Photos from Wales Matches

Photos by Ian Lovell

Ian Lovell at Wales Rugby League has been kind enough to provide some of his photos he has taken.

Wales vs. Italy – Friendly – Wrexham, Wales

DominicNasso.jpg Dominic Nasso – Italy

FabioNannini.jpg Fabio Nannini – Italy

Scotland vs. Wales – European Cup Round 1 – Glasgow, Scotland

JordanJames.jpg Jordan James – Wales

LloydWhite.jpg Lloyd White – Wales

WalesCelebrate.jpg Wales Celebrates

AndrewHenderson.jpg Ian Henderson – Scotland

BenFisher.jpg Ben Fisher – Scotland

ElliotKear.jpg Elliot Kear – Wales
GarethThomas.jpg Gareth Thomas – Wales

Wales vs. Ireland – European Cup round 2 – Neath, Wales

GarethThomas.jpg Gareth Thomas – Wales

GregMcNallyGreg McNally – Ireland

MarkLennon.jpg Mark Lennon – Wales


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