there is no Maori member on the NZRL board. As you say maybe Chambers is the man to do it.

  21. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I don’t mind about putting my money into the game because it’s my passion and ever since i was 4 i dreamnt about rugby league becoming a super power sport in the former soviet union and also in my mother’s homeland the former yugoslavia.I also put thousands and thousands of dollars into my local rugby union club here in auckland to show that i’m not one eyed or biased and also supported soccer as well.I watched the first game of rugby league in 1958.

  22. superpaulia says:

    Regarding your proposed structure of the RLIF.

    Didn’t the “Super League International Board” in the 90s try someothing similar?

    It didn’t work because the Australians would not give up their power and allow themselves to be outvoted.

    As you so rightly say, we need an independent, financially secure RLIF but the top nations will have to agree to it and to accept it’s authority.

    Do turkeys vote for Christmas?

    • druzik says:

      No not really, not to that extent. They wanted to get more internationals going, but it was still going to be run by their “mob” either way… well thats the way I understood it anyway.

      Look if things keep going the way they are, in several years the NRL will be like the NFL, a separate sport, and it will effectively break away from everyone else. You will end up with a fourth Rugby code.

  23. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Daniel you don’t need to apologise to me at all because i got broad enough shoulders to fight my own battles and that’s why i fall off side with the officials here and sometimes i can’t put things into words as clear as the others on this site and superpaulia is one brillant writer that springs to mind.

  24. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Superpaulia is right yet again.The people in this part of the world are terrified of losing their jobs because they all can’t get real jobs and see everyone as threats to their jobs,jobs that they aren’t capable of carrying out in the first place.That’s why the game in the southern hemisphere is in a real mess because the people in the corridors of power have no idea,are unemployable,aren’t worty of the dole and have more money than brains because they squander money away on share stupidiy like the nsw cup which is only pub footie.The people runing the game in the southern hemisphere are a waste of space and rugby league has nothing to show for its’ massive expenditure over the years.It has been a total disaster and time for new blood.

  25. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Sorry but it is chalmers but the people who are throwing the stones in glass houses, are the auckland rugby league under cameron mcgregor, the accountant for all the crooks.They are the problem here only because the clubs of auckland are still gullible enough to vote them back on every year and they [arl] do nothing for them which is the norm and the clubs deserve what they get.The corruption is still rampant especially with pearson involved in the game here in auckland and the nzrl won’t go back into the past to sort the problem out.

    • druzik says:

      Well I met Chalmers in Paris on 2007… he seemed a good guy… but all other reports I heard from people was that he didnt do a good job running the nZRL and basically was sacked?

      Any truth in this?

  26. C.T.SANDERS says:

    From 1992 to 2009 the game was run by no hopers only there for the free pomp and ceremony and living off the fat of the land and when a loudmouth reporter by the name of dale budge did an investigate report into nz rugby league’s contiuing woes he single out chalmers as the reason for the sport’s demise.Where are you now dale budge you motormouth?You know fa what went down and talk to tony wall because he knows more about it than you.Blaming it just on one person is not right and fair.It goes much deeper than that but at least chalmers could think outside the square unlike the others.They had no idea and it was largely thanks to chalmers why nz won the last world cup because he out manoeuvred or out thought the irlf.Chalmers was a visionary just like you daniel.He’s a brillant man but may of lacked direction and people like neville keisha and phil campbell took full advantage of his generousity when he was boss of the nzrl in getting free trips for them and their wives to go all over the world and when are they going to pay the money back to the nzrl.In a political coup orchestrated by the auckland rugby league you are right chalmers was made scapgoat and i feel it was revenge on what happened to the bennet’s because may of their supporters notably the auckland rl board itself and their cronies blamed chalmers for sel and poisonous ivy’s demise but they both fell on their own swords.There is a saying that if you live by the sword die by the sword.

  27. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Yes you are right daniel and you should come to nz next year to meet him because he has got plenty up his sleave unlike the others who wouldn’t have a glue or know the time of day.

  28. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Cas he has plenty up his sleeve and there is 2or 3 others that i want you to meet as well who will help you especially in reguards to america because one of them has big contacts in the states.I won’t reveal their identities online but i will e-mail it to you.

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