Italian Rugby Football League: A New Federation

From Joel Morgan and IRFL

Things that happen …

Due to large differences in methods for development, protection and propaganda of some of the components of the Board of the Federazione Italiana Rugby League, three of the six existing teams: Gladiators Roma, Magnifici Firenze and Spes Spartans Catania, have resigned from any part played in FIRL and decided to form a new federation called Italia Rugby League Football.

The new association has its ultimate goal for the growth of the movement of rugby a 13 in Italy, the protection of the teams that are part of rugby league and share the values that represent the sport.

The causes that brought us to the painful abandonment of our positions are multiple and difficult to summarize. We are also convinced that the roads taken up to now, though undoubtedly motivated by passion, were not useful for the development of Rugby League and that an Italian course in those conditions was not possible for us. They range in decreasing focus by management, loss of sponsors, lack of organisation and preparation, lack of any funds and other issues, all associated with the previous board.

Italia Rugby Football League is committed now to maintain a constant commitment to promote the best possible Rugby League across the country, dealing with international sports bodies that manage and regulate development. You agree to deal honestly and seriously with all the realities involved in the development of our sport.

Time will tell if the road taken will give fruit or not.

For the time being, Italia Rugby League Football, doing their little “Go South”, with the same spirit that led to the first 22 teams, calls the movement, players, managers, authorities of the European Federation and the International possibility to be taken into consideration and together advance the opportunity for the development of Rugby League in Italy in a more professional manner.

Italia Rugby League Football continue to pursue the Italian league, accompanying their teams affiliates and organizing the final in Rome on July 18 in the best way, ensuring at all curious about the news results, objectives and falls. In which Gladiators Roma have strongly qualified with a 58-22 home win against Magnifici Firenze and a 38-0 victory over Spes Spartans Catania at Catania, overnight (July 3). Roma Gladiators now will feature in the Grand Final at their home ground against the winner of the other weekend’s game (Either ‘XIII Del Ducato’ (Piacenza) or ‘Venetian Lions’ from the North). All 6 team will feature on finals day – with 2 ranking finals as curtain raisers in 2 weeks time – in a North V South – Battle of Rome!

Matteo Visonà Dalla Pozza – temporary President, David Massitti, Massimo Nicotra
Luigi Ferraro, Pierluigi Gentile and Joel Morgan. (All involved with the current clubs, former board (Matteo & Pierluigi) or development/promotion of Italia Rugby League). Including Firenze’s coach/ manager – Professional Rugby star, Luigi Ferraro.

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