No Rest for the Best

By Daniel Andruczyk

This weekend the best sport in the world continues to show off its talents. Not only are there the international tournaments continuing but the only Christmas Professional domestic comp is well into its season.


In France the fourth round of the Elite 1 was played. Carcassonne lost to Pia 26-33. Lezignan trounced the St Gaudens/Toulouse merger 76-6. Limoux and Villeneuve played out a thriller 35-28 and Montpellier went from 9th to 6th with their first win over UTC 26-20.Carpentras beat Avignion 34-26. The table stands now as:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Lezignan 4 4 0 0 0 136 12
2 Pia 4 4 0 0 0 101 12
3 Carpentras 4 3 1 0 0 50 11
4 Villeneuve 4 2 0 2 0 -11 8
5 Carcassonne 4 1 0 3 0 -17 6
6 Montpellier 4 1 0 3 0 -44 6
7 Avignion 4 1 0 3 0 -78 6
8 St Gaudens/Toulouse 4 1 0 3 0 -100 6
9 Limoux 3 1 0 2 0 -11 5
10 UTC 3 0 1 2 0 -26 4


The Semi Final of the Serbian Championships was played this weekend between second placed Red Star Belgrade against thirs Radnicki. In what was an absolute thriller of a match. Red Star seemed to have the match sealed up at half time with a powerful 24-6 lead but in what can only be similar to the ghosts of England on the weekend Radnicki came back to seal it all up 30-30 in full time. It too till the second half of extra time for Red Star to finally get the golden points with a try to seal it 34-30 and take a spot to meet the Cup champions Dorcol in the Grand Final.


The second round of the Canadian domestic season was played this weekend also. In the first round Toronto City Saints beat St Catherine Bobcats convincing and in the second round were able to repeat the feat once again beating the Bobcats 40 – 24.

The Canadian Atlantic Cup squad has been named. Players from three teams have been selected, the two canadian domestic teams and the Jacksonville Axemen. The team is: Tyler Allen (Toronto City Saints), Troy Bower (Toronto City Saints), David Burton (Toronto City Saints), Geoff Bylund (Toronto City Saints), Steve Conlon (Toronto City Saints), Christopher Diamond (St Catharines Bobcats), Shane Farrell (Toronto City Saints), Sam Fuimaono (St Catharines Bobcats), Eric Gibbons (Toronto City Saints), Cameron Grace (Toronto City Saints), Dan Gordon (Toronto City Saints), Dale Fitzgerald (Toronto City Saints), Christopher Fleming (St Catharines Bobcats), Marc Hanke (Jacksonville Axemen), Trent Hanson (Toronto City Saints), Josh In (St Catharines Bobcats), Rafal Kackzmarek (Toronto City Saints), Tom Kimball (Toronto City Saints), Steve Lamb (St Catharines Bobcats), Robin Legault (Toronto City Saints), Jamie Lester (Toronto City Saints), Tim Mason (St Catherines Bobcats), Henry Miers (Toronto City Saints), Adam Moody (Toronto City Saints), Najeeb Obaidi (St Catharines Bobcats), David Pearson (St Catharines Bobcats), Will Sorenson (St Catharines Bobcats), Jesse Walker (St Catharines Bobcats), Enoch Wamalwa, (Toronto City Saints), Matt Wyles (Toronto City Saints); Coach: Kieron Purtill, Assistant Coach: Jamie Lester

United States of America

With The Atlantic Cup approaching quickly, news this week has come through that there may be a Western Conference in the USA one day. Teams west of the Rocky’s are looking to set up with Denver and Seattle potential areas of expansion. If you are in the Seattle area then you can contact the Seattle Rugby League via this website link.

European Cup

The second match of the second round was played on Sunday between Wales and Ireland at the Gnoll in Neath. In front of a record 2,165 fans the Dragonhearts and Wolfhounds went to an absolute thriller. In what was a tit for tat try fest it took a field goal from Lee Briers 10 minutes from the end to seal the win. being 31-24 up, though Ireland did send a scare when they went over to go within 1 point and were pushing the line till the end. Wales finally prevailed 31-20 to set a juicy effective “final” against the French next Saturday in Albi.

Other Internationals

Four other internationals were played over the weekend. Malta took on Lancashire in Hamroun, Malta and the Ipswich Jets gave the Papua New Guinea Kumuls a hit out before the 4 Nations. Cook Islands played a NSW Country select and Fiji played a Bundaberg Cup select team.

The Cook islanders took on NSW country in Tamworth with Shane Hayne as the referee. As expected the Full International side beat the Country side 26-22 but it was a close one, 2000 turned up to watch this which is quite a healthy crowd. The Fijians took on the Bundy Cup team at Primrose Park at Wentworthville, Sydney. In an upset the Fijians lost to the Bundy team 22-16 in front of 500 fans.

The Kumuls took on Ipswich on the weekend in their 4 nations warm up. In front of a decent crowd of 1000 the Jets were leading 18-6 at half time, but as one expects the Kumuls were able to run away with it in the second half. From reports Gene had a good chat with them top motivate them. The Kumuls won 50-26 eventually. In Hamrun, Malta, the Knights took on a formidable Lancashire outfit. This essentially is the best of the Amateur Rugby League players in Lancashire and the locals got a display of clinical Rugby league from them. The English boys winning 60-0 in the end. the crowd there was similar to the Bowl match and was 233.

Atlantic Cup

Just a reminder that Rugby League International Scores will officially be at the Atlantic Cup, yes the flight and hotel are booked! I will be trying to get a live commentary over the radio done, but the game will be streamed over the web on the WeAreRugby website. I will also have almost on a daily basis match reports and interviews on this website from the matches and on location at Jacksonville, Florida USA!


The Maltese Rugby League have officially launched their membership drive. So if you or your business want to part of this exciting team in the world of rugby league then jump on the Malta Membership website and join up!

You have to Laugh

So the Wigan Athletic soccer fans are upset that Wigan Warriors won the Super League and the Council have acknowledged as much. You have to Laugh. Article here.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:

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26 Responses to “No Rest for the Best”

  1. PNG says:

    Hey druzick was at the game in ipswich and must say it was great the local people of ipswich as well as a large number of kumuls fans for a game being played outside of png had a fantastic time and created a great atmosphere.The kumuls had a very poor start to the game with some silly mistakes but after half time they were a completely different team and played very entertaining football .the score at half time was actualy 20-8 to ipswich and the ipswich team was a centenial select side with only four ipswich jets players in the side and the rest of the team made up from the local ipswich Agrade competition .PNG ran a less expereinced side in the first half to blood some debutants and give them more game time the team in the second half was alot closer to the side that played the pm13 and explains the blow out in the score line but in saying that the ipswich side were very good and if png kept the same side on in the second half as the first I’m fairly sure they would have been beaten badly I fear what the kangaroos are going to do to us but the team will not shy away from the challenge and will give it there all I think if things go our way we can put in a real good show against england just like in the 08 worldcup maybe even beat them (we beat great britain once in a testmatch) maybe history can repeat

    • druzik says:

      Mate it sounded like it was fantastic. I saw some comments from Gene that in the 1st half some of the players didn’t take things seriously and he ripped into them at half time which seemed to get them to play serious.

      Truth be told I am more pleased with this Kumul side than one with NRL and ESL players, its giving the talented local boys a run, a dream for them and that is what its all about as far as I am concerned.

      By the way you dont know the Grand final result from the weekend…. have not been able to find anything about it!

  2. C.T.SANDERS says:

    At least the people in ipswich saw a touring side like png by playing a local team unlike here in nz but when i become boss of auckland rugby league we will see more of this sort of thing after i boot the vulcans into the rl dustbin for good.

    • druzik says:

      PNG should have played Fiji, England should have played Tonga or Cook islands and Australai should havehad a run against the remaining team.

      Once the 4 Nations started then you could have had Tonga, Samoa, Cook islands and Fiji have their own 4 nations as well as openers to the the 4 nations tournaments.

      • superpaulia says:

        Obviously, NZ and Australia are the favourites so who decided the match itinery? It was always likely that NZ & Australia might beat England and make the last weekend of matches irrelevant.
        The performance of the people in charge is inadequate

      • druzik says:

        True… it looks like a repeat of the whole World Cup, where England and new Zealand played each other twice in a week.

        It also could have come down to the availability of Eden Park… the Kiwis want that double header and it may have been the only time to do it.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well the administrators from the island nations have to be prepared to do some work for themselves and not to have their hands out for money all the time and leave all the work for the others

    • druzik says:

      Agree… no free handouts, the administration of any country need to show that they are doing the work… and so then if they need the extra bit of help they can get it. We can’t afford to just throw money around.

  4. Joel says:

    Well the iRFL – Italia Rugby Football League certainly doesn’t get handouts – as atm it is not even recognized – work all the way!

    • druzik says:

      Joel I know its a bit late but I will get that piece you sent me out today… I have been busy this weekend and things just didnt let me update as much as i wanted… you may have noticed on twitter I was quiet this weekend.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Italy were once a forgotten nation joel and if the english rugby league under bill fallowfield listened to ces mountford in that the italian rl should go professional in 1950 when wigan played a series of games against the italians there would of been no rugby union in italy today.League would of be the dominant code and yet the poms stuff up as they always do because they ignored ces’s advice. fallowfield and his cronies thought they knew best when they knew fyck all but today italy are back on track largely thanks to the good folk like you.Italy should go into an expanded european comp next year and in 2 years russia,serbia and lebanon should come into it as well.In rugby league tonga,samoa and the cooks seem to get all the favours where as the others get nothing.In sl people from the island nations don’t count on the overseas quota and that’s where favourtism comes into it.Italians that play in the sl comp should also be excluded from the quota because it’s an eec nation and a free gangway.In rugby league the islanders get more than a fair go i feel and they are always looking for handouts but aren’t prepared to work for them.And where did the sponsorship for this year’s 4 nations tournament come from joel?It just goes to show that italian rl is working for the good of the game but to a lot of league people out there the game seems to be all about whitehaven.It’s largelt thanks to this mentality why rl struggles.I rather see a club in the heartlands fall over rather than a country and a lot of rugby league folk are praying and hoping that russian rugby league falls over and goes away for once and for all.So that’s why i want italy to succeed and i know that ces mountford in rl heaven would want that as well because i knew ces personally,nz’s greatest ever rl player.

  6. superpaulia says:

    I’ve just watched the Australia v PNG match but where was the crowd? For an international match involving Australia to be played in Sydney (RL’s home city) in front of such a sparse crowd was embarrassing. Surely the ARL can promote International RL better than this. I hold Mr Carr and Mr Love responsible and their days must be numberered.

    I was also embarassed by the referee although it wasn’t really his fault. Every marginal call went to Australia resulting in a 12-2 penalty count in their favour. He was “neutral” because he was from NZ but Australiai have been allowed to veto referee appointments for years and it’s obvious who wields the power. The young man knows which side his bread is buttered

    Who appointed the video refs for the NZ v England match? It was unfair that NZ had a representative but not England

    • druzik says:

      The crowd was frigging terrible! and they wonder why they don’t want to have internationals in Sydney… So apparently 10,000 came out for the Samoa v Tonga match… funny that since the game was played in the middle of their heartland… but to have them leave afterwards, shocking. That crowd looked no better than about 5 k yet they gave it officially 10k.

      I haven’t seen what the advertising was like, but I think it is highlighting two things, that in Australia the fans are really only interested in the NRL and State of origin. I would have been interested to see to see how this would have looked like in Brisbane?

      The Video ref in international matches is actually two. you have a ref from each nation to make the decisions… well thats what is meant to happen officially… I thought there were two refs?

  7. superpaulia says:

    There were two video refs, an Australian and a NZer.

    After watching neutral refs work in every other international match recently I’ve just been told that Tony Archer is the ref for Australia v England. Back to normal.

    When was the last time Australia played an important international match with a referee they didn’t choose? I can’t think of one

    I could argue that Australian refs are not eligible to officiate in international matches anymore. They are used to working in pairs to a different set of rules.

    • druzik says:

      World Cup Final… Klein (English) and Ganson was the video ref…

      4 nations final last year was Leon Williamson (NZ), they had him twice and Steve Ganson (England) twice last year as well.

      • superpaulia says:

        Ashley Klein is not English, he’s Australian

        Klein/Gansen (at the time) were both from SL and in international matches they had to continually look over their shoulders at the Australians otherwise their career opportunities would have been severly limited.

        I don’t remember Leon Williamson taking charge of an important match involving Australia.

        I do remember the World Cup Final and it is the only time in the last 20 years I can remember a decision going against Australia in an important match. It resulted in the Ricky Stuart incident which was so ungracious and unsporting, it embarassed us all

      • druzik says:

        Klein was a super league referee at the time, it does not matter that he was an Aussie… well I dont think it hurt Kleins career since he is in the NRL now… I think you are reading a bit too much into that.

        I gave previous examples of where Leon Williamson took charge of Australian games in last years 4 nations.

        The Stuart incident was quite disgraceful.

  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And if we want to talk about the first decade of the 21st century daniel we can talk about argentina,austria,moldovia,russia,georgia and tatarstan,Time for a total cleanout of the australian,english,new zealand and irlf boards and throw in the nrl and auckland rugby league board of control as well.Time for new blood to drive the sport forward.

    • druzik says:

      well as I mentioned previously, it takes the right people with the drive to get it going.

      Argentina, I don’t know much about, there was a local comp in Buenos Aires for a few years but that seemed to have petered out in 2006.

      Austria just could not get any momentum going, they started basically at the same time as Germany and Estonia and the game has continued there as there are people willing to put the time and effort in… Austria I guess didn’t have anyone like that.

      Georgia, well from what I know and have been told, they never were really that interested in league, the union there just saw it a way to get money. When given an ultimatum to set up a proper board and show a business plan to get further funding they decided to shut up shop.

      Moldova, you probably know more than me on that one.

      Russia, we have been debating this for Eons

      Tatarstan is NOT a country, they belong to Russia.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    What about the lost opportunities in 2 french provinces in both madagascar and viet nam in the 50’s daniel. believe that madagascar will come back into the reckoning again and now the time is right to clean out the australian,the english rfl and the nzrl boards to give the game a fresh start otherwise rl will never,ever reach its potential.Out with the old in with the new.That’s the motto.

    • druzik says:

      I have very little info on those. All I know about Madagascar was that in a 1950’s Rugby League year book there was a mention of one game played there and I have nothing on Vietnam… considering that Vietnam was in a full on war from 1946-54 with the French and then 1955-75, I find it a bit hard to believe.

      I am finding it hard to see how a clean out of the NRL, ESL and NZRL is going to get the game going in say Vietnam or Madagascar… they have nothing to do with each other. there needs to be someone locally to get it going, if not no matter what the sport wont start up magically out of nowhere.

      • superpaulia says:

        With great respect, I do not accept that an Australian (Ashley Klein) can be classed as a neutral referee in a match involving Australia. I don’t think he has worked on the international stage since the World Cup final and nobody can blame him after what happened

        I do accept that Leon Williamson was the referee in last years Four Nations Final and this was an important match. A neutral official in an important international match involving Australia is a rare event and it only happens after a great deal of hand wringing by the Australian officials so the referee in question knows exactly what is expected of him.

        All referees in international matches should be neutral. The appointment process should be transparent, overseen by an independent RLIF and there should be heavy sanctions against any individual/organisation which tries to interfere.

        Last week, the English could quibble about how the slight Kevin Brown couldn’t avoid touching the huge Greg Eastwood who was going in the wrong direction and couldn’t get to the ball anyway. However, there was a neutral referee and decisions have to be made.

        Likewise, Monsieur Goulding was unhappy about the last minute penalty that cost the French so much but again there was a neutral referee and there must always be winners and losers.

        Let’s hope we can say the same thing on Sunday when yet again an Australian referees an important match involving Australia.

      • druzik says:

        Well, we shall agree to disagree on Klein. I think it was an OK appointment, and Ganson was the video ref, and the touchies were also neutral I believe.

        Yes I agree that we need neutral referees, but once again you get the situation where the aussies will come in and influence the RLIF (i.e. ARL/NRL) and get their way.

        The problem is outside of Williamson and Thieri Alibert, and a couple English refs like Benthem, Ganson (when not in gaol), who else is there… Aussie refs…. that is the issue. I think there needs to be an international referees academy, where there are refs from various nations being brought up to standard.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    When i become boss of auckland rugby league we will be having teams touring the world over exporting the brand name of auckland rugby league because we are the richest rl in the world and richest sport in the whole of nz yet hardly anyone plays the game here.The officials are only using the game to suit themselves and they sucking up to the people who run the warriors a private liability company that has nothing to do with the auckland rl or even the nzrl.Again a waste of time.Even if we go into new horizons playing half a game of rugby and half a game of league so be it but it was good that the cooks played a nsw country side recently which drew a great crowd unlike the vulcans here in auckland which plays in front of fyck all.Money going out of the game.

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    RL started fron nowhere in russia,moldovia,ukraine,georgia,usa,morrocco,azerbijian[alex kolikov is in charge there]serbia,norway,sweden,tatarstan,catalonia,germay.czech republic,canada,south africa and it goes on and on but people in the north of england,nz and sydney aren’t interested in the growth and development of the international game daniel because they are too busy looking after their own jobs or ripping the game off like sideshow sel is doing here in auckland

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