The Song and Dance for Another Year – Sponsor Opportunities for Russia

By Daniel Andruczyk

A fairly long blog post, so please bare with me. A few more nations domestic season are coming to an end or have their grand finals ready. A few play-off series have begun as well. Rugby League on show in Munich, Germany and this past weeks Rugby League nations are starting to release their squads for the upcoming Autumn/spring internationals and the usual shenanigans of country swapping has begun.

Australia – NRL

The play-off finals are in full swing in the NRL. There were some potentially juicy match up’s and they did not fail to live up to expectation. The first match was Gold Coast Titans against New Zealand Warriors, where the Titans showed that they are a contender for the grand final. Despite the Titans taking an Early lead and then a fight back in the second half The titans were able to come out winners 28-16 winners. Saturday saw one of the most thrilling matches all year. There has been much complaint this year that the NRL was bland, but certainly the Wests – Roosters game was anything but! For 60 minutes the Tigers pummelled the Roosters but it took just a couple of inspirational runs from Dally M winner Todd Carney to bring the Roosters to 14-15 of the Tigers. Then in a hit of the year, a tight head scrum and some desperate passing the Chooks snapped a field Goal in the last second to level it. In the next 20 minutes numerous shots on goat, it took an intercept try on the 100 minute mark to seal the roosters a win 19-15. Canberra then gave Wests a nervous wait by beating the Penrith in a high quality game 24-22 and finally, probably the only game to not go to the wire Manly’s injuries and suspensions were too great, they lost 28-0 against the Dragons.

So the Semi Finals are like this: Canberra host Wests in the Nations Capital and Sydney City will host Penrith. St George/Illawarra and Gold Coast have the week off and play the week after.

England – ESL

The super league also had some fantastic match ups. St Helens had a fairly easy run against Warrington winning 28-12. The Humberside Derby game the Rovers have bragging rights for another year over their cross river rivals. Hull Kingston Rovers won 21-4 over Hull FC. Huddersfiled and the Crusaders had an absolutre thriller. The Crusaders showed that they were no fluke to be in the finals. Taking the hits and dishing out the pain, they took an 8-0 lead into half time. But in the second stanza, down to 12 men Huddersfield were able to slowly claw their way to the fore winning it in only the last 10 minutes 18-12. Wigan and Leeds also had an absolute thriller with both teams just going tit for tat. In the end there was only a point in it, but not to the League leaders but to the past champions Leeds. Leeds took out the final 27-26. This means that Wigan will play Hull KR and Warrington and Huddersfield will fight it out. Leeds and St Helens have the week off and St Helens will have the option to choose their next opponents.

Papua New Guinea

The last round, round 18, of the Bemobile Cup was played over the weekend. Port Moresby 12-20 Goroka, Gurias 56-12 Lae, Mendi 26-12 Mt Hagen, Enga 44-28 Kundiawa, Capital City had the Bye. Final table standings are:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Mendi 18 11 1 3 2 42 27
2 Gurias 18 10 1 5 2 204 25
3 Enga 18 10 1 5 2 68 25
4 Goroka 18 10 0 6 2 187 24
5 Port Moresby 17 7 3 5 2 71 21
6 Kundiawa 17 7 1 7 2 -54 19
7 Capital City 18 5 1 9 2 -35 17
8 Lae 18 3 0 12 2 -166 10
9 Mt Hagen 18 2 0 14 2 -277 8

So Mendi gets then week off while Port Moresby and Goroka fight it out in one qualifier final and Enga and the Gurias in the other.


The Grand Final was played over the weekend with an upset happening. All season Saru had been the dominant team, however in the Grand Final Sabeto were much hungrier for the win and won the Championships 16-14 in a tight contest.

New Zealand

In the New Zealand Provincial Championships round 3 was fought out this week. Heartland 14-24 Auckland, Wellington 74-0 Northern, South Island 34-36 Waicoa Bay and Counties Manuka Bye. The table stands as:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Wellington 3 3 0 0 0 94 6
2 Waicoa Bay 3 2 0 1 0 -12 4
3 Counties Manuka 2 1 0 0 1 76 2
4 South Island 3 1 0 1 1 18 2
5 Auckland 2 1 0 1 0 -4 2
6 Heartland 3 0 0 3 0 -42 0
7 Northern 3 0 0 2 1 -150 0


The Jamaican Grand final was fought out between the Vauxhall Vultures and the Dunhaney Park Red Sharks. The Sharks have been trying to win this championships for a number of years and once again fell short to the Vultures losing 14-36.


The Russian Championship Grand finalists have been decided after round 8 results went as planned pretty much. The final sees Vereya take on Treshers after Vereya comprehensively beat Centaur 30-0 and Treshers beat Spartak 16-6. Originally there were 6 teams that took part with Dynamo and Nara being the others. A first Stage with 5 rounds was played with the top 4 going into a second stage. There were three more rounds played in this second stage which sees the current culmination. The final results tables was:

Team P W D L B PD Pt
1 Vereya 3 3 0 0 0 117 9
2 Treshers 3 2 0 1 0 -24 6
3 Spartak 3 1 0 2 0 -13 3
4 Centaur 3 0 0 3 0 -90 0

Russian Rugby League seeking Sponsors

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Due to the short time frame required for the sponsor logos to be included on the Russian Rugby League team uniform, all reasonable sponsorship offers will be considered. Russian Rugby League has a number of sponsorship opportunities available, so if you would like to find out more about our existing sponsorship proposals please contact us:,

Edgard A. Taturyan, President

Rugby League on the Streets of Munich

By Simon Cooper

Rugby League made its debut on the Leopold Strasse, which is one of the main streets in Munich this weekend. But it was in the form of Beach Rugby League at the Streetlife Festival. The rules were adapted to the small pitch with 4 v 4. There Just 4 tackles in a set and players having to go back a couple of metres instead of the normal 10. But the hundreds passing by and watching were enthralled by it all.


The 2 Munich Union teams actually organized the Beach Rugby Weekend with help from EK Design at the streetlife Festival. They kindly invited Rugby League Deutschland to use some of their  players to play a form of Beach Rugby League and have a Stand with Flyers and giving Free DVDs of NRL and Super League games to the passing crowd. Who says League and Union cant work together! A couple of guys who play Rugby League  joined the Union guys. And the players and the crowd were blown away and simply loved it! Its hoped that Rugby League and Rugby Union can work together more in the future and Rugby League Deutschland would like to thank the Rugby Union people in Munich  for giving us a chance to promote ourselves to the Munich public. Hopefully this can be the first small step to building finally a Rugby League team in Munich.


How Do We Stop the Farce?

By Daniel Andruczyk

Teams are starting to announce their squads for the up coming internationals. there will be about 8 weeks where 18/20 of the top nations will all be involved in some sort of tournaments and matches. Australia, New Zealand, England and PNG play in the 4 nations, while Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France play the European Nations. Samoa have some one off matches while Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands and NSW country will play on a 4 nations as wll, NZ Maori have a game, while Canada, USA and Jamaica have the Atlantic Cup and Itlay, Lebanon and Pakistan also have matches. But once again the three dominant nations in the antipodes threaten to make the whole international selection criteria an absolute joke.

Who has been selected

There are 4 players that this is centered around. The one that seems to have caused the most stir is the Fijian flyer Akulia Uate being selected for the Australian PMXIII to play Papua New Guinea in a couple weeks. Neville Costigan has also applied for and been rejected dispensation to join the Kumuls squad, a massive blow for them and also Tonga have lost Ukuma Ta’ai and Tony ‘T-Rex’ Williams to the Kiwis.

Tony Williams and Ukuma Ta’ai

Basically Williams and Ta’ai cannot play, and should not have even been selected in the Kiwi squad. They have no New Zealand links, having not even been born there and don’t have and grandparents or passports as far as I am aware. But most importantly they played last year for Tonga in the Pacific Nations cup which was a RLIF sanctioned tournaments. I mean the winners, PNG, went through to play in the 4 Nations.

Akuila Uate

Uate is in exactly the same position. He is Fijian, Fijian born and played for Fiji in the World Cup and the Pacific Cup. The last I saw you need to be not playing for internationals a minimum of 3 years before you can switch! I know what it is, New South Wales desperately needs a back with an X-factor. Hayne does not seem to be cutting it and Uate this year tore it up in the NRL despite playing for Newcastle who were in the bottom 8. If this is indeed the case what a sad indication of where Australian Rugby league is and what damage State of Origin is doing.

Neville Costigan

This is probably the only one I agree with. Costigan played for Queensland in 2007, as far as I know that means he is only eligible for Australia. Tough titties. He should never been allowed to play for the Kumuls. I know this may upset many of my fans from PNG but if we are to go by bthe rules then his 2008 selection was a farce. Now him switching back in 2009 to Queensland, effectively saying I want to play for Australia, not getting selection and now wanting to play for PNG again, that would make rep teams in two countries in one year. This is exactly what we don’t want. So for Neville to be denied the switch this year is the correct one.

Manu and Brough

Willie Manu and Danny Brough had the potential to go the same way. Though these two did make themselves available for England, the English have rejected their selection for the team. Brough has said that he will happily play for Scotland, where he should, though am not sure what Willie Many will do.

The Leaks

Steve Mascord recently wrote a blog on the selection criteria, where, much to my surprise he effectively said players should be able to play for multiple nations and that Rugby League is a Mickey Mouse sport, and until that changes the rules wont change. Well, sorry Syeve with that attitude and way of thinking we will never get out of being a Mickey Mouse sport.

In a more serious revelation, on the League Unlimited forum Nadera87 leaked an email from Richard Lewis where he effectively confirmed that Australia and New Zealand are rigging the international selection criteria to make sure they have the pick of the cream for themselves. Having a complete disregard for the International process. Part of this leaked email is:

“I completely agree with you – the international eligibility rules are totally wrong. I and the whole of the RFL have tried on numerous occasions to get the rules changed at international board level. We have failed because Australia (in particular) and New Zealand have an advantage by keeping the rules as they are, so changes are constantly filibustered out. It is also fair to say that the Pacific Island nations are divided over their view of the rules.

However until those rules change it is inevitable that England will “work” within those rules although again we shall do our best to keep it within the bounds of credibility.”

Everyone knows that out of the 4 RLIF executive, 3/4 are from the ARL/NRL/NZRL. The RFL have been working for a long time now, setting up the European Federation, to help spread and support Rugby league in Europe and the Middle East and recently have expanded to include helping the Jamaicans and Canadians. There is a massive conflict of interest here, how can people that run the game in their respective countries also be running the international game. We get situation like the selection criteria farces, Grannygate and The Moimoi affair. It seems the Pacific Islands are the ones that cop the bring of it.

But England is not completely absolved, with their selection of Willie Manu and also Danny Brough making himself available for England earlier in the year. However this week England did announce that Manu will not be selected and Brough has re-put his hand up for Scotland. Some sense coming to the front there.

The Fix.

So how do we fix all this? I guess in the end we have to look at what I feel is the root of all the problems. It goes back 20 even 30 years and that is to the tours. The three teams that dominate are Australia, New Zealand and England. All the money and power sits with these three superpowers of the sport. Players from any nation that wanted to play would always drift to them. With the advent of State of Origin and the way it was pushed it makes no wonder that players want to play in SoO and go to the big 3. Any professional athlete in any sport wants to compete at the highest level and against the best.

What is my solution. First we make proper regional tournaments. What I mean by this is that we don’t have second rate tournaments like the current European Cup. We should have had a proper qualifying process for all European Nations to play in it, this includes England and then have a finals which, if qualified, would include England. Similar would be for a Pacific Cup where New Zealand and Australia would compete against the likes of Tonga, PNG on a more consistent basis. The Atlantic Cup would be similar. You then provide the incentive that the top 2 or 3 nations go through to a 6 Nations, sort of like a Confederations Cup in Soccer, this effectively would be like the current 4 Nations but played every 4 years and the chance of getting different nations playing would be quite high. From there, there is a further incentive that these nations get qualification automatically to the world cup. The effect would be 3-fold on this:

  1. The “Lower Tier” nations get to play the top nations on 2-3 out of the 4 year cycle, remember there is also a World Cup qualification so Nations like Samoa and Tonga and PNG will be fighting to retain their stars, and with the top nations involved in these tournaments and the bigger sponsors bringing in money, these nations start getting pay days every year rather than every 4 years. With sponsors involved in qualifiers the money also would be spread among nations that don’t make the finals as well, they still were part of the tournament process.
  2. With the possibility of a pay check coming from say Tonga or Samoa and not just Australia, New Zealand or England, the players and Stars of these countries will have less incentive to switch. Lets face it, the reason why they switch is because the pay check is in those three countries and for many of them its the earning of the crust for the family back home why they switch. Give them another way to earn the crust legitimately through their home then they will stay home.
  3. The development of other countries. How I hear you say? Well with several levels of tournaments, the regional championships, the 6 Nations (and a secondary 4 Nations) and World Cup, nations can bid to host tournaments, starting with the smaller ones and then work their way up. If a nation can show that it can host say a regional championship, it can bid for a 6 Nations and then if that is successful can bid for a World Cup. This hopefully, like with the soccer and Union world cups can spur on the infrastructure development in some of the poorer nations. Rugby League, in absolute numbers may not be like Union or Soccer, but that could be its greatest asset. A nation like Tonga may be able to bid say for a tournaments , spring on the building of two or three 15-25 thousand seat stadiums, quite reasonable for their populations and the sport, and enough for them to reap the economic benefits from the tourism and exposure on a wider international stage.

Secondly I would not bring back the tours. All that tours did was concentrate the money and power in one place and that money never saw the light of day anywhere else. Why would say Australia and England in a Kangaroo or Lions tour want to share their money made with any other country? And rightly so. Thus the cycle would begin once more that the tree countries have all the best games and power and money so they suck up all the best players from all countries like black holes.

Thirdly, I would get rid of State of Origin in its current form. Its doing untold damage to the game internationally and thus the sport as a whole. Its doing effectively what the tours did, concentrates the power and money in one spot. I had an argument on twitter a few weeks ago, it was with someone in Channel 9, the Challenge Cup final was not shown live and it upset many people. Hi arguments was well we show what we think the sponsors want and so when they tell us its what they want we show it, meaning State of Origin and NRL. Its why in Australia the ESL is on at like midnight and delayed and not like. It reminds me of  a story I was once told

“A parent feeds their child chocolate cake all its life. When ever they asks what is your favourite food, the child answers Chocolate cake, so the Parent gives them more chocolate cake. When asked again what is your favourite food, the child says chocolate cake… etc”

I think you can see where I am going with this, the other term is a Catch 22. That is where Rugby League is now. In a Catch 22 limbo where all the negatives are re-enforcing the problems. Until we break the cycle we will continue to be a Mickey Mouse sport, and Mascord’s words will ring true in memorandum. However there needs to be leadership from above that will change the rules, establish a world wide path the sport will follow and that all nations take part in and have a say in. This will only happen when there is a fully professional, independent International Rugby League board, one that does not have its members employed by any other Rugby League nations federation, as it is now.

I will end it here as this covers the question of the players switching and how to fix that, but I will down the track do another blog post where I expand on several of these points some more.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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59 Responses to “The Song and Dance for Another Year – Sponsor Opportunities for Russia”

  1. Anthony says:

    The leaked email is very alarming imo and have to agree with you it’s time to clean house it’s a disgrace.

    Don’t get me wrong I love the build up of Origin (as most Australians do) but the damage it’s doing to our game far outweigh’s the good it does

    • druzik says:

      Well… I guess Origin in its present form needs to go… it needs to be brought back into line somehow with the current set up…. remember it was there before the mid season tours…. now that we are end of year tours, I think it needs to be brought in at the end of the NRL season.

      Yeah, Nadera is a stalwart of the forums, I am confident on what he posts up there.

  2. Victor says:

    Many thanks, Daniel.
    I do appreciate it. Take care.

  3. Anthony says:

    It get’s better in regards to Tony Williams he’s just been named in the PM XIII’s team

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It’s a joke and no wonder rugby league is a cinderalla sport that no one on the outside takes seriously.Time to clean out the whole irlf.Do you want a job daniel especially if it’s true that you have an iq higher than 6 or you can count to 6.

  5. deluded pom? says:

    Hang on a cotton picking minute there dru. Yes you can criticise England for selecting Manu for an informal training run but you can’t berate them for Brough saying he wants to play for England after representing Scotland. Just because a player says something it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. That’s like me commiting a crime and saying “druzik did it” You can’t give it to England because Brough says what he’d like to do. He was never selected for England so on that score we are innocent.

  6. PNG says:

    another great blog druzik i agree with many of your points and i agree with you in part with costigan being denied to play for PNG and would not have a argument if the rules were being enforced for all nations but that is not the case & is why many png supporters are so upset by this decision yes he played origin but did so because it’s the pinacle of our game in this region not because he wanted to represent australia. Maybe tinker with origin make it no longer state of origin but maybe a tri series of origin with the Indigenous allstars ,Southern allstars & Northen allstars were those with Aboriginal or torres straight Islander origins play for the Indigenous those who are playing for clubs in the south or north wether they be from England,NZ,Tonga,Samoa,PNG,Australia or anywhere else they may originate play for the allstar team from the region or origin there current club is sort of like a NBA or NFL allstar game with that format in place playing in such a game will not effect foreigners eligibility towards there nations (just as representing the nrl allstars didn’t effect burges or benji marshall from playing for there countries)maybe then australia will have to play by the rules and could no longer use origin to pull players away from there countries

    • druzik says:

      Its sad about Costigan… but the RLIF has got itself into this situation. In reality they have not moved with the times, when we first started to get the major influx of foreign players in the 80’s.

      The tri series could have merit…. though what happens if the aboriginal players want to play for the northern or southern teams?

      See the NRL-Allstars and Aboriginal all starts game though is not a rep game where international selections are effected. Its a promotional game to further the aboriginal cause and showcase the talents in the NRL. There rules can be non standard and selection is no standard… and its not a selection game, so it does not effect eligibility in any way.

      • PNG says:

        don’t think you would have the problem of indigenous players not wanting to represent there culture & heritage & it would be very easy to continue to promote causes that affect the indigenous community aswell as others

  7. PNG says:

    On a sad note for PNG rugby league Adrian Lam has stood down as PNG coach

    • druzik says:

      Well PNG have to bloody sort themselves out!

      I don’t blame him. Why should he coach when he has no idea what the hell is going on. Its not fair on him.

      • PNG says:

        i agree it’s the in fighting at board level and challenges from pevious presidents that pissed adrian lam off he warned them to pull there heads in and they didn’t listen the sad thing is it’s the players who have been punished by loosing there coach and hero just before the biggest tournement of their lives it’s unfortunate that some of the people running the game in png have put themselves before there country adrian lam has served png rl very well it’s a shame they forced him to make this tough decision

  8. superpaulia says:

    Any news about the GB Pioneers tour to Kazakhstan? I notice they sent a representative to the RLEF meeting

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    They got lost superpaulia

  10. deluded pom ? says:…x-1225878635397

    Good to see the hypocrisy of the ARL knows no bounds. Costigan is being prevented from playing for PNG because he played for them in the 2009 PC and in the SoO this year yet Carr and his cronies conveniently turn a blind eye to the fact that Akuila Uate played for Fiji in the 2009 PC yet still select him for the PM’s X111. So shouldn’t the ARL have blocked Costigan from playing for QL when they knew full well he had played for PNG in a new WC cycle?

    • druzik says:

      I thought Costigan didn’t pley in 2009…. Look truth be told Costigan should never have been alowed to play for PNG at all cause of his QLD alegiences… he made his decision.

      But yes I agree completely on the hypocricy. I am sure you saw naderas email on the LU forum of What Lewis said. Its plain as day whats going on.

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Playing Rugby League on the street?At least it’s different and maybe the way forward in spreading the gospel of league in the black townships of south africa and in the mean streets of the ghettos of the cities in america.Why not export our game to checheyna and afghanistan?That represents food for thought but is the game all about the final woes at whitehaven?Who cares about whitehaven

  12. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Easy to stop the farce.One can only play for the country they are born in and scrap origin

  13. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Tell me what whitehaven have ever achieved?

  14. C.T.SANDERS says:

    There are too many professional clubs along the m62 and in pockets of cumbria competing for the same resources and you said that you can’t have the sport concentrated in one area and in 115 years the poms have failed to develop the sport.That’s why it got to move into the heart of europe at the expense of championship and division one clubs.Leigh couldn’t full their ground when gb played france in june yet the women could fill the ground when they played the final of the women’s rugby world cup at the stoop recently.Makes our sport look like third rate.

    • druzik says:

      Disagree. The sport is now in every corner of the UK, there are several clubs like Bramley and Birmingham knocking on the door of the Championship 1 who are effectively semi pro and want to go professional soon.

      There are two pro clubs in Wales now, there will be one in Scotland withing 5 years… Ireland had Rugby League played right through it now, in the Republic and in the North… not sure how you can say that the sport has not spread.

  15. C.T.SANDERS says:

    If geoff carr turns a blind eye to the fact that uate played for fiji in 2009 as well as being fijian born uate has to stand down for 3 years before he can play for another country on the residential ruling.Carr should be sacked because when sel bennet told lies in reguards to grannygate he was forced to resign from the board of the nzrl and the same thing should apply as well in reguards to carr who will be no great loss but the nzrl are also as guilty as the arl where players are constantly swopping from country to country with monotious regularity.This gives the sport no credibility.

  16. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well time to do something about it because i have had a gutsful of carr and gallop runing the game to suit themselves and if carter and haffenden as well as lewis and woods show no leadership in runing their own respective boards its time for them to go as well.Daniel i heard this all before about the game going professional outside the traditional heartlands.Remember gateshead,carlisle,kent invicta,southend,liverpool stanley,cardiff, neath and london highfield.It has been one big rugby league grave yard outside the traditional heartlands.Time to concentrate on pushing the gospel of rugby league into the new horizons of the americas,europe,the africas and asia.Long term the returns will be huge and if france does the unthinkable by wining the next world cup it will be massive for our game.It will no longer be a cinderalla sport.And by the way i eat humbie pie.The poms were a disgrace last saturday night here in auckland and they have as much class as the sewage going into the manakau harbour.They were shit.Hence it’s impossible to bring back the ashes series because it wont sell especially here in this part of the world.The poms only hope lies with alex murphy to whip their arses back into shape because the pommie administrators wouldn’t have a glue.Talk about dumd football and the dumb leading the blind.A pub side would of beaten the poms.

    • druzik says:

      I doubt Alex Murphy could get the Poms into shape…. its a player attitude thing than anything… would AM change that… who knows.

      As for spreading the word, the sport is spreading. People are setting up teams and national bodies all the time. People finally are seeing that there is worth to having the game grow internationally, but is this the responsibility of the RFL or ARL… no I don’t think so. The RLIF yes, but for that to happens, once again it comes to having to have an independent body govern the sport.

      No one doubts that if France can win the world cup it will be a massive shot in the arm, just like when New Zealand won it in 2008, its at least has spurred on the test with Tonga and Samoa and the Pacific Cup has come out of that with the success of the Fijians.

      As much as there is wrong with the sport, there is good in it as well… you have to put everything into perspective, the good with the bad.

      How bout you put a pub side together and give the Pom’s a game, I’d love to see how they go. 😉

  17. C.T.SANDERS says:

    The bamford murphy combination is the way forward for the poms.At least they will play an english style of game because against the nrl and sl maoris the poms looked over coached and stale as last week’s bread.But you are right and at long last i agree with you tournaments may work and in 2012 there should be a tournament in the south of france,catalonia,and italy featuring 12 nations excluding australia,nz and england the top 3 countries.We don’t need them and both australia and new zealand should be sending resident sides.

    • druzik says:

      I’m gonna leave the coaching side of things to the respective countries, that is not my domain. Let the fans argue who is the best coach that what brings the intrigue in with all the other sports.

      the tournaments will only work and make money if all teams have their strongest legal teams to compete. A European Cup needs to have a full england squad in there as does a Pacific Cup need a full Kiwi and Roos squad in ether.

      From what you call residents sides can exploit further these swaps and changes. Australia under that rule can claim Akuila Uate as one of their own without any uproar. No it should be full proper legal national squads or nothing.

  18. C.T.SANDERS says:

    But you got the same people on the arl,rfl and nzrl that are on the irlf and you are back to square one daniel.You and ya mate superpaulia have already highlighted this point.And when it comes to rugby league alex murphy is god almighty unlike our administrators who are f…..g useless.

    • druzik says:

      I have siad the current guys need to go, you cant have them there. There is no one there that can do the job independently.

      As I said its the $300,000 question on who to get. There is no one I can think of.

      … but agree you cant have the current guys there.

  19. C.T.SANDERS says:

    But we in new zealand need a residence side touring different parts of the world every year otherwise the players in our local comp have nothing to play for.Australia will not be playing any international games 12 months out from the world cup.We dont need them in a tournament featuring all the island nations,the 4 nations,plus italy,serbia,russia,usa and south africa.Nor do we need the world champion kimis or the hapless poms 12 months out from a world cup as well.The key to all of this is that the more internationals that france play in the more exposure the world game gets.Simple.

    • druzik says:

      OK… how about the residents playing the AAS team? The Lionhearts and France A would be the logical choices for a second level 4 Nations. That would be the comparable level. You can also throw in the Dragonhearts, Bravehearts and Wolfhounds as well, the PNG A team as well would benefit from this. I think exposure to more teams in a tournamenst is better than a tour, though. Its about giving the greatest exposure you can.

    • druzik says:

      Or you have your Residents against the AAS, and the French A side and the winner of the British Home Nations… makes it simpler that way and easier to plan for as well. Have the tournaments hosted in opposite years in the north or south… that could also be something that is done annually at that level.

  20. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Of course fresh blood is needed but i believe sir david oxley should come into the reckoning to give the sport more stability and in with the new and out with the old.

  21. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Who is this guy daniel?I’m intrigued.

  22. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Residents are made up from players from the local competitions all amateurs no different from say barla in the uk and uate could be eligible for the australian residence if he was indeed amateur and playing in the local comp but it’s not for nrl,sl or warrior players that are deemed professional.The auckland rugby league are breaking the rules because they are using pockie machine money to prop up a private liability company[the warriors] under the disguise of the vulcans a so called amateur side.I already informed the authorities about this here in nz because gaming can only go to amateur sport and not semi professional or professional sport.

  23. C.T.SANDERS says:

    David oxley a former school headmaster ran english rugby league from 1972 to 1994 and then maurice lindsay took over and ran the sport into the ground.The game was dying in the early 70’s in england and people blamed it on too much tv coverage but the 4 tackle,5 tackle and 6 tackle rulings had destroyed the game as a spectacle,but more importantly,the coinveyor belt from rugby union started to dry up quite significantly during that period of time,and the game started to nose dive.Crowds were poor and sponsorships weren’t forthcoming.Rl was dying on the vine and oxley through mike mayer in america got quite a significant sponsorship from state express cigarette company in the us that saved the game in the north of england.From 1978 to 1983 the state express challenge cup competition[the road to wembley]was worth 330000 pounds to the brits and of course the successful kangaroo tours of 1982,1986,1990 and 1994 and the world cup final of 1992 at wembley made big money for the poms.David oxley also introduced rugby league to russia in 1989 and was insrumental in getting wigan and warrington to play a demonstration game in the usa in 1989 that was hugely successful.Just coggle david oxley daniel and you will get the bully.

  24. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I got no problems in you organising tournaments for us in the future daniel and have you ever been paid for your services to rugby league football in the past?

    • druzik says:

      Well all they have to do is ask.

      I have got some money for past work, but for me it isn’t about the money. Others have picked up the tab for me to help me out etc… people do what they can for each other.

      But if I am asked to take a major undertaking that will require me to spend 36 hours in a day to work then I will ask for money.

  25. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I don’t mind you getting paid for your services in reguards to your beloved tournaments daniel because ashes tours are dead and buried and i expect the poms to bounce back this weekend.The kiwis will go on the paddock at the cake tin in wellington thinking that they have only got to show up to win the game because everyone has written the poms off here.How may times have we seen the poms play shithouse in one game and then win the next against the odds and this happened on the gb tour of australasia and png in 1988 when manly beat the poms 33nil with geoff toovey starring for the sea eagles and the poms won the next game the third test against the aussies 26/12 there first win in sydney since 1974.On another note it’s good that you googled david oxley because he is a very very experienced administrator and you should meet him because you have a lot to offer as well daniel.France to win at albi this weekend and ireland to beat has been a brillant 4 nations something wortwhile to build on for the future but to the poms it’s still all about clubs and more clubs.

    • druzik says:

      It happens all too often Chris and I too think that England will put in a much much better performance. If they do win it wont be by much though. It will be a tough contest and a great game.

      I am going to put my optimism hat on and go for the Kumuls to upset the kangaroos as well… I think the roos are due to have some lean years and what a way for that to start. 🙂

      Well maybe one day I will me Oxley, who knows. I have approached many parties with my ideas, but for every person who agrees with you and wants to work with you there are 5 to oppose it. So it will be very very difficult. But you have to keep fighting and plugging away.

      Agree France will win, but not by much, it will be a tough contest, basically two super league stacked sides up against each other. I picked Ireland as well. The European Cup, on the French side has been brilliant. A well promoted tournament and from what I hear the French have at least broken even. the Avignion game with 14,000 made a stack of cash for them. It has been poorly promoted once again on the Isles which is bloody frustrating.

      And unfortunately in Rugby League its always been about the clubs even when the international game used to be stronger it was still a predominantly club game. That I think we can agree on.

  26. C.T.SANDERS says:

    What is the aas daniel?Is that the australian amateur side or what?i got a mental block and i am happen with your ideas in reguards to future tournaments because i believe you are now on the right track.

    • druzik says:

      The AAS is the Australian Affiliated States side. It is made up of players from the Victorian, South Austarlia, West Australian, Northern territory and tasmanian State competitions. basically the way it works is:
      They play their state competitions from January – about june
      Then they have their own “State of origin Series” where the best players in each state play each other once.
      Then an Australian team is picked – called the Australian Affiliates State team. It tours in the pacific annually, usually the Cook Islands or Fiji or Tonga and samoa.

      But i think it could be better for them and for the NZ residents team to play against each other with a GB community Lions team, this is a team made up from the conference level in the UK so the level outside of Super League and the Championship/1 and also have the France A or B team in there. The former is made up of players from the ELITE 1 competition and the latter is from the ELITE 2 division.

  27. C.T.SANDERS says:

    What you googled about david oxley is all correct and tas knows him well and of course you know tas well.

    • druzik says:

      If David was to take over again the he would have to quit those position to avoid any conflict of interests. Otherwise its no better than what the current mob are like in there.

      Besides I though he had to leave because of mandatory retirement anyway. So that rules him out no?

  28. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I haven’t seen him for years and years but i hope you will see him when you are next in england daniel.I want to know a few things in reguards to russia because it was dave oxley that introduced rl to the former soviet union in 1989,he’s a very experience administrator and i think you should meet him because you will learn a great deal from him.

  29. C.T.SANDERS says:

    If the kumuls beat australia tomorrow daniel it would put rl on the world map and i will also be the happiest man in the world. The poms beat themselves and they got a 20,600 crowd at the cake tin in wellington tonight.And the standard of the new zealand domestic comp is the worst in living memory it’s enough to drive anyone to drink.That’s why a lot of the rugby league officials and some of the employees spend most of their time in the pubs around here becaues they couldn’t care less about the game.They see rl as a way or means of making money for no work.

    • druzik says:

      Well unfortunately they didn’t and I dont think the refing was any better though… Its a shame the issues in PNG have effected their team so much, loosing a top coach and all their best players because of the typical Rugby League infighting.

      Seeing something as an easy way to make money is completely the wrong way to go. If its true then is a sad state for the Kiwi game.

  30. C.T.SANDERS says:

    And i agree with everything you say in reguards to your tournaments because you are now talking to the converted and the 4 nations must go to 6 nations next year to keep the momentum going.

  31. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It would be good.

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