World League : The International Rugby League Show

By Daniel Andruczyk

Yep you read right! There is an International Rugby League show! Myself (Daniel Andruczyk) and Chris West at hkcradio on Tuesday nights will be discussing all things to do with International Rugby League. The RLIS website has undergone a revamp as well and a round up of the weekends results with some absolute pearler games in Europe! The rumour mill also makes an appearance.

World League

World League: The International Rugby league Show will be a 2 hour show about everything rugby league around the world. It will be on Tuesday night with the first one on 1 June 2010. The show will have summaries of scores, previews and reviews of significant games and discuss issues in international rugby league. Listeners will be able to have their input through twitter, email and also over the web.

So some instructions for listening to the show, people with an ogg capable player such as winamp or foobar2000 should use this link:

alternatively for web players there is


the broadband and dialup mp3 feeds can be accessed by putting /broadband or /dialup instead of the /live.ogg on the first link. full details about all of the above can be found at .

People can contribute live on aim or msn too, livehkcradio for aim and for msn.

Show Times: AusEST 20:00, GMT 11:00, USET 06:00

Website Revamp

The Rugby League International Scores Website has also undergone a revamp. It is now based on the blog so the home page is from there links to results, news and other features can be accessed. Most of the major competitions have been transferred over and International results for 2008, 2009 and 2010 are also up.


Round 12 of the NRL was played on the weekend. St George/Illawarra continued its devastating ways winning 30-0 over Parramatta, Wests had continued their bounce back 50-6 over New Zealand. Cronulla had another valiant but disappointing loss going down 4-20 to Brisbane, Nth Queensland lost 20-24 to Manly in a close one, Melbourne showed that they are still champions winning 23-12 over Canterbury. South Sydney won 42-22 Penrith while the Gold Coast had a surprise loss 16-30 to Sydney City.

The table can be seen at

Challenge Cup

The Quarter Finals of the Challenge Cup were played over the weekend. The last two of the Championships teams came up against the might of Super League. Barrow valiantly battles St Helens but eventually lost 32-12. Leeds and Wigan played out an absolute belter of a match sith some massive hits in atrocious conditions. Leeds just sneaking through 12-10. Batley came up against a devastating Catalans who smashed them 12-74. Warrington kept their Cup repeat alive by beating Bradford 22-26.

LER Elite 1 Grand Final

In what was one of the most thrilling Elite 1 Grand Finals in the last few years Lezignan came up against Pia in a stunning setting at Montpellier. The match was streamed live and it was amazing seeing Chris Beattie still running around. He was easy to spot, his red head (hence his nickname beetroot) stood out against the green and white jersey.

Lezignan, being the dominant team for the last few years certainly has not disappointed this year. The convincingly beat Pia 33-22 and in the process sealed their third straight title and also took out the triple crown, The Lord Derby Cup, League Leaders Shield and Championship. Next years annual clash of the Elite 1 and Lord Derby Cup winners will be interesting!


In the Vodafone Fijian Championships, Eastern Conference results: Davilevu 8-32 Namatakula, Nadera 23-10 City, Police 14-0 Nabua and Makoi had the Bye. The Western confernce saw Nadi beat Saru 12-50 and Lautoka 12-32 Sabeto. The Fijian table can be seen at


The provincial cup had its first round this weekend, well its semi final. The IPC is being played as a knockout competition. In the first match saw the Irish Students beat Leinster 28-26 while in the second match Munster beat Ulster 36-30. The Final will be played on 31 July.

European Bowl

Exciting news with the Euro Bowl this Friday. Rugby League International Scores will have live score updates once again, just like with the Lebanon Rugby League Grand Final.


Canadian Rugby League

More exciting news this week with the Canadian Rugby League. A new logo has been unveiled while Rugby League Review magazine, whom I write for on occasion has come on board as a sponsor for Canadian Rugby League.


Rumour Mill

An interesting revelation, I have it on authority that 26 June we will see a new heritage nation take to the field against the Italians. Madagascar will field players from the various French competitions to play Italy in France. Catalonia is looking for matches this year and are looking to Norway and Estonia to provide matches.

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20 Responses to “World League : The International Rugby League Show”

  1. Jason says:

    You should have a phone in/talkback Dan.

    • druzik says:

      We do… you can call in on skype I think and also through msn… I’ll talk to Chris on how to do that, but ceratinly in the past people have been able to call in and ask questions.

  2. Jon says:

    Tried skype and msn but to no avail. tried to send in an email but that didn’t work either.

  3. Jon says:

    Group 2 decider this Saturday in the Catalan Championship. If I can get to the game I’ll take some photos and send them into the site.

  4. Jon says:

    Sorry Dan but doesn’t look like I’ll be able to go to Girona to family reasons.

    Just a quickie. A friend was asking me how the two remaining places in the 2013 World Cup would be decided. He had heard that the winners of the European Cup and the Pacific Cup would get them but as I pointed out, the four competing nations in the European Cup have already qualified and in the Pacific Cup only the Cooks haven’t already got a place so even if they lose every game they still go to the UK.
    What about the many other nations playing rugby league? Have they no chance of making it to the finals?

    Am I miles away with this?

    • druzik says:

      No Jon The World Cup is as such.

      14 Team

      10 Teams Automatic qualification from the 2008 World Cup: New Zealand, Australia, England, France, PNG, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Ireland and Scotland
      Wales and Cook Islands have also gained automatic qualification for thier goo results recently.

      That makes 12/14.

      The lats two spots will come from a tournament of Russia, Serbia, Lebanon, Italy, USA and Jamaica/Japan played in 2012.

  5. Jon says:

    Thanks for sorting that Dan. Would much prefer the qualifiers to be done and dusted some time next year giving the RFL more time to sell tickets.

    • druzik says:

      Yes and no… with the majority of teams already in there I think it will be easy to sell tickets without knowing the last two spots, in some ways it could help because there still is a sort of randomness with not knowing those last two spots.

      If it were me, in 2012 I would make a big tournaments in either England or France, with a 6N tournaments , sell it hard at the world cup qualifiers etc but as separate tournament as well.

      I would take it to places like Barrow, Leigh, Widnes, Halifax, Carcassonne, Montpellier and Perpignan where there is a strong presence, have it in towns that don’t often get to see full rugby league internationals. These are not massive grounds and so if there are small crowds wont look so bad.

      Drive interest that way.

      The WC will be a 4,4,3,3 group format, again if it were me I would set the teams out like thus to ensure the best games while keeping integrity
      Group A: England, New Zealand, PNG, Samoa
      Group B: Wales, Australia, France, Cook Islands
      Group C: Ireland, Tonga, Qualifier 1
      Group D: Scotland, Fiji, Qualifier 2

      The Qualifier tournaments I would have like this:
      Group A: Russia, USA, Italy
      Group B: Serbia, Jamaica/Japan, Lebanon

      top of each group through to WC, but still play a final to win silverware for the year.

  6. stevec says:

    Is that 4,4,3,3 right druzik?

    I thought we were getting a re-run of last time with the “super group” of Aus, NZ and Eng + 1 other and two “other groups”?

    • druzik says:

      Yes, two “super groups” though from what I have read , what the final make up with teams will be is anyones guess. I would think that Australia, NZ, England, France, PNG and Wales would be the 6 to go from those two super groups.

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:


  8. C.T.SANDERS says:

    That is the trouble with rugby league.Because the sport has a huge inferiority complex it goes into it’s shell and does stupid things.What’s the point of having wc qualifiers if there are no home and away fixtures.Remember georgia playing their games at home in front of huge crowds.If they play the wcup qualifiers in the rugby league heartlands no one will turn up..Look when the usa and samoa played in a play off game at widnes in 2007.There was only 500 people.Wow wee wippee.

    • druzik says:

      Well I agree that we do have an inferiority complex, but we also have a massive chip on our shoulder from the pre-95 period.

      There can be many different ways of doing qualifiers, weather its a h/a basis or a pre established tournaments of sorts. Be interesting to see what happens.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    why can’t we be just phone in to your radio show daniel because this modern technology is just too much for us rl folk to figure out because we are still in the stone age.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:


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