Food for thought…

By Daniel Andruczyk

So a short, yet interesting post today, I hope. I got an email from John Slade at Estonian Rugby, so over there the governing body covers not only Union but League as well. The email is about Russian Rugby Unions search for players for their team in the Union World Cup.

“Any New Zealand based rugby player – or indeed anybody from Estonia, if they are willing to travel – who has at least one Russian grandparent and the paperwork to prove it is invited to participate in a couple of trial games overseen by Russia’s coach Steve Diamond and his assistants Henry Paul, the former England and Gloucester centre, and Jos Baxendell, the ex-Sale stalwart.

Helpfully for Diamond, the International Rugby Board eligibility regulations stipulate that a Russian grandparent includes any individual who was born in the old Soviet Union and were citizens of that nation, even though they might effectively come from one of the ‘new nations’ that subsequently separated from the mother country. The net can be cast very wide indeed.”

… and people criticize Rugby League for having heritage players. Interesting food for thought.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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6 Responses to “Food for thought…”

  1. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Russia would need all the help they can get in reguards to the rugy world cup next year because they will get done like a dinner and henry paul couldn’t teach a pig how to roll in shit.Tell me what coaching he has done?

  2. Ashley says:

    Russia were crushed by the England reserves so I don’t see how they’ll cope in the WC. Just as many huge beatings in union as league.

    • druzik says:

      Hence why they are scouring the ex-pat community and heritage players…. thing is once thopse players play for russia they wont be able to play for anyone else… that is the difference in league and Union.

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    They may get big beatings in league ashley but if the rlef could their job properly and if the rlif showed any interest and if the right people went in there for all the right reasons in 2004 russia would of been a top nation by now.That’s why we need a total clean out of the rlif,rfl,arl and the nzrl otherwise the sport will never,ever reach its’ potential.As far as russia is concerned in rugby union,russia will never ever make it to the olympics,kazan will never ever be the centre for rugby like all the politicians think it will be and it will be a flop because too many of their genuine people at the grassroots have walked away in their droves.Now russian rugby union is being propped up by foreigners just looking for the money.

    • druzik says:

      Couple comments here Chris,

      First, in the end if the ARL, RFL, NZRL need a clean out, that is for them to decide, I am interested in the international game. So for me yes I agree, the RLIF needs a massive clean out, it needs to be independent, once that happens the International game will get back to some strength I feel. We cant have people that run the ARL, RFL, NRL and NZRL also run the RLIF.

      second…. I know you have lots to say…. but bombarding me with a tone of comments wont get you anywhere… simply because I just don’t have the time to have to go back and re-read every singe blog, post and comment to be able to reply… try and get all your comments and ideas to a few posts in what ever the latest few blog posts are… The last two days you have put in something like 34 posts in posts going back to last year… and as I would love to go and reply to each one, I just physically can’t. Also you are washing out everyone else’s comments, I have to go back through pages and pages of your comments to find if anyone else has commented. So please just understand this Chris and be a bit considerate of not only myself (I do have a full time job) and others who may want to have a say. We all recognise your right to have a say, but in the process also make sure everyone else also can.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I am not stopping people from writing whatever they want on any subject in reguards to rl but if people are too scared to say what they think or won’t put their real names to the postings i can’t help that either
    What i say is the truth and no lies and i don’t write under a none de plume unlike others.I spoke to your mate tas last week for an hour and he knows me well.When it comes to russia and nz i am the big expert.I have the field experience,knowledge, an expertise.Here,people are too scared to speak their mind because the game in auckland is still run by thugs who rule with fear.That’s a fact.I know i am starting to get under their skins and your site will only become more popular
    Pearson drinks in the cock and bull talking a lot of cock and bull,lube bar,alexandra park,bradshaw st,post office and a few bars in parnell and is well known by many publicans because not only is he a drunk but i also got a russian spy following him around.He still runs the whole game here in auckland and nz because the nzrl and the politicians fear him.

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