News from the Pacific Islands and Germany has a New Strip.

By Daniel Andruczyk

But first a round up of the weekends results. In the NRL the Sharks broke their streak, the Super League had is Easter double round and Lebanon is nearing the conclusion of its domestic competition. The Germans unveiled a new looking jersey and some news on Samoa’s year of Rugby league. In Fiji the Quarter Finalists of the Secondary Schools competition are decided and news from Canada.

National Rugby League

Round 4 of the NRL saw some truly amazing games. So it seems that Cronulla are truly a team in need of water. In wet and slippery condition the Sharks were too ruthless gobbling up the slippery Eels 11-0. In Canberra, I had the privilege of seeing one of the most exciting games of Rugby league this season so far. Wests came back from a 22-4 defecate to win 35-22 in a dominant display from their backs. Friday night saw the Premiers Melbourne slay the Dragons 17-4 and leaves them the only team undefeated so far. Sydney City were just as ruthless against a flailing Broncos 25 – 6. North Queensland showed they are contenders by beating cross-state rivals Gold Coast 23 – 18. Manly were too good for the Warriors over in Kiwiland 14 – 6 and the Panthers cam from no where to beat the Knights 34 – 30. But the big talking point was Monday nights Clash of the Titans. I don’t even think Zeus would have been able to stop a barnstorming Sam Burgess and his Bunnies. In an amazing opening 9 minutes where 18 points were scored, Souths settled down in to a constant pattern of scoring to beat the pups 38 – 16. Watching this game I think England finally has a Super Star in Burgess that will be known through out the Rugby League World.

Team P W D L PD Pt
Melbourne 4 4 0 0 29 8
St George 4 3 0 1 38 6
Wests 4 3 0 1 16 6
Gold Coast 4 3 0 1 13 6
Sydney City 4 3 0 1 11 6
New Zealand 4 2 0 2 32 4
Manly 4 2 0 2 24 4
South Sydney 4 2 0 2 17 4
Penrith 4 2 0 2 8 4
Nth Queensland 4 2 0 2 -9 4
Canterbury 4 1 0 2 0 2
Parramatta 4 1 0 3 -24 2
Cronulla 4 1 0 3 -29 2
Newcastle 4 1 0 3 -30 2
Canberra 4 1 0 3 -43 2
Brisbane 4 1 0 3 -53 2

In other News. Steve Price finally called it quits on a glorious career where. 2010 will be his last season. Speculation over Darren Lockyer’s Rep. career was also ended with the Champion declaring that he will continue to play for Queensland, a shudder went through all NSW fans backs.

Super League Double Round

Easter in the UK sees the double round in the Super League. This is an interesting bit of play where the players and coaches are challenges because they have 2 games in about 4 days to play. So the way players and coaches approach things is very different. Its a good way to break up the normal season to throw such a different event in along with the Millennium magic and Challenge Cup.

Round 9 saw a match be postponed between the Crusaders and Harlequins due to the Sportsfield being waterlogged. This match will be played at a later date. Leeds and Bradford played out a thrilling 20 – 20 draw on Thursday night while Friday saw one of the truly great rivalries in any sport have its next chapter. Hull and Rovers played each other, yes the Humberside Derby, and finally for the first time in many many years Hull finally got one over Rovers in a tense and exciting match. 18 – 14 was the end result. Huddersfield continues Catalans woes thumping them 48 – 6, while Wakefield beat Castleford in another derby 19 – 6. Warrington won 32 – 2 against a Red Devils outfit lacking fire and Wigan and St Helens played out a thriller 18 – 10 to the Warriors.

In round 10 we saw 7 matches played on Easter Monday. This is where teams really get really tested, having to back up only two days after physically and mentally. The coach has to be smart about his selections as well. Wigan beat Wakefield 54 – 14, Rovers continued Quines run of outs winning 52 – 12 while Leeds did it tough against an improved Catalans outfit winning 34 – 24. Bradford had a close one against the Crusaders who are proving a real surprise packet winning 20 – 16 while St Helens thumped Castleford 52 – 18. Warrington beat Hull 29 – 10 and Salford had the upset of the round defeating Huddersfield 30 – 18.

Team P W D L PD Pt
Wigan 10 9 0 1 222 18
Warrington 10 8 0 2 186 16
St Helens 10 7 0 3 105 14
Huddersfield 10 6 0 4 114 12
Hull FC 10 6 0 4 36 12
Wakefield 10 6 0 4 -36 12
Bradford 10 5 1 4 -42 11
Hull KR 10 5 0 5 -6 10
Leeds 10 4 1 5 51 9
Crusaders 9 3 0 6 -81 6
Castleford 10 3 0 7 -92 6
Salford 10 3 0 7 -106 6
Catalans 10 2 0 8 -154 4
Harlequins 9 1 0 8 -201 2

Bank of Beirut Championships

The Bank of Beirut Championships are slowly winding down to the end of the regular season, before the play-offs start and the internationals. USJ had a massive win over newcomers AUST 84 – 0 while an upset of sorts went to AUB who beat Jounieh 20 – 14.

Team P W D L PD Pt
LAU 9 9 0 0 468 18
AUB 10 6 0 4 75 12
Jounieh 10 5 1 4 32 11
Wolves 9 5 0 4 -51 10
Balamand 9 4 1 4 12 9
USJ 9 3 0 6 -86 6
AUST 10 0 0 10 -424 0


The Germans have a new Jersey they will be wearing this year for their internationals. They have gone with Tsunami Sportswear Australia and it features a modern jersey but with a traditional Rugby League red and yellow chevron. Alpenstoff beer will be sponsoring the national team once more.

NewGermanyJersey The new German Rugby League National kit.

Samoa and Fiji

Fiji currently has had the Secondary schools tournament running. I have not been able to obtain the round results but I do have the Quarter Finals schedule. In the U15s Marists play QVS Knights, Ba Provinvial vs. Lelean Bulldogs, Natabu vs. St Sakena and RKS Eels vs Suva Grammar. The U17 sees Natabu vs. Nasinu, QVS Knights vs. Lalean Bulldogs, Rt Navula vs. Marists and Suva Grammar vs. RKS Eels. Finally the U19s Suva Grammar vs. RKS Eels, QVS Knights vs. Natabu, Ba Provincial vs. Nabua Broncos and Nasinu vs. Laucala Bay.

Samoa have sent me their schedule for the year and a busy one it is with several test matches this year. Last weekend was the annual Easter Cup. 30th April will be the Launch of the Domestic season which will be held over May. On May 22nd there will be local trials for the Samoan national team who will play their first international against the Fiji Bati June 01 or 04. On June 28th or July 1st there will be a Domestic Samoa vs. Australian Select as another selection trial. July sees the rest of the Domestic competition finish with play-offs and finals. September 11th sees the Samoa 9s played at Marists Stadium and early October sees trials for the test against the Kiwis. October 16th Samoa will play the Kiwis in Auckland and then they will have a curtain raiser at the 4 Nations this year either against Tonga, Fiji, Cook island Ireland or Wales.

Canada to Play in The War on the Shore

Some exciting news this week, the David Niu of the AMNRL has released the draw for the 2010 domestic season. Unfortunately the Bucks County Sharks have had to drop out so the competition will revert back to one conference with 11 teams. The draw can be seen at . But the real exciting news is the re-emergence of Canada in the Rugby League family. Though not part of the AMNRL this year, they will however partake in the annual “War on the Shore” festival which is the AMNRL’s equivalent to the ESL’s Magic weekend.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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21 Responses to “News from the Pacific Islands and Germany has a New Strip.”

  1. Cheyne Maher says:

    Good to hear some info on the Pacific Islands, especially Samoan rugby league. I have visited this beautiful country, which has huge potential as a rugby league nation(along with the other Pacific Islands). Nice work on publishing this info Dan – keep it up!

    • druzik says:

      Thanks… reminds me I have to get my response back to you…

      Yeah the PI’s tend to be a bit sporadic in getting info out even when you hassle them continually, sooo when It comes in I will get it out and about.

      • Cheyne Maher says:

        thats sweet, it will be interesting to see exactly what structure theyve come up with for a 14 team World Cup. Do you know anything for certain – I think it was possibly on one of your blogs i read that the 12 teams that automatically qualify are the 10 from the previous world cup plus Wales and Cook Islands. My early bet is Lebanon and the USA to be the next strongest to qualify, but who knows as its still a while away. Wither way its good that the likes of Lebanon, the USA,South Africa, Jamaica, Serbia, Russia, Italy etc will have a better chance of qualifying this time around with a couple of extra spots available.

        Cheers Cheyne

      • druzik says:

        The structure I have heard will be a 4-4-3-3 structure. Two “super groups”. So there will be 3 teams from the first two groups qualify and the winners of the last two. It will be a quarter final, semis and final… that is the word anyway.

        Yes, so the 10 teams from the 2008 WC go through automatically, and Wales and Cook islands also will get automatic qualification, and the last two spots will be fought out by Serbia, Italy, Russia and Lebanon in one group and USA, Jamaica, SA and Japan in the other.

        The bests would go on USA and Lebanon… but for me it is disappointing on two fronts. One that other countries like Germany, Czechs, Latvia, Ukraine etc… who have worked hard wont get a chance to compete, and secondly the fact that the other 12 countries now dont have to “qualify” means that the players can swap and change as they please! Which changes nothing and makes a mockery of the eligibility rules.

      • Cheyne Maher says:

        Good points – the qualifying shouldn’t be restricted to just those eight teams. The qualifiers could be staged over two years. In 2011 those higher ranked sides could play a round robin to determine seedings for the 2012 “European and Asian-Atlantic tournaments” while all of the lower ranked teams compete for another two European spots and another two asian-atlantic spots. Then in 2012 there could be two seperate competitions each with two groups of three teams. The teams at the top of each pool would play eachother in a final, with the winner of each final to fill the reamining places. As for the automatic qualifying teams i agree with another of your earlier responses in that perhaps some lower tier 4 nations tournaments would provide some meaningful development opportunities for the squads of each of these countries which will increase the competitiveness of the World Cup. It could also help to lift the profile of the sport in their home lands leading up to the show piece event. Next year I reckon you could have the 4Nations cup for say Aus., Eng, NZ and the winner of Euro cup (eg. France) played in Eng and France, then a 4 nations plate (eg Fiji, PNG, Wales, Scotland) played in Wales and Scotland and 4 natinos bowl (eg Tonga, Samoa, Ireland and Cook Is) played as double headers in Ireland. Of course this is just an example and the actual teams in each would be determined by rankings. If we are going to annoint 12 teams as automatic qualifiers in an effort help build up the number of top tier nations that can compete with and perhaps on their day even beat one the big three – then at least provide them with a fair dinkum lead up. Thats what id do in 2011, then if the rumours ive heard about an ashes series in 2012 comes to fruition i would send all of the northern hemisphere qualifiers on short 2-3 match tours to the southern hem. that year. That way in the two years leading up to the WC all 12 will have hosted at least one international each to build interest in their home land and also had the opportunity to bond and develop their squad whilst on a tour. Hope this makes sense! If you want let me know your thoughts

      • druzik says:

        Look in the end there can be many different ways you can set up the qualifying tournaments. But I think the best way is the way soccer has done it, maybe with a slight modification. So the way I envisage the qualifiers to be is that over a 3 year period you have teams compete for regional champion ships that can be a path to qualify for the WC. The teams that dont qualify there then have a second rout to qualify through regular means like in soccer.

        I think we need to get away from the 4 nations being a annual event and have it as a quad-annual thing like all the other tournies. Foe the regional tournaments its imperative that the major teams compete in them as well, Australia and NZ in the Pacific Cup, England and France in the European Cup. Its these teams that will up the profile of the tournaments, they give the lower nations that incentive to compete and try to play the big boys and it will give the exposure the International game needs.

  2. Dave says:

    the only school tournament happening in samoa right now is the samoan school rugby union competition for both boys and girls.

  3. AlexP says:

    Good to see the island nations getting some games (for both domestic and overseas) players sorted in their so called ‘year off’ from the Pacific Cup

    • druzik says:

      Yes, and looks like some will be openers to the 4 Nations, so you’ll get to see a couple test in a day which is great to see. I don’t see why there cant be a lower tier 4 Nations held as well in some years…

      Still the PI’s seem to be having good news all round so far.

  4. Stu Lockie says:

    Just noticed the ‘ANZAC’ game to compete with the AFL version. Finally Ch9 get something right – still no excuses for not showing the Storm live in Melb on Good Friday.

    • druzik says:

      I think there would have been pressure from the NRL … with the TV deal coming up soon they want to start showing that the games does rate.

      Agree on Melbourne… still they got 25k out to the game!

  5. Anthony says:

    Another legend called this season his last Nathan Cayless.

  6. C.T.SANDERS says:


    • druzik says:

      No, 20 teams at the moment is too much, actually 14/16 is too much as well. After 2013 we could go to 20 teams but we dont have the resources for a 20 team WC at the moment.

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:


  8. sam toa says:

    if the cookislands have a good team!!!

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Russia should automatically go into the 2013 world cup without going through the qualifying process because they are a fully established member of the irlf.Are ireland and scotland fully establish members of the irlf?I don’t think so.One rule for one and a different rule for the other.Isn’t that just typical of rugby league.No wonder we are the laughing stock.

    • druzik says:

      No one should go into the World Cup finals automaticcally… AFAIC all teams should play to qualify, including the Aussies and Kiwis.

      Some say that Russia are members, others say they have dropped back to associate members till they sort them selves out.

      The qualifications went on a results basis I suspect and not a full membership basis…. be careful not to jump the gun too early on things.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Russia are full members of the irlf.go and look at the irlf site as well as the european federation site and they are still fully fledge members of international board and i not jumping the gun because ireland and scotland are only associate members.And lets face facts daniel.How many english born players are there in both the irish and scottish sides and the same could be said about wales as well.Also how many australian born players are there in both the scottish wales and irish sides as well and the same could be said about lebanon.Talk about stacking teams up.If russia had to play an irish team made up of irish born players from the irish domestic competition i have no doubts that russia would win easily especially if alex murphy or graham west was coaching the russians and the same thing would apply if russia were playing scottish born players,welsh born players and lebanese born players as well.See how good these countries are from picking within.They would be hopeless if they weren’t propped up from abroad.At least russia,serbia,tatarstan and the ukraine pick from within unlike others.

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